What is CroxyProxy YouTube? Is CroxyProxy Safe or Not 2024

Is Croxyproxy Safe

Is Croxyproxy Safe – Want to open or watch videos from blocked websites without having to use a VPN? Immediately use the newest free Croxyproxy here.

Often people experience problems when opening a site on the internet, namely the site cannot be opened due to privacy issues. This often happens on sites that upload content, such as movies, reading stories, or the like.

If this is the case, the user cannot open the site without using special additional tools, such as a VPN or something else.

Today the Techjustify admin will share how to easily open blocked sites using only the latest Croxyproxy Chrome. For those who have never tried the service, you must see the discussion below until it’s finished.

What is CroxyProxy YouTube? 

CroxyProxy is one of the popular web proxy services on the internet, especially YouTube. This service can be used to access websites that are blocked or restricted in some countries . CroxyProxy provides a free proxy that anyone can use without registering or filling out a registration form.

CroxyProxy has the advantage of high speed. The service uses a reliable and stable server that allows users to access blocked sites easily and without interruption. Apart from that, CroxyProxy also has security features such as SSL encryption and privacy protection to protect its users’ internet connection.

Is CroxyProxy Safe to Use?

CroxyProxy is practically safe to use.

Maybe some of you are still hesitant to use this service because you think CroxyProxy is dangerous. When accessing it, you are worried that your data will be misused.

But make no mistake, CroxyProxy is safe to use so far, friends. In fact, when tested it himself, the service was running normally.

Your request to visit a site will be responded to properly and correctly. The site provided on the library page doesn’t have errors or bugs anymore.

Just don’t let you click on the ads on this proxy page. Worried that the ad is phishing so that your data can be taken for granted.

Croxyproxy Site Functions That Users Need To Know

Not all information on the internet can be accessed just like that without any problems. Sometimes we cannot enter certain websites because they have been blocked by the authorities.

In fact, it’s not just websites that are often difficult for you to access, but some YouTube videos or many other hidden content that are difficult to access.

In order to be able to open access to blocked content, users cannot use quotas or internet networks as usual. There is a special way that must be done in order to enter the site or video that you want to see.

One tool that users are familiar with at this time is a VPN. There are VPNs in the form of applications or extensions . However, it turns out that there is another, faster way to be able to open sites that are blocked by the government or privacy.

The service you can use is Croxyproxy. This is one of the free web proxies that users can use. Through this proxy, users can access all sites or those that previously could not be opened because they were blocked.

Its use is quite easy and does not require any additional applications. Curious how to use this free web Croxyproxy?

Features of CroxyProxy

A feature provided by CroxyProxy unlocked for its users.

Start glancing CroxyProxy caused by various reasons. Since it was discovered that this server access was fast and free, many people flocked to visit and try out this site.

It doesn’t stop there, it turns out that there are other factors that make people use this sophisticated web server.

This factor relates to a number of superior features provided by CroxyProxy to its users. What are they? Here’s the full review!

1. Easy to Use

When accessing a blocked site using this proxy, you will not experience significant obstacles. Its simple UI/UX will guide you to explore the network via CroxyProxy.

Apart from that, the search that you do is also guaranteed to be successful, friends. When you click “Go” to access something, the proxy server will take you to the page you want to go to.

It’s different from other web proxies that sometimes get bugs so that searches fail and confuse users.

2. No Registration Required

When talking about accessibility, you also don’t need to register yourself to simply enjoy this proxy service. Since the first time you visited CroxyProxy, you have been able to enjoy the services provided directly.

Open Various Blocked Sites

The main advantage of using this service is that it can open all blocked sites on Google, YouTube, or social media.

So, if a user experiences problems accessing a site, then just look for this web proxy. So it won’t take long for the problem to be solved and you can still open the website or information you want to find.

Safe to use

The most important thing about using this Proxy is its guaranteed security. Your IP address will remain secure when using a proxy to search for information on the internet.

Moreover, Croxyproxy supports all types of sites that can be opened by users. You don’t need it anymore if you really want to use the web proxy.

3. Can Search Through Keywords

Another advantage of the web proxy is on the search page. To access something, you don’t have to include a link or site link in its entirety.

You can access a site simply by entering keywords from that page. Similar to Google, deh!

For example, here, yes, you want to find the PayPal site. Instead of typing the URL address tiredly, you can just input the keyword “PayPal”.

After that, the server page will display information related to the keywords you mean. The result is 100% the same and not crazy.

4. Can Share Links

In addition, CroxyProxy is also equipped with SLL encryption features and permanent links. Thanks to this feature, users can share every website URL link they get from a web proxy to anyone.

In fact, the site that you sent can be opened immediately, you know. Provided that the person opens the link you provide using an online proxy too, OK.

How To Use CroxyProxy?

Tutorial on using CroxyProxy to open encrypted sites.

If you look at the appearance of the website, CroxyProxy has a very simple UI so that beginners who are just getting acquainted with this proxy service can use it right away.

Even though it’s easy, Techjustify will still guide you to access it. Sometimes there are those who are still confused about the service.

To make it clearer, let’s take a look at the following steps to use CroxyProxy.

  1. Go to the CroxyProxy site here .
  2. Drag down until you see a search field like the image above.
  3. Enter the site page or keywords you want to search for in the “Enter an URL or a search query to access “ field .
  4. If you have input, click the “Go” menu .
  5. Wait a while until the best web proxy takes you to the search library.
  6. After entering the library, find the page you want .
  7. Finished.

Pros of CroxyProxy YouTube

Croxyproxy Youtube

Sumber foto: IST – croxyproxy youtube unblocked

It’s not only the features above that make CroxyProxy really interesting, but you can also use it to solve various problems on YouTube and Facebook , you know.

As you know, many people have problems connecting to YouTube and Facebook. Often we cannot access some pages or features because they are blocked by the provider or the government. It could also be an error page due to DNS failure which is of course very annoying.

Well, CroxyProxy can unblock YouTube and Facebook . For YouTube CroxyProxy already supports video and audio streaming , authorization, supports various codecs such as HLS and AVI, supports Twitch and other video streaming services , can be used on Android or Chromebook, and full anonymity without registration.

Meanwhile for CroxyProxy Facebook, you can unblock it if you experience it. You can edit your profile, upload more photos, chat with friends, and more.

What’s more, this web proxy service is of course 100% free . No need to be confused about configuring because you only need to click one button.

The existence of Croxyproxy is very useful for those who often experience problems when they want to open a site. Especially when you want to find links to watch movies on Youtube or elsewhere, of course, access is very limited.

There is no need to use applications or VPNs anymore to open blocked websites. You will find many advantages of having this web proxy. For some it may be their first time using a web proxy.

When you use a proxy or VPN to access a site, it will help to hide the real IP address of the device used. That way we can enter blocked websites or those with not private network warnings.

For beginners who don’t know much about the use of Croxyproxy, it is mandatory what benefits will be obtained from this service.

Disadvantages of CroxyProxy that You Must Know

Even though it is sophisticated because it brings complete features, this service also has minuses. After investigated, there are several drawbacks that you must know before finally deciding to use Croxyproy.

The following is complete data regarding the lack of CroxyProxy.

  • Lots of ads . In the basic version ( basic ) ads appear a lot. Its presence is annoying because it can make you confused about accessing the proxy server.
  • Cannot select server . You cannot customize the IP address that you use when accessing a site. This is regulated by the network itself.
  • The video quality is not yet HD . CroxyProxy can indeed make you watch adult videos from YouTube, but the video quality is very standard, aka not HD yet. Investigate, calibaration, you can only get HD quality if you use the premium version.
  • Log history is only kept for 30 days . When you browse using an online proxy, you can only save search history for 30 days. After that, all search history will be deleted automatically.


That’s a brief review regarding CroxyProxy as a proxy to make it easier for users to access restricted content abroad that is blocked by the government or ISP.

You can use a proxy for the need to watch streaming so that it runs smoothly, apart from that privacy when surfing or browsing on the internet will be maintained properly.

Services from CroxyProxy can be accessed for free, are safe, reliable and can help your activities run smoothly. But maybe there are some sites or websites that are still blocked by third parties, even from the CroxyProxy itself.

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