4 Most Safe and Free WhatsApp Mod Applications

4 Most Safe and Free WhatsApp Mod Applications

The WhatsApp Mod applications is a messaging modification Apk that has more additional features and also has almost the same functions as the original WhatsApp.

However, in WhatsApp Mod there are several additions that make it feel more complete. Although currently many WhatsApp modifications can be found, you can’t download and use them carelessly.

Because some WA Mod applications are not safe. Therefore you must use WhatsApp Mod which is trusted and guaranteed security.

Best WhatsApp Mod Applications that is Safe and Free

  • GB WhatsApp
  • Royal WhatsApp
  • FM WhatsApp
  • ZE WhatsApp

The Best Safe and Free WhatsApp Mod Application As previously noted, WhatsApp Mod has more or less the same features as normal WhatsApp.

That’s why you can adjust it to your needs so that all the available features can be used to the maximum.

Here are the recommendations for the WhatsApp Mod application that you can try.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is one of the most used modified WhatsApp applications. This application has a look that is almost the same as the original version of WhatsApp.

However, some GB WhatsApp features are better to help the process of sending messages via chat.

This WhatsApp Mod applications has its own advantages, where there is protection from being banned.

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So even if you use it often, the risk of getting banned is very small.

GB WhatsApp comes with several additional features are follows: Provides the feature of sending large files.

The maximum size of an image file is 50 MB, while for video it can reach 100 MB A large number of emojis and themes are available

There is a key feature in chat Hide status “ Online” And able to manage more than one account

Royal WhatsApp

The second WhatsApp Mod application is Royal WhatsApp. This application is still rarely used, even though in it there are many features that can be enjoyed for free. Some of them are as follows:

There are many themes and can also be customized to your needs Many font choices and can adjust the size according to your wishes

There is an anti-delete feature so that other people who send messages will not easily delete the chats they have sent.

4 Most Safe and Free WhatsApp Mod Applications

You can see other people’s stories that have been deleted Can create stories with a longer duration than the original WhatsApp

There is a privacy security feature so that other people can’t see the ” Online ” status and also read message notifications


FMWhatsApp is another version of the WhatsApp Mod application that you can also use for free.

However, the FMWhatsApp application has a slightly different appearance from the usual WhatsApp.

But this app is lighter and easier to use on different types of phones. The FMWhatsApp application is also equipped with various features.

 Free WhatsApp Mod Applications

The application can be used to receive and send various types of data in large sizes There is a feature to hide the “ Online ” status and also read messages Has perfect privacy and security features

There are various choices of fonts and themes that are attractive and can be used as desired Font size can be changed as needed

ZE WhatsApp

The next WhatsApp Mod application that you can download for free is ZE WhatsApp . This application also has features that are no less complete than other modified WhatsApp applications .

You can use it to send flie in large sizes and do not need to be compressed. Here are some of the features available on WhatsApp Mod ZE WhatsApp .

Can easily download the story in various types, both images, and video, and also can be stored or be posted again

 Free WhatsApp Mod Applications

Can be used for more than one account and can log in simultaneously without cloning WhatsApp Users can hide messages easily without the need to do the archiving process

There is an anti-ban feature, which means you will not be blocked even if the application is used every day ZE WhatsApp also provides a password feature that can be used to avoid the possibility of messages being read by other people secretly.

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Those are the four recommendations for the WhatsApp Mod application that are safe and also free to use. If you want to get the best application recommendations for Android or PC, you can get them on the techjustify.com website.

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