10 Best 4K & HD Wallpapers Apps for ANDROID

10 Best 4K & HD Wallpapers Apps for ANDROID

Customize your Android mobile with these spectacular HD wallpapers for any Android mobile or Tablet. They are HD Wallpapers of all kinds: abstract, nature, games, models, cars, love, movies, celebrities, retro, sport and much more.

There are some applications that offer a unique customization for each Wallpapers, such as the tone and color of the background, adjust the elements of the image and download the image in the gallery.

Best HD Wallpapers for ANDROID


It is a new application that features wallpapers created by independent designers. Its catalog is updated weekly with typography, photography, abstract, black and white, minimalist, shapes, patterns, vectors, drawings, materials and Premium wallpapers.

DopeWalls – 4K Wallpapers & HD Backgrounds (UHD)

Get in DopeWalls wallpapers in 4k of all the themes you want: Abstract, AMOLED, animals, Architecture, Heroes, Cartoon, mountains, colorful, Women, night, space, urban, etc.

Google Pixel 3 Live Wallpapers

The new Google Mobiles comes with animated backgrounds that you can also install on your mobile by following these steps:

  1. Download the APK files for Android 6.0 or 7.0 and for the Android 8.0 version that contains the Google Pixel 3 Animated Backgrounds.
  2. Download the application Wallpapers by Google.
  3. Open the installed Wallpapers app and look for the ” animated backgrounds ” section where all the Google Pixel 3 backgrounds are.

Mezei Live Wallpaper

With Mezei Live Wallpaper you get everyday wallpaper of works of art by famous painters in history. In addition to being able to adjust the blur, attenuation, and grayscale. It also allows you to select your photos so that they change every day like a new Wallpaper.

Download | Google Play (Free)


A great community that shares your artwork and creations so you can use them as your wallpaper. Find everything from beautiful landscapes to dragons and fictional characters.

The images are organized by tabs and categories.

Download | Google Play (Free)


This app offers you ringtones, wallpapers, and icons for you to personalize your applications, the backgrounds are classified by categories, settings for automatic wallpaper change and many more applications that will help you choose the correct background for your screen.

Download | Google Play (Free)

Wallpapers by Google

Recently Google has decided to launch the Wallpapers application and it is available for all Android devices. Google provides a large number of High-quality Wallpaper and organizes them by categories. One of the favorite categories on EARTH is where you take photos that have been captured with Google Earth.

Download | Google Play (Free)

Tapet – HD Wallpapers

This application generates automatic wallpapers every hour or every day depending on how you require it or you can also generate it yourself, some of its characteristics are: it adapts to the resolution of your screen, it has multiple effects for backgrounds, it does not consume memory, for each version new backgrounds are added .. etc.

Download | Google Play (Free)

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Backdrops Wallpapers

Find hundreds of backgrounds made by our backdrops team, synchronize with multiple devices, you can share your creations as long as they are original and of high quality so that other users can choose them and remember that it is always updated daily with new backgrounds .

Download | Google Play  (Free)

Wallrox Wallpapers

All the backgrounds in this application are designed in 2k with QHD quality and there is no need to update it since Wallrox is based on the cloud, which has a lot of power, find more than 600 funds at your disposal distributed in 16 categories such as: landscapes, gradients, christmas, black and white etc. …

Download | Google Play  (Free)

Backgrounds (Wallpapers for Me)

This app provides you fully customizable HD wallpapers distributed in 10 categories, quick download and also finds dynamic wallpapers for you to change for the period of time you want.

Download | Google Play  (Free)

QHD Wallpapers

Find different categories of backgrounds so that you can choose the one you like the most, you can choose a neutral and solid tone for your wallpaper or simply save the preferred image and add to favorites, this application has more than 200 thousand downloads and is compatible with all devices, download it now!

Download | Google Play  (Free)

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