5 Personal and Work Online Data Storage Applications on the Internet

5 Personal and Work Online Data Storage Applications on the Internet

Online Data Storage Applications – Android data storage memory is sometimes not able to store too much data such as photos, videos, files. Also, data on one device cannot be opened on another. 

The online data storage app for android has two main functions. The function of the first online data storage application is to secure files. 

This is needed as anticipation if a smartphone or laptop suddenly breaks. The second function is so that the required file can be opened anywhere with any device.

Storing data on the internet is very easy to do and online file storage applications provide a large enough space to store data. Online data storage can be used to store online photos and other documents.

5 Android Online Data Storage Applications

Online file storage applications can store any data from either a computer or android device. Immediately, this is a brief review of file storage applications on the internet.

5. Degoo 100gb free cloud drive

The first online data storage application is Degoo 100GB. This android application provides up to 100 GB of free space to its users. 

Then this android application has been downloaded 10 million times on Google Play.

Now the Degoo 100GB application is great for those of you who want free online file storage with a very high level of security.

4. ES file explorer 100 million

Android application ES File Explorer is an android data storage application that is useful for managing files on Android. 

Now this application can group files according to their type, for example images, music, videos and documents.

Then the ES File Explorer application has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play. The advantage of this application is that it can transfer data without additional data costs.

3. One Drive from Microsoft

One Drive is an application developed by Microsoft to store data on the internet. 

This application is able to accommodate important work and personal document files as well as to accommodate collection photos and videos that are no longer possible to be stored on smartphones.

This online data storage application can also be used to manage files directly in the data store. So without having to move it to the device first.

Work Online Data Storage Applications on the Internet

2. Dropbox

An android data storage application that is very easy to use is Dropbox. This application can be installed on a computer or smartphone. 

Even in offline conditions, users can still manage data, such as moving files or editing documents.

However, the most updated data synchronization will only occur when the device is online. Dropbox allows for folder sharing. So that each member can edit files for certain folders that are not personal files.

How to use dropbox is also very easy. But unfortunately, Dropbox only provides 2 GB of free online data storage. 

Work Online Data Storage Applications on the Internet

In order for this online file storage quota to be bigger, it can be added with referrals, namely inviting others to use and install the Dropbox application.

1. Google Drive from Google

Google Drive is one of the most popular Google products. The Google Drive application provides a free internet storage quota of 15 GB. 

More than enough to store important files. The Android app for Google Drive makes it very easy for Google Drive users to open files from anywhere.

How to use Google Drive is very easy, just log in using a Google account (GMAIL) then you can use it. The Google Drive Android application can also be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Work Online Data Storage Applications on the Internet

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How to save data on Google Drive is also very easy, just upload it to a folder or application that is connected to the internet. Then all files in Google Drive can be accessed.

That was a review of an android application for storing data on the internet. Please choose according to your taste.

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