11 Best Websites to Download Music From Youtube

11 best options to download music from youtube

11 best Sites to Download Music From Youtube – This is a constant desire of many people nowadays, but few know how to do it. 

You will see the best sites to download youtube music for free by computer. You’ll be able to find the perfect app to download music from youtube in mp3 on your cell phone. 

All of them have already been tested and approved by our team. Do you want to know the impressive Mp3 Downloader, Remember that this list is not a ranking? 

We have separated and tested the best sites and applications on the internet to download music from youtube online. Let’s go to the first on the list.

Let’s start with the best of the list according to the experts.

11 best options to download music from youtube

1. YouTube By Click

You’ve already found everything you need by finding YouTube By Click.

Are you wanting to download a youtube video without an ad? Download in 4k, convert to mp3 and other formats?

So yes! You’ve found what you need.

It will seem like propaganda, but with this tool I got 3 things that no other offered me, such as:

  • Downloading entire music playlists from Youtube while I was doing other things;
  • Download music and videos from other websites; Found a cool song on Instagram? download from there.
  • Download multiple songs and videos simultaneously. 

I use it because it is the safest because it has no ads and I can still download it from any platform with any quality.

Other music download tools I’ve used are full of ads, some even too intrusive, it even happens to have harmful ads, but with the by click downloader tool you won’t have these problems!

In addition to being simple to use . I just copied the link and automatically open this box below for me to start the download.

And look what an amazing thing I haven’t seen in any other youtube downloader.

They support you 24/7 in case you can’t download a video, or a song. 

In case you need instructions to download entire music playlists to increase your day-to-day productivity. And don’t know how to do it quickly and safely they will teach you with the greatest patience and simplicity in the world.

The others are good, but they don’t provide 1 ⁄ 3 that Youtube By Click provides.

On the tool’s website, there are more than 5,000 positive comments from premium users, who have purchased the pro version for even more exclusive benefits.

No need to waste any more time looking for a better option.

You already found it.

Click here and go to the official website to use the tool!

2. Yout – site to download music from youtube mp3

This is the simplest of all sites to download music from youtube mp3.

Well, as you can see in his name.

To use it, just remove the letters “u”, “b” “e” from the yout ube of the video you access and it will be you . 

After that, just press the enter key.

And it will land on the download page. No ad, nothing.

Being able to download your file in mp3, mp4, or other formats very quickly.

And of course, you can choose to copy the link and insert it on the Yout page.

Pros: No advertising, it’s very easy to access, and fast..

Cons: Very unstable. Some days it’s on the air and some days it’s not. So you can’t always trust this beauty.

But if you need a stable tool, look at the next one on the list.

Click here and go to the official website to use the tool!

3. Yt1s – download music from youtube online 

This fellow here is the jack of all trades. 

Like you, it is also a site that works super well. So you won’t need to download any program on your pc.

And here’s some great news for those who use the phone… 

Your designer is made for mobile. You’ll be able to download from your cell phone in a very simple and fast way without any complications.

It works the same as before. You copy the link of the song you want to download and put it on the Yt1s website and that’s it.

Pros: Very stable, simple and organized site and downloads in different formats.

Con: you will open two ads on average for each song you are going to download.

And you don’t know how to get the link of a youtube video on your cell phone, at the end of this article we will teach you the easiest way to do so.

But follow our third site option that is fantastic for those who value quality.

Click here and go to the official website to use the tool!

4. Youtube Converter

Another very nice option for those who don’t want to download any program or application is the youtube converter. 

It only works for downloading music. But he has an advantage.

All our conversions will be performed in high-quality mode with a bit rate of 320 kbps, completely free of charge.

Pros: Music and soundtracks of the highest quality and completely free.

Cons: It doesn’t work for downloading youtube videos.

Click here and go to the official website to use the tool!

5. YTmp3 – Site to download music from youtube mp3

11 best options to download music from youtube : YTmp3

Youtube Converter MP3 is the newest version of the site. 

Allowing you to download youtube mp3 music in the highest quality and even low in a lower quality to save the data.

You will not need to create accounts and any type of registration.

You can download youtube videos from there as well. And like the others, it’s simple to use. 

Just select the link of that mod of dragging the horn on the asphalt and paste the link in YTmp3.

And in no time you’ll be able to listen to ad-free music.

Pros: no registration, videos, and music of very high quality. Clean interface and no ads.

Cons: it will open 1 or 2 ads before starting the download.

But if you want more convenience than these excellent options that I have presented to you. 

Know that you won’t even need to access the website.

Click here and go to the official website to use the tool!

6. Sfrom.net  

Sfrom is perfect for downloading youtube music and videos as well. 

It has several formats and the disadvantage is that to download in some formats you must upgrade your plan. 

But for more basic things, like downloading music from youtube online, it works great.

The magic of Sfrom is that you can be linked with a browser extension. So you can download music from youtube without leaving the page..

Pros: different formats, and can be a browser extension.

Cons: Some quality and format options are paid.

See now a totally free option for you…

Click here and go to the official website to use the tool!

7. 9 convert

It only works with high-quality youtube videos and music.

Pros: Unlimited, high quality, and ad-free.

Cons: I opened the ad before starting the download.

Are you looking for an app to download music from youtube for android? Here’s the best option.

Click here and go to the official website to use the tool!

8. Snaptube app to download music from youtube for free

Snaptube tops the list of the app to download music from youtube online. 

That’s because you can download music from youtube, without leaving the application itself.

You will be able to download all available qualities, free of charge and simple.

You can program a list of simultaneous downloads.

Pros: Gallery of old downloads, and simultaneous downloads.

Con: There are a lot of daily pop ups that it sends. 

Click here and go to the official website to use the tool!

9. aTube Catcher

And to download all songs from one place on your computer, download Youtube Catcher now.

There are simultaneous downloads, and easy to use. 

The program has several other functions so it’s worth checking out if you download several songs at a time.

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Pros: Simultaneous downloads, no interruptions, fast downloads.

Cons: Registration and installation of the program is required.

10. 4K Video Downloader

A great program for pc with many amazing features. Being more interesting than the common sites.

In addition to downloading songs, you can download entire playlists at once.

It can be established on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You will not only be able to download music from youtube, but also from other content sites.

Pros: Simultaneous downloads, unlimited, music downloads from any website.

Con: The main features are only available in the premium version.

11. GetGo YouTube Downloader

Another good app to download music from is youtube mp3 for windows.

A much more complete option than websites.

Pros: Integrated with Internet Explorer and Firefox, automatic or scheduled downloads.

Cons: There is no own country version.

Is it illegal to download music from youtube for free?

It is illegal to download any type of copyrighted content. We do not encourage you to download any content, any music that the author forbids such access.

expert tips

To download several songs at once from youtube is by selecting complete playlists. So downloading only one file.

And to get the link of the song by cell phone. Just tap on share the video and when tapping, the option “copy the link” will appear. And ready. You will have the link to use in one of our amazing options

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