7 Best Keyboard App For Android in 2023

Best Keyboard App For Android

Best Keyboard App For Android in 2023 – The default Android keyboard or keyboard apps is indeed quite good and has features that are useful for everyday typing activities. But most Android users like a unique or cool keyboard that has a look to their liking.

So most Android phone owners will install another keyboard from the Google Play Store. However, not all keyboard apps on the Google Play Store are of good quality, here are the best keyboard apps for Android for the Techjustify team.

Best Keyboard App for Android



Gboard has everything you could love in a keyboard app. Gboard is one of the fastest keyboard applications on the Play Store with a variety of powerful features such as gestures and voice typing .

This keyboard comes preinstalled automatically on Pixel and Android One devices. Since this is a keyboard app made by Google, the main advantage of this app is its full integration into the Google search engine by suggesting GIFs or emojis as you type.

Also, you can send stickers that you can make yourself if you want.

Speaking of design, this Gboard looks minimalist with Google’s signature Material Design. But you won’t be bored with its minimalistic look because Gboard also provides a variety of themes and you can use photos as keyboard backgrounds.

NameGboard – the Google Keyboard
Total Downloads5 Billion+
Size30 MB
Offered byGoogle LLC
Google Play Ratings4.6

Chrooma Keyboard

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the Chrooma Keyboard app is the collection of eye-catching colors. Moreover, this application has a similar feel to Gboard which is used on almost all Android devices, so you don’t need to adjust for a long time to use Chrooma.

There are various features in it such as word prediction, AI, GIF search, emoji support, one-handed mode and others. Chrooma also has a night mode to reduce blue light when you use it at night.

Even in 2016, Chrooma Keyboard was named the best Android application released that year according to one major site. You could say Chrooma is another version of Gboard that has a more striking appearance, especially if you use an RGB theme.

NameChroma Keyboard
Total Downloads5 Million+
Size22 MB
Offered byLoopsie SRL
Google Play Ratings4.4

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Released in 2010, Swiftkey is one of the oldest apps on the Google Play Store since the Play Store launched in 2008.

This keyboard application continues to grow until it has received various prestigious awards and was finally acquired by Microsoft in 2016.

Swiftkey is considered to be one of the best keyboard Apps for Android and offers various features that Android users love.

Swiftkey uses AI capabilities to predict what words you will type or what you usually type so as to make the typing process faster.

Swiftkey also supports approximately 800 emojis, over 300 languages, the ability to type in 5 languages ​​simultaneously, cloud sync, GIF support and personalized stickers.

NameSwiftKey Keyboard
Total Downloads1 Billion+
Size13 MB
Offered bySwiftKey
Google Play Ratings4.4

Multiling O Keyboard

If you are looking for a lightweight Android keyboard application, then Multiling O can be an option. This application has a size of approximately only 500 KB but is able to offer quite good performance and features. This application is very suitable for use for Android phone .

Although the features provided are not as rich as other keyboard application features, it feels sufficient for a keyboard application.

Multiling O offers common features found in almost all Android keyboard applications such as auto-correction, gestures , swipe to type , themes, emojis and others.

Apart from that, this app also has a built-in calculator, text transformation, custom keyboard layout, split keyboard , floating keyboard and many more. However, you will need to download a plugin to be able to activate most of these features.

NameMultiling O Keyboard
Total Downloads5 Million+
Size573 KB
Offered byHonso
Google Play Ratings4.2

Ginger Keyboard

If the auto-correction feature of other keyboard applications only works on the word we are typing, the auto-correction on Ginger Keyboard will check all the sentences you type.

With key features such as Grammar Checker and Spell Checker , you don’t have to worry about typing mistakes so that the typing process becomes faster and more precise.

This application is also supported by approximately 1000 emojis, emoticons, stickers and GIFs that you can choose from. Don’t forget there are more than 100 themes to choose from.

The thing that is quite interesting in this keyboard application is the presence of games that are already integrated in the keyboard. You can easily play games like Snake, Squash, Sliding Puzzle and others on the keyboard.

NameGinger Keyboard
Total Downloads5 Million+
Size44 MB
Offered byGinger Software Inc.
Google Play Ratings4.5

Fleksy: The Private Keyboard

Fleksy claims to be the fastest keyboard app with cool and fun free themes, emojis, GIFs and stickers. The claim for the fastest keyboard comes from the Fleksy feature, which uses gestures to type and edit.

There are approximately 50 themes available and you can create your own theme according to your taste. One of the themes called Chameleon is able to match the color of the Fleksy keyboard according to the color of the application you are opening.

Fleksy is also supported by an AI called Fleksynext which is able to recommend restaurants, GIFs and emojis while you are typing.

Thingthing Ltd as the developer of Fleksy claims that their app doesn’t spy on you, everything you type will be stored locally on your phone.

NameFleksy: Fast Keyboard
Total Downloads5 Million+
Size31 MB
Offered byThings Ltd
Google Play Ratings4.4

Kika Keyboard

Kika is quite famous as a keyboard application that is able to use our photos as a keyboard background.

Before you use your photo as a background, it would be nice to edit photos on your Android phone first so that your photos look more attractive or reduce the size of the photos to make them easier to use.

In addition to using photos as keyboard backgrounds, Kika also provides a variety of themes that we can choose as we wish. Kika is also equipped with common features in Android keyboard applications such as support for emojis, GIFs and stickers.

There are swipe-to-type, auto correction and word prediction features for faster and more accurate typing. This keyboard app supports more than 60 languages ​​worldwide.

NameKika Keyboard
Total Downloads10 Million+
Size20 MB
Offered byKika AI Team
Google Play Ratings4.6

That’s the list of the best keyboard apps for Android in 2023 that can be downloaded directly on the Google Play Store.

But before that, it’s important for you to know that some of the keyboard applications above will collect the data you type in order to provide personalized services such as text prediction and others.

So there is a possibility that the data will cause privacy issues for you. But there are also apps that claim not to store any data from you like the Fleksy keyboard app.

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