What To Do When You Have No Money (Survive in 2024)

What To Do When You Have No Money

What To Do When You Have No Money (Survive in 2024) – Are you out of money this month and don’t know how you’re going to get through the last few days or weeks? Then the first thing you need to do is get a short-term financial injection. In the long term, however, you should take further measures and optimize your spending behavior.

This article explains how this works and what measures you can take to make a little money in the short term.

What To Do When You Have No Money (Survive in 2024)

The month isn’t over yet and your account is already empty? You’re not alone! For many people, there is still too much month left at the end of the money.

In such a case, you first need a quick cash injection to survive the coming days. The following strategies are suitable for making money quickly.

Donate blood or blood plasma

If you have financial constraints, you would do well to donate blood or plasma first. 

Donating blood or blood plasma saves lives and is an easy way to earn extra money.

Women can donate blood four times a year, while men can donate six times a year. The expense allowance per donation is €25 and does not have to be taxed.

You can make more money by donating plasma, as such a donation is possible on a weekly basis for a healthy adult. The donation centers pay an expense allowance of between €27 and €40 per donation.

Plasma donation can take place at the following providers:  

  • Plasma service
  • Octapharma Plasma
  • The plasma donation
  • CSL Plasma

So if money is tight again, head to the blood or plasma donation facility first.

Sell clothing or items

Another way to make a little money quickly is to sell clothes or items.

Platforms like Etsy , eBay , Vinted , Momox or Momox Fashion make selling second-hand goods child’s play today. However, whether the goods on offer can be sold quickly and how much money you can earn from them depends largely on your offer.

Sell homemade items

Are you creative, do you like crafting , knitting or sewing ? Then you can make money with your hobby. It’s easy to sell homemade items on Etsy .

TOP TIP: Digital products such as e-planners, calendars or timetables can also be sold on Etsy. The great thing about it: You only create these products once and can sell them again and again.

If you are not afraid of the fetish scene, you can also sell pictures of feet on Etsy . Buyers of such photos are often foot fetishists – people who have a sexual preference for feet.

Sell used underwear

Women can also get a quick cash injection by selling worn underwear. There is a huge market for what many people find repulsive.

Reputable providers make it possible to sell worn underwear completely anonymously. So you don’t have to meet the buyer of the goods personally.

Offer car sharing

Do you own a car that you don’t use all the time? Then you could quickly earn a little extra money through car sharing.

Car sharing has become particularly fashionable in large cities. If you live there and don’t want to buy your own car, you still have the opportunity to be flexible and mobile through car sharing.

While companies like  Cambio  or  ShareNow  are already well known, only a few people know about the possibility of renting private cars or offering them for rent.

In fact, there are now various providers that enable private individuals to lend out cars and thus earn money with their own car. How much money you can make with such a rental depends largely on your car.

The following portals offer private vehicle rental:

  • SnappCar
  • Getaround
  • Turo

Offer rides

Do you own a car and have to commute every day anyway? Then you could offer rides. You can easily find passengers via apps or online portals.

Carpooling has advantages for everyone involved: While you earn money on the side, you offer others the chance to get from A to B cheaply and comfortably. In addition, you make contacts and get to know interesting people for nice conversations.

You can offer your trips and look for passengers on the following portals:

  • ride share 
  • Commuter portal
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Ride along
  • Carpool
  • Drive2Day
  • Better ride
  • Hitchhikers

Collect bottles

What is often only associated with the homeless is also something that people from regular backgrounds do: collecting deposit bottles. You can make quick money by collecting bottles at popular meeting points or at major events.

To ensure that collecting bottles does not lead to unwanted infections, be sure to wear gloves!

Become a pet sitter

In cities like New York they are already part of the normal cityscape, but in Germany they are almost unknown: dog sitters.

A dog sitter walks other people’s dogs and provides them with food when their owners don’t have time. The earning potential of dog sitting depends heavily on the duration of the care and the number of dogs cared for. A fee of more than €10 per hour is certainly possible.

The following platforms bring dog owners and dog sitters together:

  • rover
  • Linen exchange
  • Gudog

Become a babysitter

Do you like children? Then you could quickly earn a few extra euros as a babysitter. If you don’t know anyone who occasionally needs a babysitter, platforms like bluelabellabs can help you find one.

Help with moves

If you want to earn a little money in the short term, you can also offer yourself as a moving helper. Because those who move often need help. You can find a job as a moving assistant through job portals like

  • my moving helper
  • Study work
  • Helpling

What can you eat if you don’t have money?

People with low incomes sometimes tend to buy the cheapest food. Unfortunately, these foods are often highly processed foods and often have low nutritional content. This means that you are punishing yourself and your body for having little money.

But that need not be! Because there are foods that keep you full for a long time and provide you and your body with important vitamins and minerals.

Cheap, wholesome foods

The following foods are cheap and will keep you full for the long term:

  • potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • oatmeal
  • pasta
  • Frozen vegetables

Save on cooking

If you don’t have much money, you should examine your shopping and cooking habits. There are many tips and tricks with which you can not only save money when shopping , but also be cost-effective in the kitchen.

Food sharing platforms

You can also save money on food by using food sharing platforms . With the help of these platforms, you can save food from the trash can and save your wallet. Food sharing platforms are an absolute win-win situation for all parties.

The following food sharing platforms are popular:

  • Food sharing
  • Olio
  • Too good to go

No more money this month – this is what you should do

The rising prices of the last few months and years are making it difficult for more and more people to make ends meet financially. For many people, there is still too much month left at the end of the money.

If you are also affected by this, you should first choose a strategy that will give you short-term financial breathing room. This means that you should take actions that will bring you a little money quickly and help you make ends meet financially this month.

This could be, for example, donating blood or plasma, selling used or handmade items or services.


If you regularly suffer from financial difficulties due to low income or poor spending habits, you should urgently get a detailed overview of your finances.

To do this, first take a close look at your fixed costs. Which regular costs are really necessary? Is there a way to reduce these costs?

The next step is to track your regular expenses with the help of a budget book. If you start recording all your expenses in writing, you will quickly see an improvement in your own financial situation.

At least you start to actively deal with your expenses and will quickly be able to identify savings potential within this framework.

If you don’t have any money left despite these measures, you should increase your regular income through additional sources of income.

There are various ways to increase your income. In addition to a classic part-time job, you can also think about setting up your own (online) business. There are no limits to your creativity here.

If you take all of these measures, you will get a firm grip on your finances over time.

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