7 Best Video Calling Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Top video calling apps on Android and iPhone

Best Video Calling App for Android and iPhone – Video calls are undoubtedly the best way to get in touch with friends and family when you can’t see them in person, as they allow us to interact with them by sharing audio and video simultaneously. 

In this guide, we will show you which are the best video calling App on Android and iPhone applications currently available in the stores.

Being always connected has radically changed the way people communicate: starting from voice messages up to Instagram Stories, one of the advantages of the Internet is precisely that of shortening the distances that separate us from our interlocutor.

Best video calling App for Android and iPhone

These are the best group video call app:

  •  Google Duo
  •  Skype
  •  Whatsapp.
  •  Telegram
  •  Facebook Messenger.
  •  Microsoft Teams.
  •  FaceTime
  •  Alternative applications for video calls

Best apps to make video calls on Android and iPhone

So let’s see which are the best video call apps that we have specially collected for you. Some of them may be old acquaintances, but you will be amazed at others.

Google Duo

Google Duo

As many of you may know, Google churns out tons of productivity and entertainment apps, yet many of them end up being stacked. 

Google Duo, on the other hand, is a very interesting app – probably the best in its category – which allows you to make free video calls to any user subscribed to the service, regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android smartphone. 

Being an application designed exclusively for this purpose, Google Duo boasts of very high-quality videos both incalls and in video messages, in which it will be possible to access a large number of effects and filters

Among the other most interesting features we find Knock Knock, which allows you to preview the video before you can answer the call. Video calls are currently limited to 32 participants.

DOWNLOAD  Google Duo


Microsoft is optimizing Skype for low end Android phones 1

Skype is perhaps the best-known and most used service when it comes to video calling. Over time the competition has become fierce, but Microsoft has continued to work to increase the quality of the service by enriching it with new functions. 

In the world of professionals and those who work on the web, Skype is a tool used very frequently and which supports calls up to 100 people

A very powerful software, which works on the most disparate platforms (web, iOS, Android) and therefore can be considered one of the best programs for making video calls



Whatsapp calling 1

One of the very first applications that we are going to install on our smartphone is WhatsApp, the famous messaging service that has also been making video calls for some time. 

This is the simplest option to reach your friends and relatives, as the probability that they will use this app is very high. 

Currently, WhatsApp allows you to make video calls to up to eight people, but it is not possible to access it using the web version or the one designed for PCs and laptops.

DOWNLOAD | Whatsapp


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2020 highlighted the need to communicate face to face, and for this reason, also the highly appreciated Telegram messaging service integrates a system for making video calls on both Android and iOS. 

You can initiate a video call from your contact’s profile page, and turn the camera on or off at any time during voice calls. 

Like all other video content on Telegram, video calls support picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to scroll through chats and be multitasking while maintaining eye contact. 

Of course, video calls are also protected with end-to-end encryption, for confirmation just compare the four emojis shown on the screen with those of the other party. 

Video calls will receive more features and improvements in future releases, meanwhile, the Telegram team is in the process of launching group video calls.

DOWNLOAD | Telegram

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger reactions teaser 001 1

Facebook Messenger is another application that is most likely already installed on your smartphone and that will allow you to connect with a large number of friends and relatives. 

So why download another one when you can use the Facebook service? In addition to the possibility of accessing numerous filters and effects to be used during the call, Messenger allows you to connect up to 6 people together.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms Manage

Suppose you are a university student or work in a company in step with the times. In that case, it will surely have happened – especially in the last period – to come across Microsoft Teams, a multiplatform service from Redmond that allows, among many other things, to make video calls. 

Once a team has been created or added – whether it be with your friends, colleagues, or teachers – it is possible to make video calls up to 250 people. 

You got it right, this tool is the best in terms of capacity and also allows you to chat and share files of any kind very easily.

DOWNLOAD | Microsoft Teams


face time 1

If you are an Apple user and use any of the company’s products, we recommend that you use Facetime, a pre-installed program that allows you to make and receive video calls from all those who have an Apple ID and who use the service. 

The quality of the service is excellent and up to 32 people can participate, although it is an exclusive reserved only for Apple users.

DOWNLOAD | FaceTime on the App Store

Alternative applications for video calls

If you are not satisfied with the applications we have already shown you, we list a series of equally excellent services that allow you to make video calls:

Video chat app free calling

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