Here Are All the Hidden Instagram Features of 2023

Here are all the hidden Instagram features of 2022

Here are all the hidden Instagram features of 2023 – The time has come to talk about Instagram , a famous and well-known social network with hidden features that are interesting and not always easy to find.

In this regard, here is our selection of 10 Instagram tricks that allow you to gain a better and more satisfying user experience!

Here are all the hidden Instagram features of 2023

1. How to make your Instagram posts more attractive with Instagram Text Generator?

Have you ever thought about what your Instagram posts look like? Do they give off the right vibe? Do they give you the desired results?

If you’re trying to get more engagement and followers on Instagram, then this is the guide for you. I’ve created a handy Instagram Text Generator that will help you generate some pretty awesome fonts for your Instagram posts. You can use these fonts as headers, quotes, captions, descriptions, etc.

2. How to insert more than one photo in an Instagram story

The first function we offer is the ability to insert multiple photos into a story on Instagram and to do so you need to go to the Play Store, install the Toolkit for Instagram Gbox application and set “Gbox Keyboard” as the default keyboard. 

Once this is done, open Instagram, create a story, press on the text symbol and when the keyboard opens, press on the “images” symbol. Let’s now choose the photos to add to the story.

Here are all the hidden Instagram features of 2022

The photos can be entered individually and not in groups, however there are no limits on quantity.

3. How to increase the quality of photos / videos to put in stories

To increase the quality of a photo or video to be included in an Instagram story, it is good to first take or film from the phone’s stock camera and only then go to Instagram to create the story and upload the images made.

In this way, Instagram performs less compression when publishing the story. The difference is most noticeable with 4k videos at 60fps (if the terminal has it).

Here are all the hidden Instagram features of 2022  How to increase the quality of photos / videos to put in stories

4. How to request the blue check on the Instagram profile

You may not have been aware of the ability to request the blue account verification check / badge regardless of the number of followers on your account.

To do this, just go to Settings> Account> Request verification,  fill out the form, attach the photos of the identity document and press the toggle “send”.

However, although Instagram offers this possibility, we specify that it is not automatic that the request is accepted and for this reason we recommend increasing the quality of the profile and following these steps for profiles with a number of followers greater than 5000.

5. How to insert Emoji with soft edge

By changing the font of the text we can add a background gradient to the emoji .

In the story creation interface, press on “ Aa ” and select, from the keyboard, the face to insert. We choose the “ neon ” font and press the icon to add the border to the text.

If you have followed these steps correctly, you will have your smiley face with a feathered edge.

6. How to change the writing font on the Bio of the profile 

The fifth feature allows you to change the font in the Instagram bio . Beyond what one might think, the procedure is not complex.

We enter our Instagram profile, click on “Edit profile” and copy the text of the biography. We then go to the site and enter the first link.

How to change the writing font on the Bio of the profile 

Now let’s paste the biography copied previously, click on “show more text fonts”, let’s copy the text with the font we like the most and finally go back to our Instagram profile to paste the biography with the modified font.

7. How to remove the tag from a post

The sixth trick refers to the possibility of removing tags from other people’s posts .

We enter our Instagram profile, go to the section where there are all the posts in which we are tagged, press on the desired post.

Select the three dots at the top right of the post, press on “Options for tags” and select the red text “Remove me from the post”.

8. How to hide tags from people viewing the story

Another function concerns how to hide the tags from people viewing the story .

We enter the Instagram “story” interface and to tag the people in the story we can change the color of the text with the dropper

Then select the background color and so other people will not be able to see the tag of the person you are with. inside the story.

How to hide tags from people viewing the story

9. How to change the background of a story without painting with the brush

We always remain in the “story” interface of Instagram because now we propose a trick to change the background color with solid colors of various colors .

We take a photo from the Stories interface, press on the brush symbol at the top, choose the color with which we want to color the background, hold down at the point of the screen for a few seconds and automatically the whole background will change color, without wasting excessive time in the ” draw ”the entire surface.

10. Schedule the release of a post 

The ninth hidden feature is the ability to schedule the publication of a post on Instagram .

Download the Buffer application from the Play Store and make sure to connect the Instagram account to the app. 

We then create a new post with photo description and hashtag and at the time of publication we click on “Share” > “Custom schedule” and select the date and time of publication.

11. Use Instagram from a pc as if it were on a smartphone

Last trick but not for this the least important refers to the use of Instagram from a PC as if we were on a smartphone , unlocking various functions usually relegated to the Instagram app only.

To do this we go to the browser, search for “Instagram”, press the first link and after entering the main screen on Instagram, press “F12” from the keyboard and the  html code of the page will appear.

 At the top, to the left of the word “Elements”, press on that symbol and reload the page to have Instagram in tablet mode.

Hopefully, you are like these Here are all the hidden Instagram features of 2023 and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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