RA WhatsApp Apk Download (Latest Version 2024)

RA WhatsApp Apk

RA WhatsApp Apk Download for Android & iOS (Latest version 2024) – For those of you who use smartphones, of course, there is a chat application called Ra WhatsApp in it.┬áBecause the application has a light size and is easy to use, everyone is interested in having it.

The WhatsApp application is also very useful for students who are doing online school. The reason is that by using this application all teachers can explain material through features owned by WhatsApp, namely video calls.

Apart from that the WhatsApp application also provides other simple features such as being able to send picture messages and also create stories. These features are very easy to do and that’s what makes people want to use them.

However, many of you are not satisfied with all the features that the WhatsApp application has. Some even feel bored because the display theme of the application is just the same.

For this reason, many WhatsApp users are looking for other alternatives by using the mod version. Lots of mod versions made by the developers and one of them is RA whatsapp apk.

Of course, if you use this mod application, you won’t feel bored anymore with how it looks. For this reason, many original WhatsApp users have moved and prefer to use the mod apk.

So, for those who are curious about this RA whatsapp apk, don’t worry. We will provide information about the application if you want to know, you can immediately see the explanation below.

What is RA Whatsapp Apk?

RA whatsapp apk is a chat application that has been modified by a third party. Then this mod application has added several interesting features in it and you can enjoy it without having to pay a penny.

You need to know in advance that the name RA is an abbreviation of its own name and many people call it RaWa.

Ridwan Arifin has embedded premium features that are interesting and you don’t get them in the original version. And one of the purposes of these third parties is to help you enjoy all the premium features for free.

Do you already know what features RA WhatsApp app has? If not, then you can pay attention to the reviews that we will discuss about the features of the mod application, see carefully in full.

Difference between the original version and RA WA Apk

Even though they have the same function, there are some differences between the two applications. One of them is the original WhatsApp version that you can get directly on the Playstore and also the App Store.

Meanwhile, the RA whatsapp apk can only be downloaded in the KPK form and only through a website. Not only that, this mod application has embedded advanced features that you can experience for free.

The original version has no potential problems if used normally. And RA whatsapp apk still has risks when overused because after all this application is not official.

The last difference is in terms of updates, if you use the original version, it will be provided by PlayStore. But if you use a mod application, you have to manually and look for other platforms that provide updates.

Advantages of RA Whatsapp Apk

Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, RA WhatsApp is a modified version, there will definitely be many advantages and disadvantages to it.

For those who are curious about the advantages and disadvantages of this mod application. So you can see the information that we will discuss below regarding the advantages possessed by this application.

1. Update Character Files

The first advantage possessed by this application is updating the character file. This means that making status in the form of characters has now been improved and has become longer, namely 250 characters and this is perfect for those of you who want to make long statuses.

2. File Delivery Updated

Sending a file can now reach 30MB when using this RA whatsapp apk. And the files that have been sent by you have been updated to support all types of files.

3. Attractive UI display

If you use this mod application, it will make the UI look like an iPhone or iOS cellphone. However, it is still being optimized and improved to be more responsive and users can customize the UI appearance as they wish.

Disadvantages of RA Whatsapp Apk

There are also drawbacks that RA whatsapp apk has and you need to know this to be even more careful. What are the shortcomings of this mod application, if you are curious, you can see the explanation below.

1. Too Late to Update

The first drawback if you use the RA whatsapp apk is that you are too late to update. The reason is that if you want to update, you have to look for the latest link and the easy way, so you can follow the steps that we have explained above.

2. Frequent application interruptions

The next drawback is that if you use the application there may be frequent problems on several types of cellphones. For this reason, we recommend that if you want to download this application, the cellphone ram must be above 2GB, otherwise you will often experience problems or be slow.

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Download RA WhatsApp

As usual, if you download the mod version of the WhatsApp application, you won’t find it on the Playstore or Appstore platforms, but you can only find the mod apk file on the site or platform that provides it.

So, for that, for those of you who don’t want to bother looking for the RA WhatsApp mod apk file, please just click the RA WA apk download link in the table that we have provided below.

Application NameRA WhatsApp
VersionNew Version
OsAndroid 5.0+
Download LinkHere

How to Install RA WhatsApp Apk for Android & iOS

How to Install RA WA Apk for Android & iOS

How to download this mod application is very easy to do. If you can’t wait to use this RA whatsapp apk, you can download it directly via the link below.

You need to know that you can download this mod application for free. Now, after it’s successful, you have to install it manually because this mod version is different from the application in the Playstore.

How to install the RA WhatsApp Spp, it’s actually not complicated and everyone can do it. For those who don’t understand, you can pay attention to the steps that we will share below.

  • First of all, download this mod application via the link above
  • Then you enter the settings menu
  • Then look for the security or privacy menu
  • If so, you can activate “unknown source”
  • Next, you enter the file manager on your respective cellphones
  • And look for the file that you have downloaded
  • After that click on the file to carry out the installation process
  • Wait a few moments until it works
  • Finally, the mod application is ready to run
  • Done.

That was how to download and install from RA WhatsApp Apk. If you feel interested, you can immediately download and follow the steps correctly.


That’s all the information we can convey about the RA WhatsApp Apk. If there are any mistakes, we apologize profusely and you can continue to visit Techjustify to get the latest information.

Finally, the author would like to thank those who have read our article. Hopefully, the discussion above can be useful for all of us and see you in our next review.

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