Why does my website not show up in Google Search

Why does my website not show up in Google Search

Why does my website not show up in Google SearchWe are striving for the top of Google and Yandex search results, but at first the site is not visible in search engines: why this is happening – let’s figure it out from the position of SEO.

Every business wants to know the fastest, most reliable route to the top of the SERPs—that’s the million-dollar question that the e-commerce giants would gladly pay. Unfortunately, there is no answer to a million.

If you feel like your site hasn’t been showing up for a long time, or if your results have dropped unexpectedly, consider the following options.

My website not show up in Google Search because it is too early

Webmasters need to be patient when it comes to SEO. You need to do everything right, and they need to be done in order. It takes time to research, develop and implement an SEO strategy, filling the site with quality content.

It will then take even more time for search engines to make changes to the search results. Algorithms will decide if you are of interest to users.

Western experts say that in most cases it takes from four months to a year to implement the right SEO strategy and see its results. It’s hard, but SEO requires patience.

Keywords carry a different meaning

This experience is known to many companies. You write a great article with a keyword that is important to you – for example, you offer an SEO service for website promotion. The page appears in the top, hangs there for a long time and suddenly goes down.

You did nothing, but the page disappeared from the top. If you take a close look at the contents of the first page, you’ll realize that Google doesn’t believe that people searching for the term “SEO” are looking for a studio that offers search engine optimization.

Instead, users are trying to find as much information as possible about what the notorious SEO is. Therefore, Google offers them informational materials.

It’s not you who are “crooked”, unable to make a page for the required word. It’s just that the keyword you’re aiming for means something completely different to the people and the SEO.

You can foresee this by first reading the first page. Otherwise, it remains to buy an ad unit.

The site looks great, but SEO is lame

You paid a lot for a well thought-out and very modern website. In general, the pages look very solid, but for the main keywords, they hopelessly lose to unsightly competitors made on free templates.

Why don’t Google and Yandex appreciate such a luxurious and user-friendly site?

There may be several reasons:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Not enough content
  • Old, irrelevant, obsolete content
  • No blog or other way to constantly update content
  • Empty meta tags, alt images
  • Too complicated navigation

The site is invisible to the Internet as a whole

There are links, and probably always will be. While there are easy ways to get them, some of them can be toxic to your site.

You need a good link mass from different sources. The former should be no-follow, the latter should be really interesting, and the third should be just normal sites.

Buying links is out of the question. It is important to find natural ways to increase the link mass and refrain from actions for which search engines can punish.

Links can cause completely unexpected problems.

You have been seen by the wrong part of the Internet. Imagine that gentlemen not weighed down by morality have chosen your site to inject malicious code, starting to rivet countless links from dubious web resources.

Google easily detects dirty SEO techniques and just as easily imposes sanctions.

If you ranked well, and then the positions fell sharply, you need to check the possibility of a penalty and immediately start fixing the problems. If you receive a manual action report, your site is no longer compliant with Goggle’s guidelines.

What search engines take manual action for:

  • Hacked website: someone uploaded hidden content to you
  • User Generated Spam: Forum and Blog Comments
  • Spam free hosts: a significant proportion of the pages are spam
  • Spammy markup: Markup on the page goes beyond the guidelines, including content that is invisible to users
  • Unnatural links to the site: many links were considered by Google to be artificial, manipulative and fraudulent (including link buying)
  • Unnatural outbound links: same, but now they come from your site
  • Thin content with little or no value
  • Cloaking, including demonstration of different pages of PS and users
  • Pure spam: includes the things mentioned, only more aggressive and open
  • Image cloaking: manipulating images for traffic
  • Hidden text and keyword spamming

You are promoting the site in a spherical vacuum

You treat your site as if it exists separately from the rest. These days, SEO does not exist in a vacuum: it coexists with its neighbors and assistants, such as SMM, content marketing and other promotion methods.

Here we are not just trying to sell ourselves on our other services – search engine optimization is more integrated into other strategies today than it was at any time in the 2000s.

Elements such as time on site, number of clicks, number of online mentions, and social media engagement all affect rankings.

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40 SEO Mistakes that are easy to avoid in 2022

Of course, some influence less, others more. But today, Yandex and Google are considering many more signals than you can publish directly on the site.

We’re not saying that posting regularly on Facebook is directly related to better rankings. We say that the creation of a community in social networks will lead to an increase in popularity and citation – and gradually you will grow in the eyes of the PS.

Competitors do more for SEO

Search engine optimization is no longer a secret Shaolin webmaster technique that competitors have never heard of. This is an integral part of modern marketing, and in every link, in every blog that you do not publish, there is competition.

If you start to think you’ve done enough, there’s bound to be someone who’s actually working. And tomorrow he will show you how SEO is really done.

Remember that SEO is not against Google, but against competitors. We hope you have found the answer to the question Why does my website not show up in Google Search. Every small step is part of a big journey.

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