Snapchat games story and Video games, original series, filters, etc

Snapchat games story and Video games, original series, filters

Evan Spiegel made a series of announcements on Snapchat on April 4. New features and new content will arrive on the application in the coming months are Snapchat games story and Video games, original series, filters, etc

It is no longer a few cards, but an entire game that Snapchat has drawn to try to win back its (former?) Users. At an event held in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 4, CEO of the social network Evan Spiegel announced the launch of new features and content.



The app, which has 293 million daily active users, first announced the launch of 10 original series, under the name Snap Originals. There will be documentary series and fictional series:

  • wo sides, the story of a young couple breaking up;
  • Can’t talk now, a program where we follow the daily life of high school students through their phones;
  • Sneakerheads, the misadventures of three college students;
  • Commanders, where two high school students discover a retro computer that can influence their lives;
  • Denton’s death date, on the anniversary of a high school student’s death;
  • While black, a docu-series on racism;
  • Buzzfeed’s, a daily celebrity program;
  • In dead of night, in which a teenager must escape zombies with her phone as her only weapon;
  • Compton dreams, a docu-series on the daily life of 3 artists;
  • Stranded with Sam and Colby, on two investigators specializing in the paranormal.

The production of these new series is outsourced. Snapchat explains that its Shows section works very well. His audiences have tripled in the past 12 months, according to official figures. Snap gives the example ofEndless summer, a series watched by 28 million users.

The new original series will be available in the coming months, Snapchat said. The fact that they are mostly intended for a young audience, even teenagers, marks a turnaround for Snapchat, which had (unsuccessfully) tried to expand its audience.


The social network is also launching into video gameswith Snap Games. These games are multiplayer (up to 32 people at the same time). You can Snapchat games story access it directly from conversations with your friends. No installation will be necessary.

6 games will be available:

  • Bitmoji Party, a series of mini-gamesfeaturing Bitmojis, virtual avatars used on Snapchat;
  • Snake Squad, a shooting game;
  • Tiny Royale,presented as a Battle Royale type game;
  • CATS Drift Race, a racing game in which we will a priori play cats;
  • Zombie Rescue Squad, where you have to escape from zombies as a team;
  • Alphabear Hustlewhere you can build a village by forming words.

The first of these games will be produced directly by Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat. The rest will be made by studios like Zynga, which has already developed games for Facebook – think FarmVille. Small bonus: while playing, you can see your opponent live, send them messages or talk to them with voice messages. The idea is,writes Snapchat, to have the impression that one is ”sitting side by side, playing on the same screen“.



Four years ago, Snapchat launched its first filters (Lenses). The social network announced on April 4an update of Lens Studio, a platform to create its own filters. There are new models that allow monuments to be personalized or brought to life – no offense to Gustave Eiffel or other architects.

That is also possible to create them on the hands, which will now be recognized by the Snapchat image recognition service, as we can see.


Finally, Snapchat will expand its story distribution platforms with App Stories. We will soon be able to display them onthird-party applicationslike Tinder. It will also be possible to do the reverse. For example, if you are watching a series on Netflix and you want to share it, it will be possible directly from the Netflix app. The same goes for podcasts on the Breaker and Anchor platforms or for causes that are close to your heart on the GoFundMe crowdfunding site.


Snapchat will allow its Bitmoji avatar to be used on apps like the Venmo payment app (to “add context,” Snapchat argues – we can’t wait to pay off our debts with sad Bitmojis). It can also react directly to a Fitbit brand bracelet.


These unexpected announcements are the effect of a breeze of freshness on the application. The past few months have been difficult for Snapchat games story. Part of the reason is increased competition from other platforms.Instagram has developed features that make it almost substitutable for Snapchat: you can make stories and even slightly longer video content, IGTVs . Facebook also has stories (with much more mixed success), as well as YouTube. New video applications have emerged, such as TikTok (formerly .

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How do you play games on Snapchat stories?

This Video is Helpful to play Snapchat games really!

Added to this was a monumental Snapchat flop. The objective was to facilitate the use of the social network and to conquer new users until now discouraged by the somewhat messy aspect of the platform.

The update was heavily criticized by users. The latter said they no longer saw the content posted by their friends when they were suddenly inundated with media stories or reality TV candidates that they were not following.


Snapchat games story eventually backtracked and canceled the update. Evan Spiegel admitted in October that he probably wanted to go too fast and made a mistake. He who dreamed of himself, he said, in ”cheetah“, was cut in his tracks … So that Snapchat did not really innovate for some time. Well, apart from its great cat filters .

It seems today to have recovered a bit of the hair of the beast and it was about time: in February, we learned that Snapchat had not gained users for a year .

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