What is Link Juice and its SEO Importance

What is Link Juice and its SEO Importance

What is Link Juice and its SEO Importance – When studying SEO, you may be acquainted with a term called link juice. What does this really mean? So how does this work and what are the benefits?

In simple terms, link juice is a term that refers to the SEO value of a link or hyperlink that will be passed from one web page to another. This is a non technical factor in SEO optimization . Some people call this technique also by the name of link equity .

In practice, this technique will be a differentiator from a web. An example is if there are two webs, web A and B which have the same value. If website A has one link pointing to its website while website B has no link then search engines will rate website A better, this will make website A have a better ranking as well.

In this case, link juice also applies to backlinks, internal links, and external links. If you look further, the quality of each link will also affect the quality of this technique later.

If you look at how it works, link juice itself will work like voting . That is, the more incoming links from a website it will automatically increase the ranking of the website itself. 

In this case, if website A has a link to website B, then website A will provide a link to website B. This makes website B get a better position in search engines. From this it can be seen that a website that receives many incoming links will increase the visibility of its own website.

But what needs to be understood is that not all websites that enter into link juice will have the same value. This will also relate to the website itself. One website that gets all the backlinks from other websites will be better. Rather than a web that gets some links from other webs.

The scheme above will show if it doesn’t always have a lot of backlinks or incoming links it will be better. In this case, the quality of the incoming link itself will determine. Examples are like

If there are 2 websites, namely web A and B. The website gets 3 inbound links from 3 different sites, let’s say Web X, Y, and Z. Which, web X, Y, and Z only has 1 outbound link and only all the outbound link goes to site A.

While on the other hand, web B only gets 1 incoming link from 1 web, let’s call it web W. In this condition, web W itself only has 1 outbound link and all of them go to web B.

If the value of each link is 100 percent, then based on the above scheme, web A gets a value of 300 percent while Web B only gets 100 percent. This makes web A superior.

Another scheme that can happen is that web A receives 3 incoming links from 3 different sites, let’s call it Web X, Y, and Z. But in this scheme, web X, Y, and Z each have 4 outbound links , one of which is each of these outbound links point to site A.

While web B only receives 1 inbound link from 1 site, let’s call it web W. Web W itself only has 1 outbound link and all of them point to web B.

If 1 outbound link is worth 100 percent, then one incoming link to web A is only worth 25 percent. That’s because web A only receives 1 out of 4 links that come out of each web. This means that web A only has 75 percent.

While web B gets 1 incoming link from 1 outgoing link . That means web B gets 100 percent link juice . In this scheme, even if the number of inbound links is less, the value of web B will be superior.

Benefits of Using This Technique

At first glance, the main benefit of this link juice will be related to increasing search engine rankings. This will be related to the better incoming links you get, the better ranking on search engines you will get.

In addition, several other benefits of applying this method include:

  • Increase website visibility
  • Increase the trust flow of a website

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The main thing to get good link juice is the quality of the incoming links themselves. That means, not all incoming links will have the same quality.

The first thing you can do to optimize link juice is to make sure the incoming links are of good quality. Pay attention and make sure that the incoming link does not contain SPAM and so on.

Another thing you can do to optimize link juice is to maximize the internal links you have. This is the easiest and most effective way to get better link juice.

Although it is non-technical, the use of link juice is important enough to make a difference. If the value of each website is the same, then this link juice factor will be influential enough to be able to increase the ranking of the website you have. This is why optimizing link juice is important for you to do.

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