Dofollow vs Nofollow Links in SEO: What is Differences You Need to Know

Dofollow vs Nofollow Links in SEO

Dofollow vs Nofollow Links in SEO: What is

Differences You Need to Know – Search Engine Optimization or SEO abbreviation is an internet system that is very important for publishing a website. SEO can help your site to be more readable by search engines like Google and Bing. However, the site needs the help of a feature called dofollow; here is the meaning.

What is Dofollow?

A dofollow backlink is an internet address that is linked to your site with the aim of providing additional knowledge references. When a search engine such as Google searches / crawls an internet page, it will check for backlinks on that site.

In that check, the bots that Google puts out will see if the link links to a relevant page or not. This process will put your site into the relevant search index on Google. It will also be easier for readers to find your site every time they go to Google.

The following is the structure of the html backlink that you can see on Blogspot or WordPress :

<a href=”Techjustify url” rel=”dofollow”>TEXT</a>

What is Nofollow?

Nofollow backlinks are the opposite of previous links. If dofollow backlinks can add scientific references and invite readers to your site, nofollow aims to mark links that are not useful. These links can counter the presence of spammy links that may be on your site.

The search engine will issue its bots to crawl your site to its roots. If there is a nofollow link on the site, the bots will ignore the link and not display it on the site. This is to maintain the quality of your site and prevent readers from visiting spammy internet pages.

The structure of the nofollow html link is more or less the same as the reverse backlink, with one difference:

<a href=”Techjustify url” rel=”nofollow”>TEXT</a>

After you read about the meaning of the two types of backlinks, you will now know the three differences they have.

Your site will be checked by search engines when you publish it on the internet for indexing. Therefore, the backlinks contained on the site will also enter the search index as well.

Remember, when a search engine crawls and includes your site in the search index, it will also check the relevance of the backlinks you include. If you include a dofollow backlink on your site, search engines will display that link and make sure that the page address is correct. This is to get readers to the right page when they click on it.

Conversely, if there are nofollow backlinks on the site, search engines will try not to display them. Search engines will mark the link so that it does not appear when readers come to the site.

For example like this; You have a WordPress site that discusses the meaning, types, and tips of investing. The first type of backlink you link will appear and can take readers to a page that contains investment knowledge. 

If the backlink leads to a page that contains investment ads instead of investment science, it will be covered by search engines so it doesn’t show.

Actually there is no limit to the number of backlinks you can link on your site. It’s just that, to maintain the quality of your site, there is a comparison of the number of backlinks that you need to know.

Dofollow backlinks can connect sites that are trusted and relevant to readers, not to mention increase the reputation of the site you own and the one you link to. Therefore, it is recommended that you link backlinks only to really good quality sites. The number should also be more than nofollow links in order to increase your site’s ranking.

But that doesn’t mean you can only enter the first type of backlink. You need to balance the quality of the site by including nofollow links, even if the number is small in order to get a good index ranking.

Why should the number of nofollow backlinks on a site be less than dofollow links? Because readers only want information that matches their search on the internet. Useful backlinks will be able to meet their needs so that they don’t look for information from useless / spam sites.

In addition to increasing readability and search rankings on the internet, these two backlinks are also able to ensure the security of your site. Not all internet pages you link to are necessarily good or relevant to the content of your site.

In dofollow backlinks, usually the pages you link to on the site have been guaranteed quality and security by search engines. Not to mention that they rank high in the search index making them more visible to internet users. By including this link, you can reassure your readers that your site is safe and contains useful information for them.

Internet pages that have inaccurate information, do not fit the topic, and even contain intrusive advertisements are not worthy of reference. Even more dangerous if there is an internet virus lurking on the spam page. Once a search engine detects a spam or malicious link like that, it will cover it up to protect the readers.

And that’s the article that contains a discussion about the meaning of dofollow backlinks and the difference between it and nofollow. If you intend to link a link on your site, make sure that the link is safe so as to increase the trust of readers in your site.

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