12 Best Online PDF Compress Sites and Apps

12 Best Online PDF Compress Sites and Apps

12 Best Online PDF Compress Sites and Apps – PDF is one of the popular file formats for sending documents. Unfortunately, the large size is sometimes an obstacle when it will be sent via email or other media.

Especially when we want to send a PDF file to WhatsApp or email to share with friends or colleagues, we will be faced with problems such as not being sent because the file size is too large.

One method of sending PDF files that is commonly used is to convert the PDF file to Word, but this method has its own obstacles because it often makes the document format messy.

The option to instantly reduce the size of a PDF is then much sought after. There are two ways to do this, namely by using a PDF compress application, or by using an online PDF compress site.

Best PDF Compress App

12 Best Online PDF Compress Sites and Apps

Through a smartphone device, you can download an application specifically made to change the size of a PDF file, which can be used for various purposes. These apps are available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

The PDF compress application is the most appropriate choice because it is fast and instant, so it is perfect for those of you who are in a hurry to send PDF files to clients, colleagues, or friends.

But with so many PDF compression apps out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. For this reason, we recommend a PDF compress application to make it easier for you to choose.


By using this PDF compress application called ILovePDF , you can not only reduce the size of the PDF, but also do other things to edit the PDF file.

In addition to using this application to reduce PDF size, you can split PDF files, merge PDF files, give page numbering, rotate PDF, watermark, and convert PDF to other formats.

Some other features are also interesting, you can give notes, give signatures, and do other productive things that will make it easier for you to manage PDF Files.

Download IlovePDF

Compress PDF File

Compress PDF File is a PDF compression application that is often used to resize PDFs, because of its convenience. This application is also practical and free.

You can use this PDF compress application to change the PDF size very quickly while maintaining the quality of the compressed PDF file.

All compressed files will be placed in an internal folder and placed in a special Compressor folder so that it will be easier for you to find them when needed.

Download Compress PDF File

PDF Compressor

By using the PDF Compressor application , to compress the PDF file size, you can choose the quality of the PDF you want, so it will adjust the size accurately.

If your file has a color image that can make it large, then you can set the image to black and white to make it smaller.

Download PDF Compressor


The Smallpdf application has simple graphics and is easy for users to understand. By using this PDF compress application, you can reduce PDF size quickly and easily.

The sophisticated system also won’t drain a lot of the processor on your cellphone, and the compression results are still fairly good, with satisfactory quality, so files can still be read easily and not damaged.

Download SmallPDF

PDF Compressor

The first PDF compress application that we recommend is Compress PDF which has the main function of reducing PDF size, and is quite popular among smartphone users. 

Apart from being paid, this app also provides a free option to use its features. But this free version of course has limitations, such as a longer time to convert PDF files.

Another limitation of the free version is also what types of files can be compressed. Apart from all that, compressing PDF files using this application is quite easy and practical.

Download Compress PDF

PDF Small

The next way to convert PDF files can be done using the PDF Small application, which is a PDF compress application with a simple appearance and function.

This application is very easy to use so it is quite popular among internet users who want to reduce the size of a PDF file before sending it via email or other media.

Download PDF Small

Best Online PDF Compress Websites to Try in 2023

12 Best Online PDF Compress Sites and Apps

In addition to using the PDF compress application, changing the PDF file size can also be done online through the PDF compress site, without the need to install an application on a smartphone. 

How to convert PDF files online can be done by accessing websites that provide PDF compression services. Some of these websites also have an application version, and some are only available online.

1. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is one site that provides the facility to compress your PDF size for free once a day, which can be used to reduce the PDF size.

Besides being able to reduce the size of PDF, you can also perform several operations related to PDF, namely converting PDFs into other formats, merging PDFs, and so on.

2. ILovePDF

Like the application version, the ILovePDF site is one of the most popular PDF compression sites that is widely used because of its simplicity. You can use ILovePDF to reduce the size quickly and practically.

You can retrieve files directly from internal memory, Google Drive, to Dropbox, so it will be very easy for you as a user. The data in the file is guaranteed security because it is immediately deleted by the system.

3. SodaPDF

SodaPDF is a service provider for changing the size of PDF files very easily and can be used for files that are in internal memory, to cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

This site also has other features that are still related to PDF. The security itself is guaranteed so that your files will not be misused because they will only be stored for 24 hours.

4. PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor is a site that provides a service to reduce file size easily and claims to be able to make the quality of PDF files still have a good resolution and not be damaged.

The compressed PDF file will still look clear so it’s easier to read, and the image won’t break either. The quality is maintained even though the size has been reduced a lot. This site is one of the most popular.

5. PDF Converter

PDF Converter also has a service that will ensure the quality of the compressed PDF file is not damaged and will keep all text and images looking good.

The site is very easy to operate, and it only takes a few seconds to reduce the PDF file size. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of other services for PDF files.

One of the most popular and widely used services through this PDF Converter site is to convert PDF files into other file formats such as Word, Excel, and many others.

6. PDF2Go

PDF2Go is a site that provides PDF file compression facilities by adjusting the quality, so you can determine the size that suits your needs.

It should be noted that by choosing a good size, the quality is also good, and vice versa if you choose the lowest size, the file quality will also decrease considerably.

There are several ways to resize a PDF file using a PDF compress application and a PDF compress site service.

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