The most interesting gadgets for Squid Game fans

The most interesting gadgets for Squid Game fans

Squid Game is one of the most interesting surprises that Netflix has surprised its Fans and viewers within recent weeks. It is not surprising then that you can already get many gadgets on the Internet that may interest the fans of this series.

Table of Contents
  • Squid Game clothes and cosplay
  • ZeSquid Game glass balls
  • Molds and sets for dalgona sugar cookies
  • Mysterious showcases from Squid Game
  • Squid Game Stuffed Animals and Posters
  • Lots of other Squid Game merchandise

Squid Game is the latest production from Netflix, which at the same time shocks with macabre pictures, but also impresses with a surprising, fresh convention. It is not surprising then that this Korean series is gaining more and more popularity among the viewers of the American platform. Netflix is ​​unlikely to decide to end the story after one season, there are also many other productions set in the Squid Game  universe – real fans should be interested in the gadgets that have appeared on the Internet quite a lot.

Squid Game clothing and cosplay

Now anyone can dress up as guards in the Squid Game

Squid Game clothing and cosplay

Although it has not been long since the premiere of the series, you can already find many interesting designs on T-shirts and sweatshirts – from the Squid Game logo printed on them and characteristic geometric figures (triangle, circle, square), through important plot elements (such as a huge doll, which is the main attraction of the first “rehearsal”), and ending with the use of memes – for example game guards wearing a characteristic gift package, presented as funeral dancers known from youtube remixes of Coffin Dance.

In addition to functional clothing, we also come across sales offers for clothing items that can be used as cosplay , perfect for a Halloween costume 2021. Of course, the most common are turquoise tracksuits, which are the main attire of the heroes who take part in the game – of course, with the available numbers from 1 to 456, so you can identify with your favorite participant in the murderous challenges. There are also the characteristic (fuchsia-colored) suits of the guards protecting the whole macabre game – equipped of course with rubber gloves and belts. A mask will certainly be a great complement to such a costume.

These are available in various variants – both with a square, a triangle, and a circle on the forehead (which in the series symbolizes specific roles in the hierarchy of the guardians who wear them). You can also easily find a face shield that only the leader could wear – responsible directly to the VIPs for this bloody entertainment.

Glass balls from Squid Game

The game of marbles can now have a major renaissance

Glass balls from Squid Game

Initially, the game of marbles may seem like an overly complicated test for the participants of the game, but a moment after starting the task, it turned out that the game would not be that easy and would be at the cost of a great deal of suffering. Fortunately, we do not participate in any macabre challenge, thanks to which we can play marbles – also sometimes called “marbles” – without major consequences. The rules of this archaic gameplay vary, depending on the chosen variant of the game – just like the color options and patterns of glass balls thrown by teammates. The most popular, however, is the one with a three-color “wavelet” enclosed inside a glass sphere – exactly such ones were used in the series.

Molds and sets for dalgona sugar cookies

We already know what pastries will conquer this year’s Christmas

Molds and sets for dalgona sugar cookies squid game fans

In one of the challenges of the Squid Game, the participants of the game were forced to race against time, which did not require monkey dexterity, but rather precision, cunning, and thoughtfulness. The task seemed trivial – from sweets (so-called dalgona cookies, also called “honeycombs”), made with the use of sugar mass, it was necessary to obtain a deformed pattern.

Any technique of “peeling” was allowed, and only the effect mattered – that is, detaching the designated shape from the frame without damaging the figure itself. This task is not as easy as it might seem, which can be checked by anyone who prepares such sweets by hand using home methods (there are plenty of regulations on the Internet and the execution itself can be problematic). For making patterns in sweet mass, you can use special molds, available both in shapes known from the series, as well as completely different ones, which can cause no less trouble . See for yourself if you could complete this round in Squid Game .

Mysterious showcases from Squid Game

You get such a business card, what do you do then?

Mysterious showcases from Squid Game fans

Honestly … it’s hard for me to find a practical application for mysterious business cards, which are one of the symbols iconic for the series – but on Allegro there are a lot of their sales offers. Apart from using these cards to enhance cosplay, are there any other ways to use such a gadget? They will certainly be useful as a decorative element at thematic events dedicated to fans of the series, but they are above all a proverbial must-have for collectors who have sworn to collect individual items referring to this production. It is with the help of these business cards – on the reverse of which there is a characteristic circle, triangle and square, and on the obverse a number enabling them to reach the organizers of the Squid Game fans – the participants of the rivalry were recruited to brutal competition.

Squid Game Stuffed Animals and Posters

It’s hard to cuddle up to such a mascot, come on, tempt

Squid Game Stuffed Animals and Posters

Among the gadgets for Squid Game fans, you can find not only characteristic items – such as the above-mentioned glass balls or molds – but also fancy items, rather typical for a hobby such as collecting. No one should be surprised by a plush mascot (in the form of a soldier dressed in a pink outfit, and how!) Or a dancing guard (a variation on the well-known cactus toy, dancing to the rhythm of Cypis’s “hit”). Posters are no less interesting – among them we can find both official Netflix graphics, as well as thematic variations, and even … frames straight from the series . Most of them, however, can be hung over the bed without shame or embedded in a frame and decorate a room with them.

Lots of other Squid Game merchandise

Pillows, cups and all the rest, Squid Game is everywhere

Lots of other Squid Game fans merchandise

In addition to the above, on the Internet, we come across a lot of individual gadgets that would be difficult to classify into any category. A great example of this is a LEGO set inspired by the episode Red light, green light or disposable masks with the Squid Game logo. 


We also come across many typical gifts with the imprint of series motifs – from mugs, through pillows, to key pendants and hanging car fragrances. Some surprise, however, maybe … Advent calendars, which, instead of chocolates and candies, hide various mini-toys. Is the Amazing fans of Squid Game– a series with such an intensity of brutality – a good theme for this kind of item? I’m not sure about that anymore

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