15 Best Crossword Apps For Android

Best Crossword Apps For Android

Best Crossword Apps For Android – Have you ever played a crossword puzzle? Maybe most of you have felt the fun of playing crossword puzzles.

Usually crossword games often appear in magazines or newspapers. But now you don’t have to bother looking for crossword puzzle games in newspapers or magazines. The reason is, you can play crossword games using only an Android cellphone , you know.

Best Crossword Apps For Android

Various types of games are presented in the PlayStore, ranging from special games for girls to even arcade games in the PlayStore. This includes the PlayStore providing a variety of crossword puzzle games which are certainly fun to play.

1. Smart TTS

Smart Crossword is a fun crossword game that you can play. This game is available in two languages, namely Indonesian and English.

If you are confused with the answer, you can use the help feature in the game, you know. Besides being able to help sharpen the brain, this game can also certainly drive away your boredom. Download Smart TTS here .

2. Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders is arguably one of the best modern crossword games. This game has been downloaded by more than 100 million users on Android, you know.

In Words of Wonders, you’ll face guessing games, which range from easy to complex to solve. Uniquely, you will not only solve puzzles with ordinary words, but also beautiful cities and places in the world.

3. Word Puzzle

Word Puzzle offers an addictive crossword game. You can play more than 1000 different levels in this game.

In addition, the control of the game is also very easy. You just have to slide letter by letter on the screen to form a new vocabulary. Very interesting, right? Play the Word Puzzle game here right now. 

4. Crosswords – Word Games LLC

Next up, there’s the Crossword Puzzle game from Word Games LLC. This game features a simple word game with more than 2000 different levels for you to try. 

In addition, the game can be played offline, so you can play TTS anytime and anywhere. This Crossword Puzzle Game is also suitable for all ages to play. Download the Crossword game from Word Games LLC here to play it.

5. CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

CodyCross is also one of the modern crossword games with a cool user interface and gameplay . You can change worlds in this game, you know.

This one game has more than 5000 different levels that you can play. If confused, you can rely on power ups to find answers to the puzzles. Don’t forget to take part in the daily challenges in the game to win more points. 

Game CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles can be played for free. However, if you want to enjoy other superior features of the game, you can start subscribing.

6. Crossword Game

Exciting and practical to play, that’s a brief description of this Crossword Game. In the game, the Game Crossword Puzzle presents an animation that is more interesting than the previous game.

Here, you just have to match the messy letters and then put them on the empty white squares. Still confused by the answer? Don’t worry, EaseUS MobiMover provides a help feature for you. Want to? Download here.

7. Original TTS

Original TTS was launched by AsyncByte Software in 2019. This game offers classic crossword gameplay that one would normally find in old books or newspapers.

However, the game itself carries a minimalist graphic display which is of course modern too. In addition, the questions presented in this game are also many and consist of different topics. 

Among them are famous figures, history, geography, and much more. In addition, there are also questions with English words that you can use to memorize new vocabulary. Try Original TTS by downloading it here .

8. Crossword Puzzle

The Crossword Puzzle Game is a game developed and developed by the developer Berni mobile. Just like crossword games in general, in the game Crosswords also presents a game where you will be asked to guess the word that must be filled in the empty boxes.

Crossword Puzzle provides different display sizes. You can use a box with a size of 3×3 up to the widest size, which is 25×25. Crossword Puzzles presents an Indonesian language game with an abundant wealth of words. You want to play? Download here.

9. Lontong TTS

Do you know Cak Lotong? Yes, one of the Indonesian comedians was used as inspiration for making crossword puzzle games. This game made by Gambir Game Studio developer names it Lontong TTS. Just like other crossword puzzles, you just have to guess the word and fill in the blanks.

However, don’t think that you have to guess the question with the correct answer. The reason is, Lontong’s TTS is indeed designed according to the quiz that is usually guided by Cak Lontong. So, don’t be surprised if the correct answer is an odd answer. Curious? Just play the game here. 

10. Pocket Puzzles

Back again with the Indonesian language crossword game. This time the game is called Saku Puzzle. This game was developed by the developer Touchten. Of course, in this game with the concept of crossword puzzles, players will be asked for words and fill them in the empty boxes.

Not only that, you can also try to complete 6 chapters with 54 new stages. Of course, all the stages and chapters will challenge the Saku Puzzle players. Interested in playing Pocket Puzzles? If interested, you can directly click here to download the game.

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11. TTS – Relaxing Puzzles

If you want to add insight about Indonesia, try playing a crossword puzzle game from a local developer. One of them is TTS – Casual Puzzle released by Agate Games.

The questions contained in this game are related to domestic tourism. That way, you can study while relaxing. You can play this TTS game anytime and anywhere because the game doesn’t require an internet connection. 

12. Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

Next up, there are the Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles . This is an English TTS game that is fairly easy to play.

What’s more, the questions are updated every day. You can play TTS with various types of questions from different topics, such as film, technology, history, games, and many more. Interested in playing this game?

13. Practical TTS

No newspapers or TTS books? Don’t worry, you can play the Practical TTS game from Translantic. This crossword game comes with questions that will help you sharpen your brain and add insight.

Practical TTS was released in 2018 and so far has been downloaded by more than 500,000 Android users. Try playing the game here .

14. One Clue Crossword

Still with crossword games using a foreign language, English. This time, One Clue Crossword is one of them. This game also has rules and ways to play that are not much different from crossword games in general where you are asked to guess a word and fill it in the empty column.

In the game, One Clue Crossword provides features with more than 540 levels. Not only levels, there are even 34 sections that you can complete. Of course, One Clue Crossword is rich in words and lots of challenging guesses. You also want to play? Click here to get the game.

15. Crossword Puzzle (TTS)

Again, this Crossword Puzzle (TTS) is here for those of you who really like crossword puzzle games. This game can be played by any Android user. Not only that, the interface that is displayed is simple but still attractive.

There are several features carried by Crossword Puzzles (TTS), namely a help feature as well as a feature for saving answers. These two features are quite useful for players who have trouble finding answers and saving your Crossword Puzzle (TTS) game. If interested, please download here.

That’s a collection of the best and most fun crossword games for you to play on your Android device. How, which game do you prefer? If you have other best game recommendations, please write them in the comments column, OK?

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