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The best smartphone games in 2021

The best smartphone games in 2022 Global statistics say that over 3.2 billion people around the world already have a smartphone. Half of these people regularly play something on their phones.

So I decided to prepare a ranking of the most interesting mobile games in 2022. What is worth checking and why? Maybe a return to the classics? Or maybe an extensive RPG? The choice is really huge.

The vast majority of best smartphone games in 2022 games are not very demanding, but there are developers who transfer their big productions to small screens. 

Such as, for example, Diablo Immortal, which played some time ago and praised himself a lot. According to statistics, we play an average of 30 to 40 minutes a day on the phone.

Best Smartphone Games in 2022

  1. Genshin Impact
  2. League of Legends: Wild Rift
  3. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
  4. Alto’s Odyssey
  5. Spooky Squashers
  6. Nier Reincarnation [in] carnation
  7. Call of Duty Mobile
  8. Pokemon Go
  9. PAKO Caravan
  10. Hearthstone

We launch some mobile titles usually only in public transport or during a visit to the toilet, and the average mobile player is not a teenager at all but is between 24 and 31 years.

 So let’s check what is worth downloading today. It will focus on free titles with optional micropayments. 

I would also like to emphasize right away that I am listing here in my opinion, the most interesting games that we can play today (in one case it’s worth waiting for a while), but not necessarily those that were released in 2022.

10. Hearthstone

Blizzard may not have had the best streak lately, but it looks like the company is slowly getting off its knees. 

The management board replacement and, specifically, the legal regulations take effect and allow disgusted employees to return to the office. 

In turn, with a clear conscience recommend the mobile version of Hearthstone, the popular card game that has won the hearts of players by storm. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android Hearthstone
best smartphone games in 2022

If you haven’t played yet, it’s definitely worth a try. We are one of the popular heroes of the world of Azeroth and with the help of a deck of cards, we have to face many dangers. 

It will be a great adventure for Warcraft fans. Although the game was released a long time ago, it is still one of the most downloaded mobile productions.

9. PAKO Caravan

If you’ve ever had Nokia 3310 and played the immortal “Snake”, you will immediately get hooked on the sensational PAKO Caravan game. 

This is a production of a small studio, Tree Men Games, released for both smartphones and Nintendo Switch. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android PAKO Caravan
best smartphone games in 2022

Everything is set in cities with large streets and parking lots, farms and airports, but not only. Our task is to build the longest possible fleet of vehicles, which we allocate on the basis of a popular snake. 

We drive around the map and add more cars. At some point, of course, we must avoid obstacles. We can even jump over them. 

The gameplay is incredibly addictive and for many long hours, I couldn’t stop playing it. So simple and so nice. 

8. Pokemon Go

To this day, one of the most-launched best games in 2022 in the history of smartphones. Although it is not as in-demand anymore as it was a few years ago, it still gathers hundreds of thousands of players every day. 

To this day, I remember this amazing craze in search of Pokemon in every corner of our planet. Wherever the Internet was available, there was a place for an animal that we can catch in a Pokeball. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android Pokemon Go
best smartphone games in 2022

It was played by absolutely everyone, young and old, and sometimes parks or shopping malls experienced a real siege when someone tipped off the availability of a unique, unique Pokemon.

The whole thing is based on the principles of augmented reality and we see all creatures superimposed on the real world, simply using our smartphone camera. The idea for the game is as simple as it is deadly perfect and thoughtful. 

7. Call of Duty Mobile

Next is one of the best mobile games for first-person shooter fans. You could say that it’s such a big Call of Duty transferred to small screens. 

The creators did it perfectly, not only that you can feel the power of the shot here, but also the gameplay is very addictive and sometimes literally addictive with “one more game”. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android Call of Duty Mobile
best smartphone games in 2022

In 2020, the game was downloaded by nearly 270 million players and it generated an income of $ 480 million, and it is “only” a mobile production. 

Sam regularly uses it in smartphone tests, and I often play a game or two before going to sleep. In my opinion, it is still one of the best mobile shooters. 

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6. Nier Reincarnation [in] carnation

A game made for fans of Japanese slashers. It is truly unique and is highly appreciated by every player who has tried it. The game is free, and you can download the production to your smartphone. 

This is not a typical mobile production Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito, who previously worked on NieR: Automata, are responsible for the project.

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android Nier Reincarnation [in] carnation
best smartphone games in 2022

The mobile version has very advanced graphics, beautiful and dynamic fights, and wonderful locations. 

This is representative of the turn-based RPG genre, more suited to the console environment. The dense atmosphere literally pours out of the screen, and anyone who has had the opportunity to play it before emphasizes the absolute uniqueness of this title.

You just need to like such an atmosphere and feel the story being told, and it is not so easy on smartphones.

5. Spooky Squashers

This extraordinary production is certainly one of the most unusual in today’s statement. We play the role of a crazy Halloween pumpkin who plays the popular squash. 

We have to bounce the rushing ball off the walls to eliminate all opponents on the map along the way. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android  Spooky Squashers
best smartphone games in 2022

There are plenty of fights with bigger bosses, and the whole thing is very arcade. We must avoid any contact with the sprites because the game will end immediately. 

Spooky Squashers was made by one man, but he definitely knew what he was doing. If you haven’t heard of this game yet, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

4. Alto’s Odyssey

This extraordinary production is an endless runner game in which we move a snowboarder rushing through majestic, beautiful, and mystical lands. 

The creators from the Snowman studio have prepared a very simple mechanism that attracts a smartphone in front of the screen and does not let you tear it away for a long time. 

All thanks to beautiful locations, the play of lights and shadows, and a well-thought-out play structure. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android Alto's Odyssey
best smartphone games in 2022

Our character automatically rushes to the right, and we only have to jump at the right moment and avoid obstacles. 

In addition, he performs acrobatics that is rewarded with points. He runs away from enemies, collects coins, and catches various animals. The game never ends and the stages are randomly generated, so we can jump here endlessly. 

3. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Later this year, an intriguing mobile game set in the world of Final Fantasy will appear on iOS and Android. 

The First Soldier is nothing more than a typical battle royale with a third-person view and visual setting is beautiful, but also demanding. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
best smartphone games in 2022

The mechanics of the game and its construction do not differ much from other games of this genre.

We see epic locations, a multitude of skills, group cooperation, spells, and various weapons that we can change and improve during the game. Closed beta tests were held last month, so everything indicates that this year’s premiere is not in danger. 

2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Who among us has never played a single game of Lola? I bet that even among the readers of PPE it will be difficult to find such a person. 

League of Legends is the several famous MOBA in the experience. Entirely transferred to mobile devices. Wild Rift is literally in no way inferior to its computer counterpart. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android League of Legends: Wild Rift
best smartphone games in 2022

Here, too, we go out to fight in teams of five, where each player chooses a specific path and tries to destroy the opponent’s base, fighting computer bots and human heroes in the meantime, eliminating key strategic defense towers. 

The gameplay is addictive, very tactical, and provides a lot of adrenaline. Although LoL is better played on a computer, the biggest fans of this production can always have it with them.

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1. Genshin Impact

Released in 2020, the epic and massive action role-playing game attracted millions of players from around the world. 

Genshin Impact has won many well-deserved awards, reminiscent of the design of the popular series The Legend of Zelda. 

The combat system is based on the power of the elements, as in popular fantasy games, and on the mechanics of switching characters. 

The Best Smartphone Games in 2022 Android Genshin Impact
best smartphone games in 2022

The player lands in a huge, open-world, the depths of which can be traversed in a multiplayer mode, in a group of up to four people. 

The combat system, the sense of freedom, and the wonderful comic-style graphics are especially praised here. Although Krzysiek from our editorial office some time ago issued Genshin with a score of 6.5production is constantly evolving and getting new updates. 

It’s definitely worth checking out. But be careful, because it has high hardware requirements and on some weaker smartphones you may have to manually adjust the detail quality sliders. 

Hopefully, you are like these best smartphone games in 2022 We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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