4 Best PDF Files to MOBI Converter Tools

Best PDF Files to MOBI Converter Tools

In this article, you will discover the best 4 sites to convert PDF files to MOBI online  Using these tools, you will no longer need to download conversion software, as you can do this from the comfort of your browser.

In addition, some of these websites also support other output formats when converting PDF files. Then, there are also other interesting features: such as the ability to add files from Dropbox or Google Drive, or the automation of the conversion process.

4 Best PDF to Mobi Converter Tools


Let’s start our list of the best sites to convert PDF files to MOBI online with PDF2mobi.com : a portal that allows you to add up to 20 files for conversion. Another great feature of this platform is the ability to automatically start the process: this allows you to limit yourself to uploading files, saving a few precious seconds.

It’s unclear how much the site’s maximum file size cap is, but this is actually a false problem. In fact, you just need to upload the files one by one and watch their conversion to MOBI: then you can download them individually, or in a package in ZIP format. Finally, there are also other very interesting features.

Online Converter

Another great option to convert PDF files to MOBI on the Internet is Online Converter: this site is particularly recommended due to its interface, very simple and spartan, which in any case does not affect its effectiveness in any way. 

Also, using this portal you will be able to upload PDF files with a limit of 200MB, which is another great feature: you won’t find other sites around, with a size limit that convenient.

To upload your PDF file, you can use the Upload from PC option or do it via URL, if the document is online. If you are looking for a simple and immediate solution for your online PDF to MOBI conversions, then you have found the best one.


In addition to being one of the best sites to convert PDF files to MOBI online, Zamzar is also the top in terms of conversion options in general: there are in fact many opportunities, considering the large amount of input and output formats present on this platform. . Although the free plan is more limited than the paid one, that’s enough for you to be able to convert 5 PDF files at the same time, with a limit of 50 documents every 24 hours.

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Again you can upload your file from your computer, or via an online URL. Then, the conversion process is extremely simple: you just need to add the PDF file, provide your email address and click Convert. Know that entering the email address, however, is mandatory: this is where you will be sent the download links for the files converted to MOBI.


convert PDF

Much of the considerations made for Zamzar, can also be applied to Convertio: another of the best sites to convert PDF files to MOBI online, and many other formats (including eBooks). Here too you will find a free plan at your disposal, which will allow you to upload PDF files up to a maximum of 100 MB in size.

One of the best aspects of this platform is the ability to upload the aforementioned files also from Dropbox or Google Drive: unfortunately, however, you can convert a maximum of two at a time, so it is slightly slower than Zamzar. Time weighs, as the free plan allows you to use this tool for up to 10 minutes per day (in terms of conversion). 

Finally, the free version is really poor in features compared to the other sites on the list. Hopefully, you are like these 4 Sites to Convert PDF Files to MOBI Online

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