8 Useful WhatsApp Features for Business

8 Useful WhatsApp Features for Business

08 Useful WhatsApp Features for BusinessWhatsApp for businesses emerged in the app stores as a means of communicating and transmitting messages online. However, with the popularization of its use, it integrated new functions available to users.

Therefore, the success of this application was so great that even companies began to use it to optimize communication with their customers. In this way, they obtained better results and boosted their sales and profits.

Therefore, considering the usefulness of WhatsApp for business, find below 8 Useful WhatsApp Features for Business to facilitate your business demands.

What is Whatsapp?

Furthermore, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that also allows you to make voice and video calls, in addition to sending images, footage and documents. All referrals are made via the internet.

How to download WhatsApp?

WhatsApp can be downloaded through the official app stores . That way, for users of the Android operating system, just access the Play Store and search for the name of the application, then click on the “ Install ” button. 

Likewise, iPhone users can do it through the Apple Store .

However, for businesses, it is more useful to opt for the Business version of WhatsApp . It is available for download in the same way and offers extra options, aimed at marketing products and services.

8 WhatsApp features for Business that make your demands easier

Having downloaded WhatsApp on your business smartphone, it is interesting to know some features of this application that are able to assist in your demands and routines in dealing with customers. 

product catalog

In the settings tab, by clicking on “ Catalog ”, it is possible to insert your products or services , informing specifications and values, if desired.

That way, your customers can easily see what you work with and learn more about your brand.

One-on-one and group video calls!

With WhatsApp, companies can have online meetings with customers, suppliers, staff, and others. This is possible thanks to the option of making group or individual calls that the platform offers.

8 Useful WhatsApp Features for Business
8 Useful WhatsApp Features for Business

However, to make the call, it is necessary to click on the telephone icon, located next to the recipient’s contact.

Muting groups or people

While some companies sometimes join groups or receive recurring messages that are not as relevant, their notifications accumulate.

However, it may be interesting to keep in touch with the sender of the messages. To optimize the time of the professional responsible for the administration of WhatsApp in the company , many choose to silence people or groups.

Thus, you continue to receive messages, however, the notifications are no longer displayed.

So, to activate this function, click on the top three dots — when entering the chosen conversation — and select the “ Mute ” option, choosing whether you want to do it for a period or permanently.

Mobile data savings

This option, enabled in the application’s settings, makes it possible to save the expense of your data package by avoiding backups or media downloads when the smartphone is not connected to a wi-fi network.

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WhatsApp tricks and tips for Android and iPhone

Thus, the mobile data saving functionality is useful, mainly, for external use, in customer visits, meetings or other demands.

broadcast list

This feature makes it possible to send a message to several contacts at once. These lists are pre-defined and saved for future referrals.

So, to create a broadcast list, go to the options tab and click on “New broadcast”, selecting the contacts you want to include in it.

However, by sending your messages to this broadcast list, recipients will receive them individually and not as a group. However, only users who have their contact saved received these messages.

Multi-device beta

The multi-device beta option offers the connection of up to five screens linked to the same account. 

Thus, this WhatsApp functionality has been excellent for companies in which several professionals or sectors use the same number to deal with different customers, optimizing the handling of this application.

Word highlighting (bold, strikethrough, and italics)

A great feature of WhatsApp for companies that send offers and other messages to their customers is the option to use bold, strikethrough and italics in specific words or terms. Doing so helps highlight important information.

Therefore, to insert the bold function, just put the words to be highlighted between asterisks. In the same way, to make it italic, you must use the words between underscores. To cross out the words, just use the acute accent at the beginning and at the end.

Uploading videos without audio!

Removing audio from videos can be an excellent solution when you are recording a clip, but in the background, you can hear colleagues talking or company machinery working.

To do this, click on the audio icon at the time of sending the file and your recipient will receive it without sound.

Knowing some of the most used and Useful WhatsApp Features for Business for companies of all sizes will make it easier to develop a close relationship with your customer. Likewise, it will be possible to optimize internal and external communication.

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