11 Best Instagram Giveaway Tools in 2024 (Free and Paid)

11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes 2022 (Free and Paid)

Best Instagram Giveaway Tools (Free and Paid) – When managing a community, organizing a draw on Instagram via a contest is a great way to grow it and create a special connection with it!

The principle is as follows:

You must choose among the people who participated in the contest, but you must eliminate those who did not play according to the imposed rules (follow you and/or follow a partner, comment by identifying 3 other accounts or by using a hashtag, etc. .).

Managing and organizing a contest with these kind of rules can seem rather complex, especially when the number of followers or participants is very high.

Do not panic, in this article, I present to you the 11 best tools (paid, but also free) to carry out sweepstakes on Instagram for your contests!

11 Best Instagram Giveaway Tools

  • Free Instagram Sweepstakes Via Google Suite
  • Osortoo
  • Wask.co
  • Instagram Random Picker
  • AppSorteos
  • Simpliers
  • Woobox
  • SweepWidget
  • ShortStack
  • Vyper
  • InstaBom

Free Instagram Sweepstakes Via Google Suite

A slightly more “old-fashioned” solution, but still effective : if you have a list of followers or other users who have commented on your Instagram post:

  1. Export this list to Google Sheet or Excel: all you have to do is write the formula =ALEA.BETWEEN.BORNS(1; *your number of comments*), which gives you a random number, and choose the user having the corresponding line number.
  2. To avoid entering a formula, you can simply type “random number between 1 and *your number of users*” on Google, then choose the line number corresponding to the result of the search engine
  3. To remove duplicates: use the “data” tab: you can also use this feature to choose the winner of the contest among your followers!


Osortoo is a software integrating a large number of tools among which the one allowing you to choose an Instagram contest winner.

This handy tool is free for a number of Instagram Giveaway.

You will then have to choose a formula or pay credits to this platform which offers a large number of other interesting features.


Wask.co offers a large number of social media management tools including a free tool to randomly select a comment on a contest post, and draw a winner for your photo or post-contest!

11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes : Wask
11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Giveaway : Wask

In short, this draw tool on Instagram is free and gives you the possibility to filter the winner according to several criteria such as the number of mentions, and to choose several winners in this way!

Instagram Random Picker

One of the best free tools to pick a winner for an Instagram contest is Instagram Random Picker .

In addition to being available without having to take out your wallet, the tool is very complete: you can thus choose the winners of your contest – in particular by deleting those who have commented several times!

11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes : Instagram random picker
11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes : Instagram random picker

To do this, simply add the link of your Instagram post in the tool.


Sorteos is a digital marketing tool that allows you to draw the winners of your contests on Instagram.

The creators of this tool have decided to make Instagram sweepstakes functionality free.

There are some spelling mistakes in the translation of the site into French, but since we don’t have to pay a penny, we won’t complain!


Simpliers is a website that offers an ideal solution for choosing the winners among the participants of your Instagram contests.

11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes : simpliers
11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes : simpliers

Free for up to 300 comments, this online software gives you the opportunity to choose a contest winner while maintaining a large number of rules:

  • Number of winners according to a ranking
  • Filter by hashtags in comments
  • Eliminate users who flood your post with comments, mentions and hashtags to cheat (remove duplicates and/or multiple comments for winner picks).

On the price side, the software has a relatively simple model: like InstaBom, the bill depends on the size of your community on Instagram!


With Woobox , you can easily make a draw on Instagram for a contest!

The tool is well made, intuitive, and has a large number of features including the filtering of winners. Only negative point: the free version limits you to choose from 100 participants per month, but there are several plans for around thirty euros.


SweepWidget makes it easy to create sweepstakes on Instagram to increase the size of your community or simply interact with it through contests.

It’s an intuitive-to-use tool that works with almost all major social networks.

Good news: this app offers a free plan to choose the winner of an Instagram sweepstakes!


The ShortStack tool lets you create campaigns – for your Instagram contests – and follow hashtag contests.

On the dedicated page, easily carry out your draws on Instagram of the winner(s) of the contests you are launching!

Very complete for a digital strategy, the ShortStack tool can only be used for draws on Instagram since the tool includes many more features than this one, and therefore trades from $99 per month.


For an Instagram sweepstakes, Vyper.ai is one of the best possibilities: Vyper is specifically designed for social media contests and referral campaigns. This tool offers many solutions for your Instagram photo contests, but also Facebook, Twitter…

11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes : vyper
11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes : vyper

The draw on Instagram is of course taken into account.

Obviously, so many features have a price (from $75/month), but this tool is definitely worth its price: if you integrate your competitions into a broader growth strategy, it’s the right choice!


InstaBom is one of the best apps you’ll find for choosing the winner(s) of an Instagram contest.

The latter makes it possible to create Instagram contests and to choose the winners, the “alternate” winners and to filter according to several calculation methods (for example, you can select the user who won the contest by giving the same chance to each commenter, or by favoring people who have commented a lot!).

You can therefore create contests with more complex rules (by asking your fans to comment, share or even identify knowledge so that your publication goes viral).

InstaBom’s pricing varies according to the number of comments on your publication: the more you are a “big fish” the more you will have to pay.

Hopefully, you are like these 11 Tools to Create Your Instagram Sweepstakes (Free and Paid) and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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