What is Norton 360 For Gamers, What are its Features?

What is Norton 360 For Gamers, What are its Features?

What is Norton 360 For Gamers, What are its Features?Norton 360 For Gamers is one of the most popular and innovative programs of recent times. 

This program, specially developed by Norton company, runs smoothly on Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS operating systems. 

Game lovers can optimize their devices and protect their digital gaming assets using this program. This program, specially developed for gamers, also offers its users a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Thanks to the aforementioned return feature, users who are not satisfied with the program can easily get their purchase back. 

Well, what is Norton 360 For Gamers, what are its features, how much is the price?

What is Norton 360 For Gamers?

For Gamers is one of the programs specially developed for game lovers. This program, which has advanced features, can both protect its users from malware and optimize users’ computers.

What are the Norton 360 For Gamers Features?

Norton 360 For Gamers features, developed and made available by Norton company, draw attention. Here are the most basic features of this program developed for game lovers…

  • Users can be protected from all kinds of malware using the For Gamers program.
  • With this program, users can secure their player accounts and digital assets.
  • The For Gamers program can easily and practically eliminate the FPS problems experienced in games.
  • In addition, users can practically optimize their systems with the For Gamers program.
  • In addition to all these, the program also includes the SafeCam feature. Thanks to this feature in the program, users can further increase the security of their webcams.
What is Norton 360 For Gamers, What are its Features?

Is For Gamers Program Free?

The For Gamers program, specially developed for game lovers, can be used for a fee. You can visit the official website of Norton company to purchase the For Gamers program and start using it immediately.

How Much Does Norton 360 For Gamers Cost?

For Gamers, which has advanced features, draws attention with its price. This program, which is offered for sale on the official website of the Norton company, has a price tag of $227.49 first year.

However, Norton company can reduce the price of this program up to $77.87 the first year with special discounts from time to time.

In addition to all these, users can use this program on 3 different devices with a single license. Norton 360 For Gamers has extremely important features, as seen above. 

By purchasing this program, you can secure your game accounts, protect them from malware and optimize your system.

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