This is a Fast Way to Convert PDF To Word on PC Online and Free

This is a Fast Way to Convert PDF To Word on PC Online and Free

When you want to change the agreement letter or work contract file that is still in the form of a PDF document, then you need a converter that can convert the PDF file into Ms Word form.

Well, this time, this techjustify provides recommendations for a fast way to convert PDF to Word online and for free directly from your PC or laptop. 

In addition, you can also use it from an Android phone or iPhone without having to install additional applications.

Indeed, there are many PDF conversion software or applications that can be installed on a PC/Laptop, but all of them are paid and they are not cheap. 

There are also those who outsmart it by downloading pirated software which we can easily get for free, but it can harm your PC because it can easily be attacked by dangerous viruses or malware.

Instead of spending a lot of money to buy a license or download pirated software that is dangerous because it can carry viruses, it’s better for you to use a free PDF to Words conversion service. 

You can use it without a limit on the number of files and downloads, besides that there are no ad distractions in the process which makes us comfortable.

In addition, online services like this are perfect for those of you who want an instant method, especially the PC/Computer or Laptop you are using is already too full of applications in it.

If you force to install the application again, it can be fatal and the performance can be slower.

How do I convert PDF to Word for free?

  • Featured Features
  • Tutorial Convert PDF to Word

Featured Features

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There are at least 9 main features of PDF to Words that can help you convert PDF document files to Microsoft Word quickly, namely:

100% Free Service

This is a PDF to Word Converter that you can use for free without installing it on a PC/Laptop or Smartphone. You can quickly access all the features in it at no cost and unlimited document sizes because most sites that provide PDF to Word conversion services limit the size of the PDF file you want to convert.

Can be used on all devices

You can freely use the service from various devices and are also free to use any browser, because this PDF conversion service is compatible on all devices. Simply by connecting to an internet connection, you can easily edit PDF files directly from your Smartphone (Android / iPhone), Windows PC / Laptop or Mac.

Fast Process

In just a few seconds, the PDF file that you convert can already be edited from MS Word. In addition, you can also have the desired format.


The results of the conversion are guaranteed to be of much better quality than other converter sites.

On line

Without having to download and install software, you can quickly convert PDF files to Word online.


The PDF file you convert will be encrypted by SSL, so you don’t have to worry about file leaks and make sure that other people won’t be able to open it without your permission.

No Register

Only by accessing the website, you can immediately use the service without the need to register/create an account first.

Without Login via Gmail

Don’t be confused if you don’t have a Gmail account, because here without having to login using a Gmail account, you can directly access the pdf to word conversion service.

Limitless time

No need to worry about the daily limit on the number of files that can be converted, here you can freely arbitrarily how many PDF files you want to convert.

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Well, those are the excellent features that PDF to Words has. Oh yes, this conversion tool not only converts to Word files, there are many options that you can try or adjust to your needs, such as PDF to Word, Powerpoint, Excel, or vice versa from Word to PDF, Excel to PDF or Powerpoint to PDF.

Tutorial Convert PDF to Word

How to use it is also quite easy and fast, but for those of you who are still confused, here is a tutorial for converting PDF files to Word online without additional applications.

 Convert PDF to Word
  1. Previously, make sure the device you are using (PC/Laptop/Mac/Smartphone) is connected to the internet
  2. Prepare a PDF document file that you want to edit / convert to a file in the form of Ms Word
  3. Open a browser and go to the PDF to Word Converter site then click the “Select Document” button
  4. Find the document file stored on your PC or Laptop that you want to convert to Word
  5. Wait a few moments for the conversion process and when finished click the “Download” button to save the document file in Word form from the conversion.
  6. Click “More” if you want to convert another PDF file again.

The most interesting thing about this site is that there is an iLove PDF to Word service that you can access for free. 

The function is also the same as what techjustify describes here, namely converting PDF files to Word online. Simply by selecting the document, the file will automatically be converted to a Ms Word document.

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