5 Tips to increase YouTube views

5 Tips to increase YouTube views

You have probably heard it before that a picture says more than 1000 words. By using YouTube you can convey your message to your customer through a video. The question is 5 Tips to increase YouTube views, of course, how does your video stand out among those millions of other videos?

We think it is a combination of good content, SEO, and Adwords. Google also takes into account in the ranking results how long visitors watch your video on average, when visitors drop out after 6 seconds, Google will notice this and include it in the ranking. This refers to good content and in addition, your video must be easy to find, otherwise, your video will not be viewed on YouTube. In this article, we will reveal some important SEO and content tips that can ultimately result in more YouTube views. In addition, you can also use Adwords to increase the number of views, but that also involves high costs.

Tip 1: Place an extensive description with your video

You have the option to add a description to your video. Aim for a description of at least 200 words, because this is the best. In a clearly visible place in the text, add a URL that visitors can go to, for example, a URL to the relevant page on your website. Don’t forget to add your most important keywords in the description and in the tags.


Refer to the video from your other social media channels. For example, by sharing your video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus. In addition, your own channels are important. Use your own website or blog to link to or embed your video.

Tip 2: Use keywords

Try to include relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags of your video. We recommend this because Google and YouTube cannot (yet) scan your video for content. By the way, you can add a video transcript, which can solve this problem because Google can interpret the text. Using good keywords in all texts is important. You will discover which these are after conducting keyword research. A tool for this is the Google keyword planner .

5 Tips to increase YouTube views

Tip 3: Try to create engagement

As described in tip 1, we recommend sharing your video on the various social media channels and on your own channels (website or blog). When your video is shared on the above channels, you will probably also generate more subscribers and likes because you have aroused interest among visitors. To motivate your viewers to like your video or to subscribe to your channel because these are ranking factors of YouTube to rank videos.

Try to create engagement

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Tip 4: prevent an overload of information

An abundance of information irritates viewers, thus reducing the number of YouTube views of your video. Make sure that the content of the video is attractive with the right amount of information. And limit the length to a few minutes at most, because otherwise, people will not see it. We recommend that you keep the following points in mind when making a video:

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  • Avoid information overload.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Get straight to the point quickly.

Tip 5: The length of your video

The length of your video can be a deciding factor in whether or not people watch your video. Make sure you convince them in the first 10 seconds and you have communicated the core of your message in the first 30 seconds. For example, watch the Youtube video of Dollar Shave Club, it has a very good structure:

length of your vi

It is good to know that there is a difference between the video viewers on Facebook and on YouTube. Facebook is trying to get its act together with short videos. Videos that create a buzz and you see them coming back in your feed, these are often without sound so the image must really convince. While YouTube is more focused on longer and higher quality content to keep you on the site for as long as possible. Looking at YouTube, a combination of views and engagement is essential for the video to rank higher in the search results. In the beginning, the involvement is greatest, but the attention span is limited. The ceiling for YouTube is around 3 minutes, this has long been known as the time span of a YouTube viewer. After the 5 minutes there is a really significant drop in the engagement of videos on YouTube.

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In this article, 5 tips have been discussed for a YouTube video, from the SEO and content perspective. It is important that your video is SEO friendly but that you create it with the right content. You can determine the right keywords with the Google keyword planner. Finally, it is important that you promote your video by sharing the video on your different (social media) channels and that the video itself starts strong and does not last too long.

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