How to Play PS5 Games on Android and iOS

How to play your PS5 on your mobile thanks to remote use

How to Play PS5 games on Android and iOS – Special of on TV, you can more act the PlayStation 5 practicing your mobile, both an Android or an iPhone. The distance doesn’t matter as long as you have a good internet connection:

just set up the PS5, download an app, and link the DualSense to the phone. Without linking the controller it also works.

How to Play PS5 games on Android and iOS

The Christmas gifts are about to be delivered to a lot of houses, surely you are also waiting for that moment. Who knows, you might be lucky for one of the few PlayStation 5 that Sony has managed to distribute. 

Or maybe you already had it, in which case fortune smiled on you well in advance. And now it’s time to transport the PS5 wherever the Christmas celebrations take you, always without physically carrying the console. The mobile will provide the screen.

 PlayStation 5
play PS5 games on Android and iOS

Configure the PS5 to play remotely thanks to your mobile

Ps5 Mobile

Sony released the use of the PS Remote app with the PS3. This app allowed you to use the PlayStation on your mobile, although the option was limited to some Sony Xperia smartphones. 

After the release of remote gaming, the rest of Android, and also iPhones, became portable game consoles. With this background, Sony also included the most recent PS5 within the remote game.

Open the PS5 from the mobile, and play any game that you have installed on the console, it is possible as long as you configure it previously and it has a good Internet connection (the mobile must also have it). 

The previous step to the configuration is to download the PS Remote Play app, it is the one that opens the door to the remote connection with the console, also to the streaming of the games. Start by installing it.

PS Remote Play

Once you have installed PS Remote Play, it’s time to start the process:

ps5 ps4
  • Turn on your PS5 and go to the settings (top gear).
  • Go to ‘System’ and enter ‘ Remote Play ‘.
  • Click on ‘ Activate remote use ‘ so that your mobile can find the PS5 over the Internet and thus access the streaming screen.
  • To be able to ‘wake up’ the console from outside your home go to ‘Power saving’, enter ‘Functions available in sleep mode’ and check the option ‘ Activate power on your PS5 from the network ‘. Make sure to put the console to sleep before you leave if you are going to play from mobile.
  • Click on ‘Link device’. You probably need the eight-number code that will appear.
  • Now open the PS Remote Play application on your mobile and log in with your PSN account.
Ps5 Mobile

Choose to connect to your PS5. The application will search for the console on the Internet. In case it cannot find it (most likely), the app will ask you to enter the eight-digit code that appears in the ‘Pair device’ option on the PS5.

Once PS Remote finds the PS5, your mobile should show the streaming screen. You can do with the practical command, While it is most to link the Dual Sense to the phone to play more Easily. 

To do this, press and hold the ‘Share’ button (left) and the PS button until the control light blinks; search your mobile’s Bluetooth connections for a new game controller; 

Tap on it and the remote will sync with the phone.

play PS5 games on Android and iOS 1

The resolution of streaming video is 720p, it will be shown with sufficient quality if the connections are stable. 

The response between the press and the execution of the command is not bad (it will also depend on the latency of the connection ) and, in general terms, it gives more than a fix if you are not at home. It is worth having it set up if you plan to play outside.

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