Serie A and the Champions League in Streaming 2022

Where to see all the Serie A and the Champions League in streaming 2021/22

Champions League in Streaming – The vision of sporting events in recent years has increasingly moved towards streaming viewing compared to the classic cable, as could be satellites or antennas. You can watch Champions League in streaming live 2022.

In this guide we see all the solutions to be able to watch Serie A in streaming but also the Champions League, packages now divided between multiple platforms.

In some cases it is also possible to amortize the cost of the vision by exploiting the vision at the same time, but not for all platforms.

Where the Serie A and the Champions League in streaming

Assuming that you have a stable connection at home, does watching sports online streaming find no differences from watching cable or is it even better to choose the satellite?

This is a question that unfortunately is not always possible to ask, given that Serie A will be entire via streaming via DAZN only.

But let’s dig deeper into all the available packages and see the various combinations, also analyzing which platforms allow you to take advantage of the vision at the same time.

Packages available – Season 2022

DAZN:All Serie A, Serie B, Europa League, Spanish Liga and more

INFINITY +: All Champions League except Wednesdays

FIRST VIDEOS: Champions League with an Italian match every Wednesday

NOW TV (Sky Go): 3 Serie A matches (simultaneously with DAZN), all Serie B, Champions League (except Wednesday), Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1 and other sports

TIM VISION (Sports package): Includes DAZN and Infinity + packs

Best match packages

But what to choose to see football at its best, giving priority to Serie A and the Champions League?

We have made some combinations also taking into account the prices, which however we do not report as they can change continuously and we do not want to report information that may not be correct in the future.

Combinations to watch Serie A and Champions League:

TIM VISION:This is in itself a ready-made combination and which in terms of price and contents is the best available. But with a doubt, it is in the promo for 12 months and then it passes at a high cost, will it be easy to cancel? Personally I would avoid it.

DAZN + INFINITY:It is the combo that TIM offers but without the constraint of being TIM users (which is not exactly the best given the difficulties that there may be to cancel). You can then suspend the subscriptions whenever you want.

DAZN + NOW TV: This pack includes everything, like the one above, but also adds other sports such as F1 and Tennis, also Now TV having Sky channels always offers a lot of sport, certainly better than Infinity (but at a higher cost) . It is the same pack that can also be obtained with Sky Go.

Where to see all the Serie A and the Champions League in streaming 2021/22
Serie A and the Champions League in Streaming

Which subscriptions can be split?

A method that is often used to amortize the cost is to go and share the cost of the subscription with a friend, which services allow it?

Let’s see in detail:




NOW TV: No (unless you are an active customer from 2018 or 2019)

SKY GO:No (but you can divide by satellite to one and Sky to the other person)

TIM VISION: Having DAZN and Infinity it will be possible.

What will your football choice fall on this season?

Remembering that to watch Serie A for free in streaming, the only legal methods are the usual ones, that is, to take advantage of the Bars or Restaurants that adhere to the sports packages.

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