10 Best Piano Learning Apps in 2023

best piano learning apps

Best Piano Learning Apps – In order to become proficient at playing a musical instrument in the form of the piano, usually most of us will come to tutoring places or even utilize the services of private teachers who come directly to our homes. There are also those who teach themselves self-taught through videos on YouTube channels or even music books.

But you know, now we can learn this instrument easily through applications thanks to the presence of technology in the form of smartphones and tablets. So, on this occasion, techjustify will discuss 10 piano learning applications that you can download and use yourself. What are they? Here’s the list.

Best Piano Learning Apps

Simply Piano

Simply Piano
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So, if you are looking for a piano learning application that is practical and easy to use, Simply Piano is the choice. This application contains many hits from famous singers like Sia to John Lennon.

And of course, you can also learn to play classical songs from world composers like Bach or Mozart. With the Simply Piano application, you can learn how to play the piano properly, from reading sheet music to practicing playing the piano with all your fingers.

How to use this one application is fairly easy. You only need to place your cell phone or tablet on an acoustic or MIDI piano to the keyboard you have. Now, after that, this application will automatically know what instrument you use to play or practice the piano.

This Simply Piano can be used by anyone, anywhere and anytime.Oh yes, all the lessons contained in this application are equivalent to two years of piano lessons,you know. Pleasedownloadthe Simply Piano application from JoyTunes via this link .

Download Simply Piano

Perfect Piano

Apart from Simply Piano, you can also rely on the Perfect Piano application to be able to learn this musical instrument easily. Perfect Piano itself has more than 50 sample songs that you can play and the songs themselves are updated every week.

Oh yes, you can play both classical and pop songs on Perfect Piano. There are three different levels of difficulty for each song you play. With Perfect Piano, you can play together or compete in real time with other users to hone your skills. Come on,downloadthe Perfect Piano application made by Revontulet Soft Inc here right now.

Download Perfect Piano


Next, there is the Flowkey application made by the developer with the same name. So, if you use this piano learning application, you can learn more than 500 songs from various genres such as classical, pop, rock to jazz.

You can also learn about chords, read music sheets and also notes. How to use this application is also fairly easy. All you have to do is place your laptop, cellphone or tablet on the piano or keyboard, then select the song to be played. Remember, choose according to your ability to play the piano, OK? Easy, right?

So, if this is your first time learning to play the piano by yourself, so you’re not surprised you should first take the basic courses in this application. Oh yes, if you want to unlock songs and features in the application, you can subscribe to the premium version.How, are you interested in using this one application? Please download the Flowkey application here .

Download Flowkey

Piano Yokee

The Yokee Piano application also allows you to learn to play the piano without requiring any experience. The application is very easy to use and there are many songs that you can learn in this one application.

Oh yes, you can also choose the difficulty level of the song to be played, according to your playing ability. Yokee Piano also has a duet style feature that allows you to play one part of a song while the other part is played by the AI ​​of the app. Just download the piano application presented by the Yokee developer for free via this link .

Download Piano Yokee

Best Piano Lessons

Best Piano Lessons is also a must for you to try, here. Not only can it be used to learn various kinds of classical songs by Mozart, Beethoven or Chopin, you can also use this application to record your own playing.

And of course, you can save the recording as you wish. This application also has many other features such as multitouch, study mode, loading and saving songs, piano keys that can be set to 10 or 24 and HD quality graphics. Please click this link to download this application made by Netigen developer for free.

Download Best Piano Lessons

Piano +

Next, there is the Piano + application which of course can help you hone your piano playing skills and make it better and better every time you practice. Piano HD itself allows you to practice or play at a pace adjusted to your own abilities.

In this app, you can use more than 100 MIDI musical instruments to sample songs with the best studio recording quality. There are more than 45,000 songs that you can play here. If you want to try the Pianist HD application, please download the application directly via this link .

Download Piano +



If you don’t want to bother learning piano at a tutoring place, you can rely on the Yousician application. From the name alone, you can guess that this one application can help you learn a musical instrument independently or self-taught.

With Yousician, you can’t just learn one musical instrument. Yes, you can hone your skills on playing the piano, ukulele, bass and guitar too. There are over a thousand songs that you can practice on.

The way to operate is fairly easy, you just have to place it on the piano or near the musical instrument you want to play, then wait for feedback from Yousician who will help correct mistakes or show that your piano playing skills are good. Interested in trying? Please click this link to download the Yousician application from Yousician Ltd.

Download Yousician

Real Piano Teacher

Real Piano Teacher can also help you easily become a good piano player. This application has many interesting features such as a learning mode that can help you hone your piano playing skills from scratch.

There is also a game mode that you can use to compete with people around you and you can also play freestyle using the Real Piano Teacher application. Oh yes, this application made by Mobobi LLC has the best audio quality, key types up to six octaves and can run smoothly on devices such as tablets and cellphones. You can download Real Piano Teacher for free via this link .

Download Real Piano Teacher

Real Piano

The Real Piano application developed by Bilkon has many features that can help you learn piano instruments on your own. You will gain knowledge about musical notes and piano chords easily.

There are lots of interesting features in this application. Starting from multitouch, adjustable piano size, studio-level audio quality to different instrument sounds such as grand piano, organ to guitar.

You can also record while practicing or playing this virtual piano. So, if you are interested in using this application, please click this link to download the Real Piano application right now.

Download Real Piano

Piano Keyboards

Piano Keyboard is a musical instrument learning application that can be used by anyone, including beginners. This application allows users to play classic jazz songs to even pop songs.

This application can run smoothly on your Android cellphone or tablet. Interested in trying? Come on, download the Piano Keyboard application via this link .

So, here’s the discussion by Techjustify about 10 piano learning applications that you can use to learn piano on your own anytime, anywhere, without the help of a teacher or anyone else.

Download Piano Keyboards

If you have recommendations for other piano learning applications that are no less good than those on the list, please submit them directly via the comments column.

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