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VidMate Cash App Review 2022

VidMate Cash App Review 2023 | Earn Money – Thanks to the sophistication of today’s technology, we can get rupiah, Rupees coffers by only using phones. Besides being able to be used to make extra money, Vidmate Cash can also be used as an application to download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, and several other social media.

You just need to prepare your cellphone with the internet, do some tasks and events that have been provided by Vidmate Cash.

Don’t worry, even for beginners, the task given is relatively easy. For those who are curious about this money Earning application, please follow the article to the end.

Making money is also one of the things that can be done with an Android phone. There are various ways to earn money from the internet, such as becoming an influencer by utilizing social media, monetizing a blog or YouTube channel, teaching online, selling online in the marketplace and on social media and so on.  

VidMate Cash Money Earning App Review

Apart from what was mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the other ways to make money through smartphones is through money Making apps. This article will discuss one of the money Earning apps with a very easy way of working. The app is VidMate Cash. Here’s how the money Earning application works and how to withdraw funds from VidMate Cash. 

What is Vidmate Cash?

Vidmate Cash is an application that has features to download music and videos from various well-known platforms, from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and other platforms.

That way, you can enjoy music or videos offline. The results of the download will go to the phone gallery you have.

How to download videos from Youtube is not as complicated as you think, when watching one of the videos on YouTube with Vidmate Cash, the Download button that has been provided will appear later.

Not only that, Vidmate Cash provides a point system, where users who actively complete the missions provided will get compensation in the form of points.

When you have accumulated a lot of points, you can exchange them into e-wallet balances such as Paytm, Gopay and DANA.

How to Download and Register Vidmate Cash Application

Actually, how to download and register for the vidmate cash application is already available on the internet.

You can download the Vidmate Cash application through the official website.

Please follow the steps below to download and register an account on the Vidmate Cash money-making application.

  • Open your favorite browser, I recommend using the Chrome app
  • Visit Vidmate Cash money Earning app site
  • Press the Install Now or Install Now button on the website’s home page
  • Wait for the download process to complete
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” feature in settings
  • Open the downloaded file and install it

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Vidmate Cash application

How the Vidmate Money App Works

The VidMate money making app has a very easy way of working. But before explaining further, of course you need to install the VidMate Cash application first. Please visit the VidMate Cash website and download the apk file. After the application is finished installing, open the VidMate Cash application. 

The way to earn money from this money-making application is to do the tasks in the cash-earning menu. There are various tasks that you can do every day on the menu.

Some jobs or tasks that you can do include doing daily check-ins, watching advertisements, installing applications according to instructions, playing games, and entering invitation codes.

Examples of tasks in VidMate Cash

Each type of work has a coin reward of different values. For example, daily check-in is priced at 400 coins. Then enter the invitation code is worth 600 coins. Watching ads is rewarded with 100 coins and so on. Every 10 coins is worth Rp1, thus 1000 coins is Rp100 and To earn 1 Indian rupee, you must collect 10,000 coin awards.

Missions in Vidmate Cash

After successfully installing the Vidmate Cash application, the next step is to create an account.

  • First, run the Vidmate Cash application that was installed earlier
  • Press the Register button to create a new account on the app
  • You can create a new account with Facebook, Google, or phone number
  • Then, you will be asked to enter some required data
  • Follow all the commands provided by the application
  • Done

After successfully creating a vidmate cash account, you will automatically get a bonus commission of several coins.

However, these coins cannot be cashed out immediately, but must be added by completing existing missions until the withdrawal threshold.

Vidmate Cash App Advantages

After successfully creating a new account in the vidmate cash application, it doesn’t feel right if you don’t know some of the advantages of this application.

It is hoped that after knowing the advantages of this application, it can make you more confident using the vidmate cash application to get rupiah, Rupees coffers.

1. The tasks given are classified as easy

The tasks given by the vidmate cash application are quite easy, you just need to do some of the tasks that have been provided.

One of the tasks provided is to carry out daily attendance, each completed task will receive compensation in accordance with the provided provisions.

2. There are also Video Ads Watch Missions

This is interesting! so that the process of getting points can be faster, you can take advantage of the mission to watch advertising videos.

Each ad that is watched will get a predetermined point compensation.

These points can later be converted into e-wallet balances

Finally, the minimum withdrawal of points on the Vidmate Cash application is only Rp. 2000 and  minimum of 50000 coins worth at least 5 INR may be cashed out. That way, you don’t have to wait long enough to make a withdrawal.

3. Withdrawing Points Into Easy Money

The method of withdrawing points into money can be transferred to E-Wallets such as Paytm, Gopay and DANA.

How to withdraw money from VidMate Cash

After successfully collecting coins, you can withdraw coins from doing task activities in VidMate. The minimum disbursement is 20,000 coins which means Rp. 2000 and In India you can Withdraw minimum 50,000 coins means 5 INR. The procedure for withdrawing funds is as follows:

Fund withdrawal stages

  • First, open the VidMate Cash application, then click the menu for cash.
  • In the balance display section there is a “Withdraw” button.
  • Click the “Withdraw” button
  • If you have not registered to have an account, you will be asked to register first, then verify and finally you can withdraw the balance you have.
  • Withdrawals can be made to your GoPay or DANA account. 
  • You can withdraw funds every time your balance still meets the withdrawal threshold, which is a minimum of IDR 2000.

Is the VidMate Cash App Safe?

Of course, before choosing an application we must be careful, lest applications with the lure of money actually harm us. VidMate Cash is so far safe and proven to pay its users. There have been no reports of people harming this application.

The VidMate Cash application is not available on the PlayStore, but that does not mean the application is not safe. Furthermore, you can search YouTube and blogs on the internet to see people’s reviews about this application.

Is the VidMate Cash App Worth it?

This application does provide a small reward, but this is okay, still balanced with the ease of assignments in the application. Moreover, for more complex tasks, the rewards are greater than simple and easy assignments. So the effort made is still directly proportional to the rewards obtained.

This kind of application is perfect for young people who have a lot of time to interact with their gadgets. Instead of being bored with the same internet activities, it’s better to install the VidMate Cash application and earn money from holding your gadget. 


It can be concluded that the way the VidMate Cash application pays its users is through performing tasks provided by the VidMate Cash application. Then the withdrawal of funds can be done through Paytm, GoPay and Dana, with a minimum withdrawal of Rp. 2000, 5 INR and users must register and verify data first before withdrawing funds. 

This is how the use of the VidMate Cash application works and how to withdraw funds to a GoPay or Dana account. It’s time to use the internet more wisely and productively.

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