11 Best DJ Apps For Android in 2023

Best DJ Apps For Android

11 Best DJ Apps For Android in 2023 – When we talk about DJs or Disk Jockeys, our minds will automatically imagine a super big DJ set with lots of tools and functions like you usually see in movies. But, have you ever wondered how to fit all those super big DJ devices into a smartphone?

Instead of having to spend a lot of money and spend a lot of time using traditional methods, you can produce music just by tapping the Phone screen. There are some recommendations for the best DJ apps for Android that you should try.

Do not think and think that the application will produce poor music quality. With this application, you can get a simpler way of learning to remix music, especially for those of you who are still beginners. Curious? Come on, see the direct review below!

Best DJ Apps For Android

Edjing Mix

The first pick of the best DJ apps for Android that shouldn’t be missed is Edjing Mix.

Edjing Mix consists of two versions, free and paid. If you want to use more features, of course you need to use the premium version. It’s different if you don’t have a budget and are satisfied with the free version, it’s still good enough to increase your knowledge of learning to be a DJ.

In addition to presenting basic features, you will also see more advantages in this one application.

An excellent feature of Edjing Mix which is a favorite is the direct connection with Deezer (music app) which has a music library of up to 16 samples. You can use this sample to sync two music tracks at once. Apart from that, you can also access SoundCloud from Edjing Mix.

Edjing Mix also has turn-table and crossfader tools as well as a feature to upload your own music directly from this application.

Download Edjing Mix

Music Maker Jam

One of the best DJ apps for Android that you can get on the Play Store is Music Maker JAM. Thanks to its quality, this application manages to be placed at the top of the popular most downloaded list.

Music Maker JAM has almost the same functionality as a typical DJ set. It is not inferior to the DJ application on PC , with this application you can make beats, record sounds, add effects, and there are many additional sound options that you can choose according to your needs.

While you can use the free version, you will get more advanced features by purchasing the premium (paid) version.

Another advantage of Music Maker JAM is that this application can not only be used for DJs, you can also record your own original compositions very easily and quickly.

Download Music Maker Jam

Cross DJ

Not much different from Music Maker JAM, Cross DJ also occupies the top position in the list of the best DJ apps for Android.

Cross DJ is an application that is accurate in detecting BPM (Beats Per Minute). Apart from that, the app has cool features like track synchronization and beat editing grids. Not only that, Cross DJ is equipped with five levels of pitch bending (4, 8, 16, 32, and 100%).

This application is paid. You can get more complete features with in-app purchases. Sample track, automatic mixer, and external mixer support are some of the features that you must purchase before you can use it.

By purchasing the features you want, you will automatically get rid of annoying ads and be able to access more features.

Cross DJ is indeed a solid application to help you pursue your passion for becoming a famous DJ.

Download Cross DJ


Actually, at first Djay was made for iOS users. But as this app is getting more and more popular, developers are making its Android version. Sure enough, it didn’t take long to make this application popular on two types of smartphone operating systems.

The main reason for its popularity is because of its direct integration with Spotify . Thanks to this, you will have a large selection of songs to remix.

Djay also comes with basic DJ functions like auto-remix, effects, replay, pitch mix, cue points, and much more.

If you want to produce cool music like Steve Aoki or Alan Walker, Djay is the right app for you to use.

Download Djay

DiscDJ 3D Music Player

With more than 5 million downloads, DiscDj 3D Music Player deserves to be included in our list of the best DJ apps for Android. Many like this application because it manages to minimize the extraordinarily complicated DJ settings into one full-featured portable device.

With this app, you don’t need to carry a heavy DJ set, but just one smartphone and you’re ready to make the best DJ music anytime and anywhere.

DiscDj 3D Music Player makes it easy for you to import sound files and mix them with a complete built-in interface and tools in one application. Even though it is equipped with an interface that is quite difficult for a beginner like you to learn, over time, you will definitely be able to master this application.

Download DiscDJ 3D Music Player

DJ Party Mixer

One of the best DJ apps for Android that you should consider trying if you want to become a professional DJ is Party Mixer.

With Party Mixer, you can learn DJ knowledge from scratch and start operating the app as easily as possible.

Party Mixer is a very friendly app for new users. Therefore, anyone with any kind of background can try to make music with this app. Popular features that you can try in this app are crossfade, pitch change, tempo change, and even add some sound effects.

Download Party Mixer

DJ Mix Pads 2

DJ Mix Pads 2 should be on this list of the best DJ apps for Android because of its convenience. That’s because anyone can use this app and try to mix several sounds into one perfect piece of music. Thus, even small children who were initially just experimenting and curious could become world-class DJs with DJ Mix Pads 2.

Even if you don’t have any musical background at all, you can still have fun and create new things with this app.

Whether you’re going to start by creating a new sound or taking a shortcut by mixing several sounds together, DJ Mix Pads 2 is perfect for the activity. Since the purpose of the app is for amateur use, find out the best way to make some sounds and develop your skills!

Download DJ Mix Pads 2

DJ Studio 5

If you are looking for a DJ application with complete features, then you can try DJ Studio 5. Just like other applications, DJ Studio 5 has two versions, namely free and paid.

If you use the free version, the features used are of course very limited. Meanwhile, if you use the paid version, you will be free from watermarks. As for the feature itself, you’ll get a variety of sound effects, 10 samples, live mix recording, equalizer, and more.

Uniquely, this application integrates directly with Spotify. If you want more powerful performance, you can also install a hardware controller to work with this application.

Download DJ Studio 5


This app developed by Pioneer DJ is built with standard DJ equipment features which are quite helpful. WeDJ will produce the best DJ experience for you who are still in the learning stage.

By using this application, you can play and remix music that you store on your smartphone. Then, with performance features and additional FX, you can create your own music.

In addition, there are several other features, such as 2-channel, beat sync, pre-cueing, and crossfader. To play a track, you can choose between playing in a loop or playing based on the beats you have set.

Edits, not finished yet. You can also automate and record your music for re-listening or sharing with others.

Download WeDJ

Professional Piano & DJ Mixer

Professional Piano & DJ Mixer is a multifunctional app that can mix virtual DJ mixers, Dubstep Drum Pads, and piano functions all at once.

This application is like a virtual DJ studio which is very simple and easy to use especially for beginners. Uniquely, you can mix DJ music mixers with the sounds of piano, guitar, organ, saxophone, and various other musical instruments.

Professional Piano & DJ Mixer has amazing sound and music loops and 15 best electro discs. You can record all sound mixes with the ‘Record’ feature, then save the results on your smartphone or on your SD card.

Download Professional Piano & DJ Mixer

Super Pads

Super Pads is a free DJ app that lets you play famous songs and produce your own music. This app functions like a launchpad, but there are hundreds of tools available that can produce the beats of your music to your liking.

You can import sounds and create your own music like a professional DJ. With Super Pads, you can make music in a fun way!

Well, that’s our recommendation for the best DJ application. Some of the best DJ apps for Android on the list above don’t require any basic knowledge of music to use

Download Super Pads

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