Your Remote Team Needs a Branded Background and Here Is Why

Your Remote Team Needs a Branded Background

Your Remote Team Needs a Branded Background and Here Is Why – Companies put a lot of money into developing a brand identity. The brand is a cohesive representation of the organization and typically includes images, colors, and messaging. When an employee enters corporate offices, there is no denying they are in the brand environment.

A benefit of being in a branded environment is it helps maintain focus throughout the workday. Unfortunately, with the rise of remote work, the corporate and brand environment is more lax, with employees seeming less focused on company culture.

Remote Team Needs a Branded Background and Here Is Why

A Zoom background with company logo can help reiterate the importance of the brand even when away from the office. A branded background is more than a logo, it is about teamwork and productivity. Many companies underestimate the value of their brand, but there are many reasons why branding, even with virtual meetings, is vital.

Brand Image Your Team Can Be Proud of

The brand image represents a company’s core values and mission. For many people, the brand is the primary reason they wanted to work for a company because it represented something that spoke to them individually.

Using aGoogle Meet custom background and incorporating the brand logo can remind team members of the corporate mission and why they applied for their position. Having a daily reminder can bolster productivity and help motivate the team.

Allow Your Team To Show That Pride

A virtual office background for teams also allows team members to show pride in their workplace. Access to the virtual background means they may use it for service or personal calls. The background helps present a unified front to clients, but it can also allow for additional promotion.

Maintain Professionalism and Privacy

Not every team member has access to a private home office. Some people will need to work in a living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, or even a garage. Not every environment is suitable for professional meetings, but team members must work with what they have.

A virtual background with a logo can make it easier to hide a person’s physical location. For example, a bedroom can be made to look like a conference room. The ability to hide one’s physical location is beneficial in two ways: first, it allows for a more professional background, and second, it provides privacy.

Sometimes, people keep little nick-knacks and items in their personal space that they don’t want their employers to know about. A virtual background can block the view of pictures, statues, posters, and other items floating around in your personal space.

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Ensure Uniformity

A virtual, branded background also ensures uniformity across team backgrounds. When everyone has the same background, there is less risk of distraction, meaning conversations stay focused on work rather than sidetracked by Jack’s limited edition Star Wars memorabilia.

Branded backgrounds help keep teams focused. Working away from the office can lead to distractions, but a branded background can remind every team member of their roles in the company. For more information about branded virtual backgrounds, contact a virtual meeting professional or service for assistance.

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