How to Play My11Circle in Banned States of India

how to play my11circle in banned states of India

How to Play My11Circle in Banned States of India – If you’re wondering how to flaunt your knowledge of fantasy sports like Kabaddi, Cricket, Basketball, and football then the My11Circle app will give you the massive opportunity to showcase your sports skills. Although the game has been restricted in several states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Telangana, still fantasy sports lovers are looking for ways to chase the thrills of these games.

In this article, we’ll talk about the ways by which you can play the game of fantasy sports like MyCicle11 in restricted states of India. Utilizing a VPN is among the simplest fixes. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Quick guide – In a hurry? 5 tiny steps to access My11Circle in banned states

  • Sign up with a reputable NordVPN.
  • Download and then install the VPN client into your device
  • Next search for a server in India where My11Circle is not restricted
  • Connect to the Delhi or Mumbai server
  • Refresh the My11Circle app and start playing!

What is My11Circle?

My11Circle is a popular fantasy sports app that has emerged in India, quickly expanding online gaming culture. It was launched by PlayGames24*7. It is popular for producing its flagship product with an exceptional community of 10 million registered players.

My11Circle aims to transform the Indian online gaming landscape and has quickly won the hearts of both sports fans and gamers by offering them an immersive and fun platform to engage in their preferred sport electronically.

Source: My11Circle

Is the My11Circle app Safe to use?

Many fantasy sports games are not safe for compromising user security, still My11Circle seems to have taken user security seriously. It has prioritized user privacy over anything else. It has implemented an Industry Standard Encryption Technology, continuously scans for security risks, and routinely performs security audits as part of its strict security policies and control procedures to protect user data.

It has robust reputation of being a reliable platform with its openness in disclosing security practices and procedures, thus winning the user’s trust on the app and with sharing personal data with the platform and taking place in their gaming experience without being concerned about data breaches or other security risks.

How To Play Cricket on My11Circle App

How to Play the My11Circle app?

Many users are eager to know how to play the popular fantasy game My11Circle. It enables to build their virtual playing11 team by selecting the most promising players. Players start earning points based on how well their chosen players perform after the game is initiated. The game concludes with the one who has garnered the most points and wins the game and the winners are paid according to their ranks.

We’ve outlined the steps to be followed before playing fantasy sports in the My11Circle app:


You can register using your Facebook, your Email ID, or your mobile number by visiting the registration page on the website or simply by downloading the My11Circle app.


It is best to choose a game from the forthcoming competition. Numerous competitions are held all year long.


Then, with 100 credit points, you can choose 11 players for football and cricket or 7 players for kabaddi to create your fantasy team. But you can choose only 5 players from Kabaddi, 7 players for football, and a maximum of 10 players from one team.


On My11Circle, various contests are active. You can choose from either of the three Practices, Private or Cash.

Let us explain each of them in the following:

Practice contest: If you’re new to fantasy sports, you can hone your abilities by practicing with the free practice contest before moving on to the paid competitions. You are allowed to play the practice contest.

Cash Contest: If you’re fond of earning cash and think you’re the jack of all trades then go to the cash contest to win lucrative cash prizes. Pick from the different competitions that are featured on the platform.

Private Contest: It features a contest where you can easily invite your family members and friends to play the competition.


Always keep an eye on your players. Check the live match area to see how the players are doing after the game has started. Watch your team’s score rise based on the points system as the live-action progresses.


The completed tab is where you can view your team’s final ranking and score. The rankings of the several teams are used to determine the winners. These rankings are determined based on the combined points of the players’ joined teams and their respective performances. The following illustration can help you to discern the process in a better manner:

Total Winnings: $3000
Competition Size: 200
Prize Winners: 100
Entrance Fee: 2000

Prize money in My11Circle

Rank 1 – Rs. 1,00,000
Rank 2 – Rs. 60,000
Rank 3 – Rs. 20,000
Rank 4 – Rs. 5000
Rank 11 – Rs. 1000

The prize distribution is re-calculated after the entry deadline for a contest that has passed. The computation was made based on the number of teams who entered the competition, the computation was made. These teams’ positions will be established based on the points they have racked up.

Therefore, you succeed if you enter the competition and your team receives a ranking between 1 and 100. Your prize is the sum that corresponds to your ranking. However, the cash awards vary depending on the competition. After four hours, the winning amount will be credited to your account.


Jump directly to your My11Circle account, and then deposit the money into your bank account.

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My11Circle: Is it Legal?

My11Circle is an entirely legal site that complies with all laws and standards. The software is lawful since it complies with Indian rules governing internet gambling because it is recognized as a “skill” game rather than a “chance” game.

However, many states prohibit users from playing cash-specific contests on the game itself. For instance, due to state regulations, the citizens of Orissa, Assam, and Telangana are not permitted to take part in cash contests on the platform.

However, users from these states still can participate in the free competitions on My11Circle and take advantage of the app’s features and capabilities with ease. The app is always evolving with its updates so users can take advantage of this legal yet enjoyable platform.

Should I use a VPN to play fantasy sports in Banned states?

If you suspect that My11Circle or any other fantasy sports have been banned in your state, then you should consider using a VPN to bypass those restrictions. The reason for these bans could be anything from gambling to addiction.

A VPN will allow your internet traffic to get routed via a server in another country while being encrypted by a VPN. It will give the impression that you are accessing the app from a different location and that will enable you to play the game without any further issues.

How to play My11Circle with a VPN in banned Indian states?

We’ll explain in this guide how to play My11Circle with a VPN in some banned Indian states:

Step 1) Pick any reputable VPN service provider.

A reputable VPN can unblock My11Circle in Indian states where it is not available.

Step 2) Install a VPN application

It is best to download and install the VPN client software on your device after selecting a provider.

Step 3) Join a VPN server

Open your VPN application and connect to an Indian server (either through a Singapore or UK server).

Step-4) Open My11Circle

Open My11Circle and begin playing after connecting to a VPN server.

In the next section of the article, we’ll look at some of the best VPNs that you can use to bypass geo-restrictions and play fantasy sports like My11Circle from the banned states of India.

3 Best VPNs to play My11Circle in banned Indian states

A) NordVPN

It is the most affordable and reliable option as a VPN and you can utilize the service in a range of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux. It will let you connect up to six devices at once.
NordVPN will safeguard your online behaviour by implementing many security techniques such as the double VPN feature that can send your connection across two servers for added security.

Best features:

1) Threat protection: It is a feature that can protect the user from viruses, trackers, and advertisements while browsing a certain website. It provides an additional degree of security while using the internet.

2) Dark Web Monitor: Users will be alerted by a feature called Dark Web Monitor if their private information gets disclosed on the dark web.

3) Meshnet: Meshnet enables direct connections with other devices via private, encrypted tunnels, helpful for both gaming and file sharing.

B) Surfshark

It is a VPN that conceals the local IP along with the incoming and outgoing data while you browse the internet at home or on a public Wi-Fi network to stop businesses, hackers, and data brokers from monitoring your online activity and personal information.

Best features:

1) Multi-Hop: Surfshark’s Multi-Hop function divides your traffic between two servers rather than one, improving security. However, because traffic is traveling further, you might be experiencing some lagging speed.

2) Split-Tunnelling: Surfshark’s Bypasser enables you to specify which websites you want to access through a VPN server and which ones can be accessed locally.

3) Anonymous browsing: It can mask your true IP address and enters into “camouflage mode”, making it appear as though you’re connected to your Internet service provider’s VPN.

C) CyberGhost VPN

It can help customers may mask their true IP address and protect their privacy from unauthorized third parties and local ISPs. CyberGhost VPN boasts more than 7000 virtual servers spread across 90 different nations. Users of the CyberGhost suite for Windows OS can purchase anti-virus protection and a security updater separately.

However, CyberGhost VPN has features like a Kill Switch and split tunneling.

Best features:

1) Kill Switch: It has an automatic kill switch that disconnects your access to the internet immediately to prevent personal information and location from being exposed online when the VPN connection becomes sporadic.

2) Split Tunnelling: It is a feature that enables users to choose between apps that require internet connectivity and those that can run on local IP addresses. Unless the user alters it via split tunneling, the VPN by default sends all data from connected devices over the VPN tunnel.

3) Leak Protection: It is a feature used to see if their registered email address has become compromised. User’s personal information can be harmed by email leaks since hackers can sell the information to unauthorized parties.


My11Circle is a great fantasy sports app to enjoy. Although, it is prohibited in some states so using a VPN to get around the restriction will be the best choice. It is sensible to use the best VPNs otherwise your device security may get compromised.

However, we would not recommend you access websites or apps prohibited by the law. It is best to be responsible while using accessing My11Circle with the above strategies otherwise you might get into legal trouble.

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