10 Best PC Multiplayer Horror Games Play With Friend

10 Best PC Multiplayer Horror Games Play Frighten You With Friend

10 Best PC Multiplayer Horror Games Play With Friend – Don’t be afraid to be alone.. be afraid to be together. Seeing the ongoing pandemic conditions, you may be bored at home, thinking about what to do. Playing games is one of the interesting activities to kill boredom. 

However, some of you may be tired of playing competitive games or have just finished single-player games. Therefore, horror games might be the answer to your boredom.

Horror games are indeed one of the genres that can be played when bored, considering that fear can turn out to be an addiction in itself. However, not everyone has the courage to play games ber- a genre of horror alone. Like me, dare to play horror games,  but have to be busy with friends.

10 Best PC Multiplayer Horror Games Play With Friend

If you have the courage level like me, the multiplayer horror games below are likely to be for you.

1. Phasmophobia (2020)

Have a dream to become a ghost hunter? You can try it in the game Phasmophobia. This horror game made by Kinetic Games invites players to become bounty ghost hunters. Of course, the dire challenge of this game is the ghost. Because if you’re not careful, the ghosts in this game can take your life.

The task of the player in this game is to guess the type of ghost that haunts the client’s house. Not only guessing the type of ghost, but players will also get tasks such as witnessing ghost activity, making ghosts blow out candles, and much more.

1. Phasmophobia (2020)

If successfully perform the tasks, the player will get paid by the client. Phasmophobia can be played with 3 of your friends. However, if you have more courage, you can choose to play alone.

Phasmophobia is priced at $13.99 and can be found on Steam.

2. Dead by Daylight (2016)

Dead by Daylight is a cooperative horror game where you can be a  killer or a  survivor. If you play as a killer,  your task is to capture and kill 4 survivors. On the other hand, survivors must escape from the killer by repairing 5 generators to open the exit gate.

Dead by Daylight can be played by up to 5 players at once in custom mode with 1 player as the killer and 4 other players taking on the role of survivor. Interestingly, Behavior Interactive also embeds a cross-play feature in Dead by Daylight. So, you can play this game with your friends even if it’s not on the same platform.

2. Dead by Daylight (2016)

Despite being 5 years old, Dead by Daylight is one of the most successful iconic horror games. This game made by Behavior Interactive is known for its collaborations with well-known horror films and games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Stranger Things, and many more.

Dead by Daylight is priced at IDR $19.99 and can be found on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store. Dead by Daylight is also available on mobile and can be downloaded for free.

3. In Silence (2020)

In Silence is a cooperative horror game where one player will become a monster named “Rake” and 2-6 other players will become survivors who must survive and escape from this Rake.

3. In Silence (2020)

Rake is a monster that is half-blind but has super sharp hearing. So, players are required not to make a sound. This makes the game very tense, especially when Rake passes in front of your face. Players can also look for weapons in green containers on the map. If they manage to find a weapon, the player can shoot Rake and kill him.

However, if killed by Rake, the player will be reincarnated as a mouse. While being a mouse, players can still walk around the map, help their friends to find items, and distract Rake.

In Silence can be found on Steam for $9.99

4. DEVOUR (2021)

4. DEVOUR (2021)

Of all the multiplayer horror games  I’ve played, this is the scariest. DEVOUR tells the story of 4 former members of a demon cult group who try to save their former group leader named Anna Puerta. Anna is said to have been possessed by a demon in the form of a goat, Azazel.

To save Anna, the player must catch and burn the goats that roam around Anna’s house. However, Anna’s scary figure and several monsters that appear from the floor will interfere with players doing their job.

DEVOUR can be found on Steam for $4.99.

5. Pacify (2019)

5. Pacify (2019) horror games

Pacify invites you to become an employee of PAH Inc. (Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated) assigned to investigate a spooky building. The building is rumored to be a former funeral home that offers the opportunity to communicate with those who have died. You can explore this spooky house accompanied by 3 of your friends.

Inside the building, players will meet a little girl named Emilia who is possessed by an evil spirit. The task of the player is to find a way out of the house by looking for keys around the house. If you encounter Emilia while she is in rage mode, the player will be turned into a puppet

Pacify can be found on Steam for $4.99.

6. The Forest (2018)

6. The Forest (2018)

Game co-op survival horror multiplayer developed by Endnight Games tells the story of a plane that crashed on a small island. Worse, this small island is filled with forests, caves, and cannibals. You can explore this small island with 7 of your friends.

In The Forest, you will take on the role of one of the passengers on the plane named Eric Leblanc who survived an accident. Once on the small island, you’ll have to survive by building shelters, hunting animals for food, and, of course, fighting cannibals trying to eat you. However, the main task of this game is to find Eric’s boy named Timmy.

The Forest can be found on Steam for $19.99.

7. Lunch Lady (2021)

7. Lunch Lady (2021) horror games

Lunch Lady is a co-op online horror game that can be played by up to 4 players. In this game, you will play as a student who sneaks into the school at night to steal the answer key for the exam.

10 answer key sheets must be collected as quickly and carefully as possible. If you are not careful, the cafeteria guards will catch you. The longer you stay in school, the faster and stronger these killer mothers will be. To get out, you have to look for keys around the school area.

Lunch Lady is priced at $4.99 thousand and can be found on Steam.

8. Dying Light (2015)

8. Dying Light (2015)

Dying Light takes you as a secret agent named Kyle Crane. Crane’s job is to infiltrate one of the quarantine zones in a middle eastern city called Harran. There, Crane will meet survivors in a building called “The Tower”.

In the city of Harran, players will get quests related to the Dying Light storyline. As the story progresses, players can get better weapons and a variety of new skills. This zombie horror game made by Techland can be enjoyed with 3 of your friends.

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This game received a positive response from the players. Seeing the response from players, Techland even announced a sequel to their game titled Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

Dying Light is priced at $59.99 thousand and can be found on Steam.

9. Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)

9. Left 4 Dead 2 (2009) horror games

Left 4 Dead 2 is a zombie shooting game that can be played by up to 4 players. This iconic game from Valve tells the story of 4 survivors who are late to board a rescue helicopter. Finally, the four of them decided to go to a mall that was rumored to have an evacuation site that was still operating.

Of course, their journey did not end at the mall. Their goal is to survive in the midst of chaos full of the undead. If you are interested in following the journey of the four survivors, you can buy Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam for $9.99 thousand.

10. GTFO (2019)

Horror Games Gtfo

GTFO is a co-op horror FPS  game that can be played by up to 4 players. This game tells the story of 4 people trapped in an underground complex. You and your friends will play as these four less fortunate people.

These four people were locked there against their will. They are forced to descend deeper into the dungeon to perform various tasks assigned by an entity called the Warden. Horribly, this underground complex had been abandoned for years and was infested with strange flesh-eating monsters.

You have to survive against these monsters while carrying out the tasks assigned by the Warden.

GTFO is priced at $39.99 and can be found on Steam.

Those were some horror games that were fun to play with friends. With this, you can fear crowds and not be alone. Hopefully, some of these multiplayer horror games can beat your boredom at home!

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