List of Free and Easy-to-Use Android Video Editing Apps

List of Free and Easy-to-Use Android Video Editing Apps

The number of Video Editing Apps for Android phones on the google play store confuses beginners to choose them. 

Of course, rather than experimenting, it’s better to first see what the features are, whether they match what you want and the level of difficulty.

For those who are still zero or unfamiliar with the terms in the video editing menu, the editing process is definitely not fun and tends to be time-consuming. 

In other words, if there is an easy one, why choose a difficult one.

Not only that, many PC version video editor applications also provide an Android version in the play store and for Apple iOS users in the App Store. 

There is a full free video editor and there is also a premium version with the addition of several more complete menus.

To process mobile phone video recordings to be more interesting, such as creating transition effects, combining videos, and more, the admin immediately discusses a list of free video editor applications for Android phones below:

1.  KineMaster – Video Editor

Who does not know the KineMaster editing application and video player with the letter K logo. Where more than 100 million smartphone users in the world have installed it.

Even many YouTubers and TikTok users still rely on the KineMaster Video application to create interactive and professional-looking content.

Some of the advanced features and menus in KineMaster that can be used to edit videos on Android phones, including the following:

  • Merge and edit pictures, videos, effects, stickers, Text and more
  • Cut and connect videos easily
  • Add Voice, Music, voice changer and many sound effects
  • There are 2,500 more transition effects, video effects, fonts, stickers and various interesting animations
  • Can export and import project files from other devices
  • Color filters to change and correct the color of the video to make it more attractive
  • Ducking tools and EQ Presets that can be used to make audio more realistic
  • Lots of visual effects like speed up video motion, slow motion or mix both
  • Videos can be saved up to 4K 2160p quality
  • Can share to Facebook Stories, TikTok, Youtube, IG Reels and other social media
  • And many other advanced editing menus.

In the free KineMaster version, later the video will display a watermark or Kinemaster logo in the corner of the video. 

But if you are comfortable and like this application, you can use the premium version to remove the logo and open other additional menus.

If you don’t want to spend a penny, you can search on Google for many sites that provide the full KineMaster APK file without Watermark .

2. FilmoraGo

No less popular, the FilmoraGo application, which is commonly used for Video Editing Apps on TikTok, Instagram and other social media, is also easy to use and free.

FilmoraGo features are also very complete, not inferior to KineMaster, VivaVideo and Adobe Premiere Clip.

Some of the features include Trim and trim videos, Merge multiple clips, control speed, PIP (Picture in Picture) or video overlay mode, create your own watermark and many others.

Not only that, besides adding music and sound from the cellphone gallery, there are also more than 1000 free songs that can be used for video backsound for Vlogs, Video Games, Youtube and so on.

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

Now that the name is changed to Adobe Premiere Rush, where this editor is easy to run and the menu is easy to understand, you can process videos from your Android or iPhone like a pro.

You can take advantage of many features in Adobe Premiere Rush (Clip), such as creating attractive video transition effects, Drag and Drop clips, cutting and splicing videos, editing speed, and various other effects and tools.

4. VivaVideo – Video Editor

There are many features that you can use in VivaVideo editor, such as creating TikTok videos with music and song lyrics, making transitions and effects, recording live sound when editing videos or creating interesting sound effects.

You can export videos with a resolution of 720p, Full HD 1080p or 4K and share directly to Social Media such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook stories, Youtube and many others.

5. CapCut

This Video Editing Apps made by Bytedance is increasingly popular with ratings on the Play Store reaching 4.3 and the number of downloads of 100 million users worldwide.

CapCut is perfect for Editing Videos on Android phones for beginners. In addition to being lightweight, it runs on a cellphone with small RAM, the menu is also easy to understand and use.

CapCut features are generally the same as some other video maker applications, such as Cut, Reverse clip, change video playback speed, magic effects, many transitions, Import from CapCut music library and so on.

6. InShot – Editor Video Music

Many Youtubers use the Inshot video editor to process their cellphone camera recordings.

In addition, Instagram activists can also edit Instagramable photos in a more attractive style with several available effects.

List of Free and Easy-to-Use Android Video Editing Apps  InShot – Editor Video Music

Inshot A lightweight Video Editing Apps even though it is run on a smartphone with a small RAM capacity.

Some features like other editors that can be used are complete editing tools, filters and effects, music and recording effects, text and emoji input, and other tools.

Those are 6 lists of free video editing applications on Android phones that are easy to use for beginners who are not familiar with some terms and Video editor menus, hopefully, it will be useful and good luck.

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