Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android in 2023

Best hidden spy apps for Android 2022

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android in 2023 – The years go by, but the uses that you can have for your Android phone do not change. It is possible to watch what the weather will be like tomorrow, control your TV or your Smart components and you can use your Smartphone as a security camera. 

But there is a use that not many see right now, and this is the functionality of a spy device. That is, the ability to remotely control what others are doing (on multiple levels), by installing a suitable program inside their mobile phone.

Let it be said: spying on someone is never correct except on certain, precise and justified occasions. If you have any suspicions of an individual for any reason whatsoever, it is always appropriate to turn to the professionally suited people to confirm these doubts for you. This guide is therefore basically zero liability or indicated for more innocent situations (and it will soon be understood why).

Having said that, let’s see which are the best Android apps for these purposes, with direct systems or not:

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2023


How to Hack iPhone Remotely Free with mSpy

another program that, for obvious reasons, is not present in the Play Store. mSpy is even more aggressive than Cerberus, controlling the calls made and received, the reading of SMS, and everything that has been written through social networks (and some messengers). 

Obviously there is also the GPS location function and many other information for use. A very complete set, at $26.99 per month. 3 months: $59.9912 months: $99.99 here is the link to the purchase page


Even if this program is not present in the Play Store (in some cases for obvious reasons) Cerberus is one of the most complete programs to control every single aspect of the “victim” Smartphone. It has a standard and a hidden version (Disguised) available. 

The latter remains installed in the system but under a false name. Cerberus is able to check where a person is, it is possible to take pictures, lock the mobile phone or delete some specific parts of the Smartphone. Quite efficient, it costs five euros a year.



and there is no two without three. FlexiSPY is cataloged as the most powerful App in the world to spy on anyone who will receive the accidental installation of this program on their Smartphone. This is because it is not only capable of controlling all the things just said about the programs above, but it is also capable of accessing the microphone and recording any type of written content (no matter where). 

This app also has a function to hide completely both from the system and also from antivirus programs. something some will find perfect. It costs $29.95 Per Month For Lite, and $79 Per Month For Premium, $119 Per Month For Extreme.


here is an App that is available in the play store, largely present due to its purpose as an anti-theft program. This does not of course eliminate the possibility of using such a program to spy on a person . Prey is very basic, but it’s completely free and provides a couple of features like GPS control and the ability to take pictures remotely.

Google Family Link

on the other hand, do you know that Google currently provides a method for observing other people’s Smartphones? In all fairness, this is a program made especially for parents , who want to have a few more tools to monitor their children and make sure they don’t waste too much time on video games. Of course, there is also some extra control to eliminate programs and ensure some blocking of functions. All of this is of course free.


returning instead to the matter of Apps more outside the jurisdiction of Google, Spyera is an adequate program for spying on a person and even more: it currently allows you to control your mobile phone remotely. 

This means that you will not only be able to control every single aspect of the victim’s Smartphone but also to trigger calls or send messages. As such, it is a very dangerous program and must be used with absolute responsibility. It costs $89 per month.

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another rather complete program, this time returning again to the question of the simple observation of various activities by the user-victim. It builds a little more on the logic of Google Family Link, but obviously with a much more powerful aspect such as the ability to control every web page open and every message sent through a private messaging service. This program has a cost of $59.99 per year, so it is a mix of fairly “cheap” functions given the rest of the prices.

Find my Device

How to use Find My Device to find your lost or stolen smartphone

said plainly, sometimes all that’s enough is to use a program to track down a stolen Smartphone. Of course this can only work if the person in question is not aware of how certain technical aspects of their Smartphone work, but it is always better than nothing in this case.

These are therefore all the best programs with which it is possible to spy on a Smartphone . Yes, “unfortunately” you always have to reach the other cell phone manually, but nothing excludes however that they are very powerful Apps to spy on our intended victim.

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