Play on TV with Chromecast, or even better games with other people

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The times of the Nintendo Wii are really gone because today you can Play on TV with Chromecast interactively with friends in front of the TV simply by using your smartphone (Android or iPhone) as a controller.

In fact, if we have a Google Chromecast device (there is currently a Chromecast 2 for sale), you can use it as if it were a video game console that shows the game from your PC or mobile on the TV screen and also more people play with each other in the hand of his phone Smart.

This is possible thanks to a wifi bridge created with Chromecast that acts as a transmitter for whatever you see on your computer or smartphone.

You can play Android phone games on your TV by directly viewing your smartphone screen or you can usevideo games designed and madespecificallyto work with your Chromecast, which has the ability toplay with all friends as you did with the Wifi.

First, you need toinstall games made for Chromecast which areavailable as apps for both Android and iPhone.

To find the games,you need to install theGoogle Homeapp on your phone (from the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for iPhone) andtaponFind App.

You can then search for popular recommended games or scroll down the page until you find the button to see all the apps, among them there is the Games category.

You can also search for the Chromecast games page Chromecast app on the web, where you will not findgames for the iPhone and Androidonly,but also for the Chrome browser and your computer.

  • Best Chromecast games
    • Just dance now
    • Monopoly
    • Wheel of Fortune
    • Angry Birds Friends
    • Texas Hold’em Poker
    • Titans trick
    • Driver Speedboat Paradise
    • FitFlap Motion
    • Deer hunter
    • Danger: Global Domination, or Risk
    • Alien invaders
    • Tennis

Among the best Chromecast gamescurrently available are:

Just dance now, to dance with friends in front of the TV.

Monopoly here and now, or Monopoly to play with friends.

Wheel of Fortune, Solve World Puzzles From America’s favorite tv game

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Angry Birds Friends, which shows the slingshot on the phone screen while playing on the TV.

Texas Hold’em Poker, to play with friends who are holding cards, roughly, on the phone screen.

Titans trick, with a series of fun quizzes to play with other friends.

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Driver Speedboat Paradise3D racing on watercraft.

FitFlap Motion, a kind of Flappy Bird where you have to shake the phone to make the bird fly.

Deer hunter, hunting game.

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– Danger: Global Domination, or Risk

Alien invaders, spaceship game.

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Tennis to play holding a smartphone like a racket

Also, don’t forgetAirconsolegamesto play on your PC or TV with your smartphone (such as the Nintendo Switch).

To play a game on TV with these Chromecast games, you must first install the game application on your Android smartphone or iPhone, then after starting the game, press the cast button, which is the icon that contains the application icon Chromecast applications.

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The game will then be shown on the TV while the phone will become like a joystick or remote control to play.

If we are playing with other people, all players just have to connect to the same Chromecast to participate in the game.
For every party or meeting at home and also for Christmas and New Year, Chromecast can become a pleasant pastime not only to watch a movie but also to play together.

What best games can be played on Google Chromecast?

These 5 best games are played on Google Chromecast

  • Monopoly

  • Driver Speedboat Paradise

  • Angry Birds Friends

  • Alien invaders

  • Tennis

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