How to Save Videos From YouTube to Gallery

How to Save Videos From YouTube to Gallery

How to Save Videos From YouTube to Gallery – After YouTube provides new rules for its users, it is now increasingly difficult for us to download videos on YouTube. 

Videos on YouTube can only be downloaded, stored, and viewed on the YouTube application, and even then, it is limited to 30 days. 

As a result, now we can’t save YouTube videos in the smartphone gallery. But don’t worry because there is a way to save videos from YouTube to our smartphone gallery so that they can be opened anytime.

How to save videos from YouTube to this gallery has actually been discussed many times. 

But this time we will discuss each step one by one for multiple devices at once. Pay close attention and you can ask questions later in the comments column. Here’s the explanation.

1. Via SafeFrom.Net

The first way that you can use to save videos from YouTube to Gallery is to use the SafeNet site. 

This method can be used on almost all devices, from Android smartphones and iPhones to tablets or even desktops or laptops. 

The method is quite easy as follows.

  1. Visit the YouTube site , search for the video to download
  2. Look for the share button in the shape of a curved arrow, click it and select copy link
  3. Open a new browser page then paste the link that you copied, enter
  4. The YouTube video page that you will download will appear, then in the address column, add two s letters, namely ss before the word YouTube. For example, www.ssyoutube and so on, press enter
  5. You will open a new page, namely the SafeFrom.Net page , find the download button and set the resolution you want to download, then download
  6. Wait until the download process is complete and your videos from YouTube will appear in the Gallery
  7. For iPhone users who already have iOS 13, you have to open the download file, how to open the file and save the file in Camera Scroll so you can enter the gallery
How to Save Videos From YouTube to Gallery

Via SafeFrom.Net

2. Using the App

The next second method is arguably the easiest way, but it can only be done on Android devices. 

There is no similar application that can be used on iOS devices. Well, here are the steps. We will be using TubeMate, this app is not available on Play Store, so we have to download the APK.

  1. Search and download the TubeMate application on Google, install the apk, this application will not be available on the Play Store because it violates the YouTube agreement, especially copyright issues
  2. Find the video you want to download in the search field, click enter and wait for the process
  3. In the lower right corner of the TubeMate application there is a green arrow, press it to download the video of your choice
  4. Before the download process runs, there will be a notification window that provides the identity of the song, starting from who the singer is to the year of release
  5. Download the video, wait until the download process is complete
  6. Go to your gallery and check the existence of the video

Download Free

For the second way of using the application, there are actually many other applications that you can use. 

How to Save Videos From YouTube to Gallery

But again, because applications like TubeMate have been blocked and are not in the Play Store, then you have to find the apk file and then install it on your smartphone. Easy isn’t it?

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Those are some ways to save Videos from YouTube to our Gallery. How? Easy isn’t it? 

Hopefully, this article helps those of you who are having trouble downloading and saving YouTube videos. 

As a tip, provide a lot of storage space because the 720p and 1080p video sizes are definitely large.

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