Top 5 Hardest Games of All Time: 2022 Updated

Top 5 hardest games ever made

Top 5 Hardest Games of All Time: 2022 Updated – Do you think of yourself as a sly fox for whom no video game is more of a challenge? So you have to try these productions – these are one of the most difficult titles of the Top 5 hardest games of all time that will teach even the greatest Cossacks humbleness.

Video games have always been created with entertainment in mind. However, not every form of fun suits all players in the same way. 

Some people feel perfectly comfortable designing their dream house in Sims, while others love the hint of emotion accompanying the passage of extremely difficult Top 5 hardest games in which death is an integral part of the game. 

Below is a list of works intended rather for the second part of fans of virtual entertainment – in these productions you can sweat a lot by jumping your fingers on the keyboard.

Top 6 Hardest Games of All Time Ranked

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

It has already been established that the list of the most difficult games of all time must include production by the Japanese studio From Software – this developer takes no prisoners and takes the heaviest cannons in the war with laymen. 

So one could list here, among others items from the Dark Souls series (after which the entire genre of “souls-like” games, or souls-like games, in which an inattentive player dies thousands of times, was created).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in Top 5 hardest games ever made

One could mention the earlier Demon’s Souls (one of the most difficult in the Top 5 hardest games for the PS3 console) or Bloodborne . 

It is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – considered a work in many respects more demanding than Souls and repeatedly honored with the title of the game of the year 2019 – I decided to quote here as an example.

The protagonist of the game, set in an alternative version of feudal Japan, is the eponymous warrior named Sekiro. He suffers a loss of honor when mysterious capers kidnap his master – and cut off the protagonist’s arm. 

Fortunately, this one is replaced with a special prosthesis supporting its owner in combat and moving through oriental locations. Sekiro tries to free a kidnapped descendant of a great family so important to the survival of the dynasty.

Super Meat Boy

If the game about the annoying goose has the right to be a hit, then can’t the same fate befall the game about … a piece of meat? Sure it is – which was proved in 2010 by the platformer Super Meat Boy 

This production was hosted on the computers of all masochists (and two years ago it even had a version on the good Switch). 

The work of Team Meat studio attracted with a dynamic shell, an extraordinary hero and an idea for a gameplay, in which the story, however secondary, did not interfere with the fun.

Super Meat Boy in Top 5 hardest games ever made
Top 5 hardest games: Super Meat Boy

In the plot, we dealt with a theme that has already been used in hundreds of different ways – the chosen one of the heart (can a piece of meat have a heart?) Of the title, Meat Boy is kidnapped, so he has to roll up his sleeves (does a piece of meat have sleeves?)

And tear through over a hundred ultra-dangerous levels bristling with deadly obstacles and. It is worth adding that the degree of difficulty of the Top 5 hardest games has been greatly exaggerated. 

Moving the relentlessly bleeding protagonist (such a graphic gadget – adds flavor to the production, but does not affect the health of the character).

Who dies the first time after contact with any trap, can be problematic due to the oversteer of the meat hero. This quickly turns the game into anguish – or a haven for tough position fanatics.


The development debut of the Canadian MDHR studio is not only an extremely difficult game but also a nod to American pre-war animation. This production was well received all over the world. 

The graphic design made it unique and attracted attention, and the high level of complexity of the game kept the fans of challenges in front of the screens.

Players take on the role of one of two characters (it is also possible to play in two-person co-op on one screen) – a cup or a cup. The heroes, for all their charm, are gamblers who have lost their own souls at the devil’s casino

They took a little care of this fact, which is why the Horned man made a deal with them: in return for saving souls, they have to go on an adventurous journey to recover debts incurred by other characters in the game. 


Does it seem like a simple matter? But it sure is not. Cuphead is an old-school platformer not only visually.

But also mechanically – that’s why, despite many of today’s solutions, this production focuses on a level of patience exaggerated to the limits of human patience, at which it is completely normal to cast curses on the air and bang the keyboard on the desk after death hero.

The Witness

The Witness, which debuted at the beginning of 2016, is a creature completely different from the previous items in the ranking. Why? The difficulty of this title lies in something completely different. 

To complete it, you do not need monkey dexterity, but an open mind, the owner of which is not afraid of puzzles and taking notes on tons of sticky notes, which can make it easier to remember various details.

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The main character of the game, however, is not its protagonist (we observe the world around it from a perspective typical of FPP games), but … a charming and colorful island filled to the brim with puzzles. 

Our rapper is forced to solve them in order to figure out the mystery of the disappearance of all people from its surface. It may sound banal, but the puzzles accompanying the investigation are certainly not banal. 

The Witness

Even the greatest fans of charades should be careful in contact with The Witness – the game may look nice, but it is a real hardcore among logical productions, which is why it is recommended only to the most persistent minds and veterans of works such as Myst ¸ Portal or Antichamber

It is possible, however, that even them – with most of the puzzles – will start to smoke under their skulls due to the brain working at high speed.

Captain Claw

Time for a bit of nostalgia, because Captain Claw  (Eng. Claw ) is a game released in 1997 – although it did not appear in Poland until May of the following year, courtesy of the native Techland. 

And the fact – the artwork on the cover is terrible, but it shouldn’t fool anyone, because this production remains extremely playable even today (if, of course, it can be run on modern equipment, which unfortunately many players may have a problem with). 

The protagonist here is the title cat – Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw – whose pirate adventure led (in chains) to the La Roca fortress, guarded by dogs armed to the teeth. 

In his cell, however, the hero finds a hidden message about a mysterious amulet that provides as many as nine lives.

The claw slips out of the closely guarded castle and pretends to search for more fragments of this magical trinket. 

This is how the impressive journey of the cat’s corsair begins on fourteen levels, during which you can stumble upon deadly traps. 

Captain Claw

The first stages do not feel that difficult, but the next stages are a completely different story . Especially when you think about scoring as many points as possible on each level. 

To do this, Claw has to collect other valuables along the way: golden skulls, crowns, scepters and the like. These tasks “require perfect synchronization”, as Captain claw used to say in the language version of the game.

The World’s Hardest Video Game!


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