Tinder Shadowban 2024: How to Remove, Fix it

Tinder Shadowban

Tinder Shadowban : How to Remove, Fix it – If you notice a drop in visibility on Tinder or no longer have matches, it’s likely that you have been Shadowbanned. We see what it is, the tests to be carried out, how long it lasts, then the solution to delete and create a new Tinder account without risk.

The first time you installed Tinder the matches kept coming, then you notice that for a few weeks or months, nothing. Your number of matches, messages or likes has significantly decreased or is now even zero. You may be shadowbanned by Tinder’s algorithm.

In this article, we detail what this restriction consists of, how to detect it through tests, as well as the solution to resolve this problem. We will finally seehow to reset your Tinder account and get out of a shadowbanthrough a complete tutorial.

What is Tinder Shadowban?

Unlike the classic ban, a shadowban on Tinder means thatyour account has been discreetly restricted by theapplication’s algorithm, without any notification. The problem is that it is therefore not possible to have information relating to this ban, neither concerning its duration (generally definitive), nor its cause.

Concretely, you still have access to your account, can still swipe from one profile to another, but your profile no longer appears in other users’ swipes. Same thing for your likes and messages which are no longer delivered. It is also possible that the Shadowban is moderate and not complete.

Tinder has implemented this system in order to discreetly moderate behavior contrary to the rules of use. Being automatic, it happens in certain cases that these restrictions are not justified.

How do you know if you are Shadowban?

Tinder does not explicitly warn in the event of a shadowban. Users usually realize they are subject to it when they no longer receive matches or their likes and messages no longer generate a response.Tests are possibleto find out if you are shadowbanned.

Signs that your Tinder account is shadowbanned:

  • Your swipes no longer give matches
  • Your likes and messages give little or no response
  • Your profile no longer seems to be highlighted by Tinder

If you think you are shadowbanned, you can performcertain tests to be sure. The easiest way is to ask a friend who also has a Tinder account to search for your profile in their Tinder results, by entering criteria that match you.

Another test is to go to another city or country and check if your profile still doesn’t get any likes. It is also possible to simplychange your geolocation using a VPN, or using the Tinder Passport functionality offered with the Tinder Plus subscription. Finally, the easiest way is to request information from Tinder support.

Quick Fix: If you have been Shadowbanned on Tinder, the only way out is to create a new account with

a new IP addressand using a new phone number. Using a VPN is necessary,

SurfsharkandNordVPNare best suited for this.

Tutorial: How to Remove Tinder Shadowban

Below you will find a complete tutorial of thesolution to bypass a shadowban on Tinderand manage to create a new account without it being detected by the application. The steps to follow are as follows:

Step 1 :

Permanently delete your current Tinder account.

Step 2nd :

Uninstall the application from your smartphone.

Step 3:

Obtain a prepaid SIM card. This will allow your new account to be validated when it is created.

It is otherwise possible to use the cell phone of an acquaintance, or a temporary disposable telephone number (e.g.MyTempSMS) for this step.

Step 4:

Activate a VPN tochange your IP address.SurfsharkandNordVPNare recommended , each of which has a trial period.

Change IP address with Cyberghost

Many make the mistake of connecting to Tinder from their old wifi network or IP address. Knowing that this can be stored for up to 92 days by Tinder, the application can easily detect and instantly ban your new account. It is therefore necessary to activate your VPN each time you use Tinder.

Step 5:

Once your VPN is activated, install the Tinder app again and createa new account. It is recommended to use a new email address (Gmail).

Step 6:

Validate your new account using your new phone number.

Once validated, you will be able to freely complete your profile under a new identity.Tinder will not be able to link it with your previousshadowban account and you will not risk being shadowbanned again (unless you violate the terms of use).

Additional information: As specified in the tutorial, you will not have to reconnect to your old wifi networks, unless you keep your VPN active when using the application. Some also recommend changing your profile photos even if this criterion is not confirmed.

Common Reasons for a Shadowban on Tinder:

In case you don’t know the reason for your Shadowban, we provide you below with the main reasons why Tinder may decide to apply it to your account.

  • Use of bots toautomatically swipeor other methods aimed at fooling the algorithm.
  • Non-compliance with the rules of use: inappropriate behavior, spam, harassment, hateful or sexual comments.
  • Report repeatedby other users.
  • Advertising and promotion of services to users.
  • Suspicious activityor fake account.
  • Inactivity or very occasional use of the application.

If you want to check whether you are shadowbanned or not, the best way is to ask customer support.

How long does a Shadowban last?

Unlike the IP ban which is definitive, the duration of the shadowban is not determined since the algorithm does not even announce it to the user. Generally, an account subject to this restrictionis unlikely to reappear quicklyin search results.

The app needs to “trust” your account again and this can take a long time. A shadowban generally seems permanent even if in some casesthe effect may fade over the months. The visibility of your account will then resume after a few months.

However, there is no point waiting if you are shadowbanned and we therefore advise you to create a new account by following the steps in the previous tutorial.

How to avoid a Shadowban on the new account?

The goal is to make sure that Tinder doesn’t associate your new account with the old one that was shadowbanned. The application therefore retains a certain amount of data concerning your old account, even when it is deleted: IP, telephone, email, first name, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to no longer use this data from your new account. Hence the major benefit of keeping yourVPN activated on Tinderfollowing a shadowban.

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Be careful not to reconnect to your old wifi network without an active VPN. In which case Tinder could detect that you have bypassed your previous ban and restrict your new account.

Why does Tinder use Shadowban?

Rather than clearly banning its users, Tinder increasingly uses shadowban which seems all the more vicious. The reasons for this include the following.

  • Shadowbanning can take place justbefore a permanent ban.
  • This limits the creation of a new account instantly.
  • It’s more discreet, it avoids negative reactions from those concerned.
  • This allows Tinder to keep a user (even if banned).
  • This givesa user a chancebefore a permanent ban.

Finally, the Tinder shadowban is considered as an intermediate sanction, just before the definitive ban by IP.

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