5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on Chrome

5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on Chrome

5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on ChromeOursurfing is a browser hijacker program that will change the homepage of the Chrome browser or any other browser to a page from oursurfing.com.

This is clearly very annoying, not to mention the many strange ads and shortcuts that appear on the homepage of oursurfing.

How to Remove Oursurfing.com Virus on Chrome

Not only that, if you browse through the oursufing homepage , you will be directed to the Yahoo! search page, not using the Google search engine .

Now to help you solve this problem, this time techjustify has written several ways to remove oursurfing in Chrome.

5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on Chrome

Here’s how:

  1. Uninstall Oursurfing Program
  2. Reset Browser Chrome
  3. Scan Viruses with Applications
  4. Remove Suspicious Extensions
  5. Uninstall Virus Oursurfing.com in Regedit

1. Uninstall Oursurfing Program

To remove oursurfing from the first Google Chrome homepage, you can delete the oursurfing program from your PC.

This method does not only apply to the Google Chrome browser, but also other browser applications such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and others.

Here’s how to remove oursufing from your computer or laptop:

Step 1: Open Control Panel by searching for it in Start Menu or Search .

Step 2: Click on Uninstall a program in the Programs section .

Step 3: Find and Uninstall the Oursurfing app .

Uninstall the Oursurfing app 1
5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on Chrome

Also uninstall any other suspicious applications that you find, because oursurfing might use other program names to trick you so you can’t find the program.

If you fail to uninstall a suspicious program, you can use the Revo Uninstaller Free application .

2. Reset Browser Chrome

If the first method doesn’t work, either you didn’t find the oursurfing program or the program has been successfully removed but hasn’t disappeared from Chrome. You should try this second method.

What you need to do here is to reset the Chrome browser to its initial settings ( default ). That way, the homepage of Google Chrome will return to the default position , meaning that it will no longer run oursurfing as the homepage.

Here’s how to reset Google Chrome PC:

First: Open the Google Chrome app, then click the three dots in the top right corner and select Settings .

Second: Scroll to the very bottom, then click Advanced .

Reset Browser Chrome 1
5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on Chrome

Third: Scroll to the very bottom, then click the Restore settings to their original defaults option and click Reset Settings .

3. Scan Viruses with Applications

As we mentioned above that oursurfing is included in one of the browser hijackers programs or simply a virus .

So another proven effective way to remove oursurfing from Google Chrome is to do a Virus Scan .

Unfortunately, browser hijackers programs like oursurfing are not detected as viruses by the Microsoft Windows Defender antivirus application and some other applications.

Therefore, you need a special application that can handle this kind of problem. The application is Malwarebytes .

Never used it? Just follow these steps:

Step #1: Download the Malwarebyte application from the official website, then install the application.

Step #2: Open the Malwarebyte application , then click Scan in the Scanner section . Wait until the process is complete.

Step #3: If a number of viruses are found, select all of them and click the Quarantine option .

Oursurfing Scan Viruses with Applications 1
5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on Chrome

After the virus scan process is complete, please reboot your computer or laptop to get maximum results.

4. Remove Suspicious Extensions

One of the reasons Oursurfing may appear as the home page on Google Chrome is because you installed the wrong extension.

So to fix it, immediately find and remove suspicious extensions. Here’s how:

Step #1: Click the Extensions icon , then select Manage Extensions .

Step #2: Look for suspicious extensions.

Step #3: Click the Remove button to remove the extension.

Oursurfing Remove Suspicious Extensionss 1
5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on Chrome

Repeat the steps above if there is more than one extension that you think is suspicious. It’s also a good idea to remove unused extensions.

5. Uninstall Oursurfing.com Virus in Regedit

The final solution to remove oursurfing from Google Chrome is to clean it through the Registry Editor.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open the Run window by pressing Windows key + R .

Step 2: Type regedit , then press Enter .

Step 3: In the Registry Editor window , click the Edit option and select Find .

Step 4: Type oursurfing and click Find Next .

Step 5: If found, delete the oursurfing folder and its contents.

So those were some ways to remove oursurfing in Chrome. If it still doesn’t work, make sure your computer is free of viruses and do the process of reinstalling Google Chrome.

Hopefully, you are like these 5 Easy Ways to Delete Oursurfing on Chrome and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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