How to Disable Comments on TikTok

How to Disable Comments on TikTok

Being creative on TikTok has indeed become an activity that many people love today.  see how to disable comments on TikTok in this article.

Lots of content creators (perhaps including you) are happy to upload their videos on this biggest story-sharing platform. 

So don’t be surprised if there are always challenges or the latest viral trends.

But just like other social media, not all users always support our work, there are those who hate it even to the point of issuing harsh words/hate speech that makes them mentally down. 

Well, instead of feeling burdened with rude comments, see how to disable comments on TikTok in this article.

  • 1 Here’s How to Disable Comments on TikTok
    • 1.1 What If You Want To Allow Incoming Comments On One Video?
  • 2 Ways to Limit Comments on TikTok With the Keyword Filter Feature
    • 2.1 How to Approve Filtered Comments?
  • 3 Ways to Pin or Pin People’s Comments
    • 3.1 Final Words

Here’s How to Disable Comments on TikTok

TikTok itself has long provided a comment deactivation feature or filter comments with keywords. But not a few users who do not know-how. 

It’s actually very easy to disable comments on every video we upload.

Disable Comments on TikTok

Well, if you want to immediately turn off comments on your TikTok videos, check out the easy steps below!

  • First, you can open the TikTok application on your cellphone.
  • Then if you are logged in, make sure you are logged in with the account you want to disable comments from.
  • On the home page, please tap on your Profile menu   in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Then please select the Options menu  (three lines icon in the upper right corner).
  • If already logged in, select the option Settings and privacy / settings.
  • Then go to the Privacy page .
  • On the privacy page , you can tap the Comments  menu  or comments in the Safety or security section  .
  • Then will come a comment with the name restriction options  Who can comment on your video / Who can comment on your videos .
  • You can choose comment settings:
  1. Everyone

2. Friends: Followers you follow back

3. Nobody

Well, if you want anyone to not be able to comment on your TikTok Videos, please select “No One” / “No One”.

  • When posting a new video, you can also choose to  Allow comments  from the post page.
  • Finished.

What If You Want To Allow Incoming Comments On One Video?

Well, if you activate the turn off comments feature, but from time to time you upload a video and want a friend to comment, you can open comment on a video, here’s how to activate it:

Disable Comments on TikTok
  • First, please open the video that you want to convert.
  • Then tap    on the right of the video.
  • If so, tap on Privacy settings again . On some devices , you have to swipe left to see the Privacy settings.
  • Finally, please select the right section  Allow comments  to enable or disable comments.
  • Finished

That’s how to easily disable and enable comments on your TikTok videos.

For your information, you can also take advantage of other comment restriction features, if you don’t want to disable the comment field on each video.

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There are several comment restriction features such as the Filter all comments feature ,  Filter spam and offensive comments, and also the Filter keywords feature on the Comments page. When these features have different functions, including:

The All Comments filter is a feature of limits all incoming comments. In other words, every incoming comment will be shown first to you, and you can approve the comment or reject it.

While the Spam and Offensive Comments Filter itself is a TikTok feature that blocks spam comments or comments that are indicated to attack users.

And for this Keyword Filter serves to block the keywords that the user chooses. For example, you don’t want the word “monkey”, “caper”, or “gaze” in your video post. 

You can write down any keywords that you don’t want to appear in the video with this comment restriction feature.

How to Limit Comments on TikTok With the Keyword Filter Feature

In addition to how to disable comments on TikTok, you can also use keyword filters to limit comments. 

Disable Comments on TikTok

This keyword filter feature is actually widely used by TikTok influencers to make comments that are healthier and avoid harsh words. 

Well, if you want to activate it, please follow the steps below:

  • First, go to your Profile by tapping the icon in the lower right corner.
  • Then you can tap    in the upper right corner.
  • Then the Privacy option will appear , please select it.
  • After that you can tap on the Comments option .
  • Now, select Filter comments or Filter Keyword . You can tap on the right of  Filter keywords  to activate it.
  • Finally, you can select  Add keyword  / Add Keyword and enter the desired keyword. 

When you have added a keyword, comments on your video containing that keyword will be hidden unless you agree to it. This feature is fairly reliable to make your video posts look quality.

How to Approve Filtered Comments?

Disable Comments on TikTok
  • Go to your profile page in the lower right corner.
  • After that select   in the upper right corner.
  • On this page, please select the Privacy option , then select  Comments .
  • At the bottom of  Comment management , select the Review filtered comments option .
  • Finally, you can select Agree  or  Delete  under the comment you want to review.
  • Finished!

It’s very easy, isn’t it, how to limit comments on TikTok with the keyword filter feature and how to return comments on TikTok? please follow the steps yes.

How to Pin or Pin People’s Comments

Have you ever seen a top comment with a pin image? Well, the comment means it has been pinned by the video uploader. 

In other words, the pinning feature or comment pin makes the comment you pin the first comment of all incoming comments, and the first comment that people see on your video.

Disable Comments on TikTok

Here are the steps to pin/pin and unpin comments on your videos:

  • First, please open the comments on your video.
  • After that, you can press and hold the comment you want to pin or unpin, then tap  Embed comment  or  Unpin comment.
  • Then the pinned comment will be at the top and will be the first comment that others see.

This comment embedding feature has many uses, you know! One of them is to increase the impression if you embed comments that contain product promotions or your Youtube and Instagram accounts.

Then to replace the comments embedded in your own videos, the method is also very easy:

  • First, you can open a comment on one of your videos.
  • Then you can press and hold for a few seconds the comment you want to replace with a comment that has been pinned
  • Finally, just tap on  Embed and replace .
  • Then the previous comment that was pinned will be replaced with the new comment that has been selected.

You need to know when you pin a comment, that you can only pin one comment at a time. If you want to embed another comment, you can replace it with an existing comment. 

In addition, you can also embed your own comments or other people’s comments on your videos.

The final word

That’s the discussion about how to disable comments on TikTok, how to return restricted comments, and how to enable comment restrictions with keyword filters that we can convey. Of course, it’s very easy, isn’t it? please follow yes!

We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. This is a free service that we offer, We read every message we receive. 

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