How to Unblock Instagram at School in 2024 [Access Works]

How to Unblock Instagram at School

Instagram Unblocking : How to Unblock Instagram at School – School students use Instagram to post stories, share photos, watch videos, and connect with their friends and family.

Unfortunately, some schools are looking down upon the use of Instagram inside the school premises. They don’t want the students to hamper their studies and access Instagram when they are inside the school. But let us know how to get past all these restrictions and access Instagram via a VPN. It’s recommended to use Instagram sensibly inside the school.

With that said, let’s start by seeing how a VPN can help us unblock and access Instagram at school.

How can a VPN help to get access to Instagram at School?

You must be curious about how a VPN can allow you to use Instagram at School. So, how can a VPN help? It will enable you to access the internet rather informally by establishing your network connection via a distant and secure server. In the process, your IP address changes momentarily along with the country code. Now, you defy these restrictions easily & access Instagram from your school.

There are many obstacles such as many geo-restricted barriers and the prohibitions created by your school. A VPN can be pretty effective at unblocking websites because it is essentially a cybersecurity tool.

Why do schools block access to Instagram?

Schools and other educational institutions tend to block students from Instagram access as they don’t want the students to become victims of cyberbullying, gossiping, or access to inappropriate materials that can violate school guidelines.

However, Instagram can be awesome in free periods in schools, as we get to talk with our friends and connect with others to share our projects, post stories or just take some time off from studies through Instagram.

So, accessing Instagram becomes important for doing these activities.

To Unblocked Instagram while at school, follow these steps:

  • Get NordVPN by clicking here.
  • Install the app on your phone or laptop.
  • Access a server in the USA
  • Enjoy unrestricted Instagram access

How do schools block access to Instagram?

Typically, schools or workplaces use a variety of techniques to restrict access to Instagram and other social media platforms. Some of the common strategies include:

1) IP Blocking: Schools can block particular websites’ IP addresses to restrict access to their network.

2) URL Blocking: Schools can prevent kids from directly accessing a website by preventing certain URLs.

3) Keyword Blocking: They block specific keywords to restrict access to certain websites.

How to use a VPN to unblock Instagram at school?

You can follow these steps to unblock Instagram at School by using a VPN.

 1) Create a VPN account by using a reputable VPN service such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or any other VPN of your choice.

2) Download and install it on one of your devices.

3) Log in to the credentials by using your VPN program.

4) Choose a server from a location where Instagram is non-restricted.

5) Establish the VPN connection by clicking on the connect button.

6) Open your browser after the connection is established and access Instagram. Your IP will be hidden giving the impression that you’re connecting the website from a different place.

Although you’ve seen how to access Instagram by using a VPN there are educational institutions that have sophisticated software and other mechanisms to identify VPN traffic.

You need to do some careful research before considering a VPN service so that you can evade or at least circumvent these sophisticated mechanisms.

How to choose a VPN for unblocking Instagram?

You can stay protected and access restricted websites if you can use a VPN or (Virtual Private Network). Choosing a good VPN is difficult because of the unlimited number of VPN services available online. So, let’s discuss the points to consider before choosing the best VPN for unblocking Instagram at school.

1) Privacy

VPNs can maintain a level of security when users are online. It can mask the IP, make you virtually invisible, your network impenetrable. However, there could be data leaks due to server drops. Choose only the secured VPNs with trustworthy security and zero tolerance for data leaks.

2) Speed

Choosing a VPN service with a solid reputation for great performance is important. Why? Because connecting to a VPN with distant servers can slow down your internet connection. So, you need to check out the speed before buying a VPN service.

3) Robust encryption

A VPN should have strong encryption. Having strong encryption will enable one to send the online data into a code that the recipient can decipher. It is the primary component of staying hidden online. It is best to select a VPN with next-generation encryption ensuring the greatest level of anonymity against nefarious cybercriminals and spammers.

4) Easy setup

Essentially, you must choose a VPN with an easy-to-use interface and which is already been configured. It will spare time and will connect to your network very easily. You will have easy access to many devices so choose a service that offers VPN services to the prevalent operating systems.

4) Concurrent connections

You must use a VPN with multiple device connections in case you’ve many devices at home. A good number of concurrent connections will enable you to switch seamlessly between devices you use for leisure and work purposes without needing to detach from one device to connect to another.

Best VPNs for accessing Instagram

There are many free and paid VPNs out there in the market but you must choose a VPN service that is best in terms of security and privacy, speed, and that comes with an easy-to-use interface.  The VPN should also be compatible with the device it is being used with, so it’s important to run a compatibility check before considering a VPN service.

Some of the best VPNs you may choose to use for unblocking Instagram at school: –

1) NordVPN

image 4

– Due to its enormous network of servers, NordVPN has become one of the finest VPN services that can be utilized to unblock Instagram at school.  Due to its wide server coverage, you may bypass geo-blocks and can access your Instagram profile easily.

–   It also has military-grade encryption with cutting-edge security mechanisms that set it apart from its competitors. It comes with robust encryption technology commonly known as AES-256 encryption.

–  It also offers a variety of security protocols including OpenVPN and IKEV2/IPSEC. 

– NordVPN offers a tight no-logs policy that further increases the reputation of this top VPN for unblocking Instagram. So, with this, you may expect complete privacy while surfing your favourite social media sites.

2) SurfShark

image 5

– SurfShark is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps users to navigate with ease. Due to that, it is easy to unblock Instagram from the school Chromebook.

– It has around 3500 servers in 65 countries so it can provide users with high-speed connection. If you want to experience hassle-free content streaming and browsing on Instagram, get SurfShark.

– Your privacy is also protected with its no-logs policy. It does not track your browsing history or collect any personal information from your online activity. So, you can use Instagram on your school Chromebook as your privacy is completely taken care of by SurfShark.

3) ExpressVPN

– You can undoubtedly count on ExpressVPN to unblock Instagram. It’s been tested and they show that it can offer fast speed and compatibility with both PC and phone.

– It has more than 3000 servers over 94 nations, so you can effortlessly have unrestricted access anywhere in the world. It can keep your ISP hidden because most of its servers will be encrypted.

– This VPN has AES 256-bit encryption so you can use it to avoid network firewalls and geo-restrictions.

– ExpressVPN provides you with five concurrent connections to browse Instagram simultaneously on the PC and mobile devices.

4) Atlas VPN

– Atlas VPN has a sizable server network dispersed across numerous countries globally. Users can easily circumvent geo-restrictions and access Instagram without trouble.

– It comes with military encryption technology employing AES or Advanced Encryption Standard of 256-bit key length. It helps you to defy hackers and scammers and have a safe browsing experience online.

– It is also renowned for its user-friendly interface and easy navigation with its strong security features and platform compatibility.

– AtlasVPN provides excellent 24/7 customer service to help users with any of their queries related to their VPN account. The support could be contacted through various means such as live chat and email to ensure that their questions and issues are effectively answered. 

Alternative Ways to Unblock Instagram at School

If using a VPN does not seem to be a viable option for you, then here are some alternative ways to Unblock Instagram at School.

1) Proxy website

A proxy website can help you access Instagram on your school Chromebook by acting as an Intermediary between your PC and the Internet connection.

2) Chrome Extension

Some Chrome extensions may also come in handy when accessing Instagram on your school Chromebook. Several other extensions are there that can help you to bypass Instagram in a hassle-free way.

3) Android Emulator

You can use Instagram on your school Chromebook with every feature similar to that of an Android smartphone by utilizing an Android Emulator. However, it is noteworthy that an Android emulator uses a lot of system resources and could affect your Chromebook performance.


Although schools have put immense restrictions on using Instagram and other social media apps inside their premises, still there are many ways to circumvent these restrictions as discussed in the article. In this way, you can easily utilize Instagram on your device. While using these techniques to defy restrictions can be fun, it is important to balance your social media exposure and academics sensibly and respect any academic institution’s restrictions.

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