10 Best Proxy Websites For School to Unblock Sites in 2024

11 Best Free Proxy Websites For School [Updated 2022]

Best Proxy Websites For School – A proxy website or proxy site is a website based on a proxy server. The function of a web proxy is as an intermediary in receiving and sending requests for content either on the internet or intranet. 

The use of a web proxy can protect internet user data. This is because internet user data is very vulnerable to being stolen by irresponsible people. 

The number of cases of data theft from the internet is because online data is very easy to hack. Many kidnapping cases begin with the discovery of someone’s data from the internet by criminals. Therefore, online data security is very important. Using a proxy website is an option to keep our data safe while online.

10 Best Proxy Websites For School to Unblock Sites in 2024

Here are the recommended 11 proxy websites:

1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a web proxy that is able to hide the user’s IP address from the destination website. CyberGhost services can be enjoyed for free. The application is an extension for Chrome and Firefox which can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Addons.

After installing the extension, all you have to do is activate it to use it as a free web proxy with a choice of servers from 4 different countries. These countries are Germany, Romania, the United States, and the Netherlands. 

The advantage of using CyberGhost is that CyberGhost does not keep logs of user data. But unfortunately, as a drawback it is not available in the web page version. 

Website address: https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/

2. HideMyAss (HMA)

HMA is also a free web proxy whose service uses SSL encryption features such as Hidester. Apart from being available on web pages, HMA is also available in an extension version for Chrome and Firefox. Users can choose to use the web version or the plugin/extension version.

HMA has 6 servers that users can choose from. These servers are located in New York ( USA ), Seattle (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), and Prague (Czech Republic). But unfortunately, even though there are many servers, users can only use one browser

Website address: https://www.hidemyass.com/

3. Hidester

Hidester is a new free web proxy, but it offers more features than other free web proxies. Equipped with 128-bit features and SSL encryption which makes the data that users send and receive will be encrypted, so that it cannot be read by other parties. 

There are two Hidester server locations, namely on the American continent and on the European continent. But there is no information about the exact location of the country. The advantage is that Hidester guarantees the security of user data, because this proxy server does not store any data from its users.  

Website address: https://hidester.com/proxy/

4. Kproxy

Best Free Proxy Website: Kproxy
Best Free Proxy Website: Kproxy

One of the most popular free web proxies by web proxy users is Kproxy. Kproxy has been serving its users since 2005. Apart from the free version, Kproxy is also available in the pro version. To get Kproxy Pro service, users have to pay a service fee of $10. 

Kproxy has ten servers to choose from. But there is no country information from these servers, so users can’t choose a specific country location. 

In addition, the lack of the free version of Kproxy limits the user’s browsing session to only three hours or up to a quota of 300 MB. Kproxy will also store the user’s IP address, this makes users have to really consider if they will use Kproxy.

Website address: https://kproxy.com/


Best Free Proxy Website: Proxysite
Best Free Proxy Website: Proxysite

Proxysite is a proxy website that is best known by web proxy users. Proxysite can not only be used for browsers, but also for YouTube and other social media. With just the click of a button, you can open social media sites, without having to type in the entry column.

In Proxysite users can choose a proxy server from America or Europe. Using this proxy, users can control script cookies, objects, and block ads on a website. In addition, it is also possible to set the place when using this proxy.

Some of the features of the proxy sites are unblocking certain sites, unblocking YouTube, unblock proxy, and unblocking videos.

Website address: https://www.proxysite.com/


Best Free Proxy Website: Croxyproxy
Best Free Proxy Website: Croxyproxy

Croxyproxy is a free web proxy service in the form of a website with a search box available. Its search feature can not only be used to type in the URL of the destination website, but also for keywords as in the search engine  search box .

Croxyproxy also has an extension version for Chrome and Firefox. It also features SSL extensions and permalinks. The existence of permalinks allows users to share the websites they visit. But the link is only active for three hours. The drawback is that this proxy will keep the URL data visited in a log for 30 days.

Website address: https://www.croxyproxy.com/


Megaproxy states that its free web proxy service is very safe to use, because it is difficult to detect by popular websites. In addition, Megaproxy also not only hides the user’s IP address, but also hides the browser and operating system that the user uses. 

The advantages of Megaproxy can access YouTube easily and better than other free web proxies. But the drawback is that users are limited to only being able to open 60 website pages in five hours. For users who need longer pages and time, this is certainly an obstacle that is not comfortable.

Website address: https://www.megaproxy.com/


Privoxy is a free web proxy that features a multi-user network. The benefits of this feature can be used by many users at once in one network. Features like this are rarely provided by other free web proxies. 

Disadvantages of Privoxy users have to download the software if you want to use it. Then it is necessary to configure the browser used by the user by following the instructions on the website.

Website address: https://www.privoxy.org/

Hotspot Shield

The security of Hotspot Shield makes it widely chosen by its users. Hotspot Shield uses military grade encryption protocol, namely Catapult Hydra, which is widely used by well-known security services such as BitDefender and McAfee. 

Hotspot Shield does not have a web page for free use. To be able to enjoy the free service, users need to install the Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy extension on a PC or laptop, and download it from the Play Store or App Store for use on smartphones. The drawback, the use of the free version is limited to 500 MB per day or 15 GB per month.

Website address: https://www.hotspotshield.com/


Best Free Proxy Website: anonymous-proxies.net
Best Free Proxy Website: anonymous-proxies.net

Anonymous is the oldest web proxy that has been serving its users since 1997. Like other web proxies, Anonymous can hide IP from its users. In addition, there is an anonymous email sending feature service.

The drawback of Anonymous is that there is no additional security. Then the user cannot choose the server himself. However, as a free web proxy, Anonymous is still a worthy choice. 

Website address: https://anonymous-proxies.net/

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