6 Full-Featured Online Photo Editing Sites, Free!

6 Full-Featured Online Photo Editing Sites, Free!

For those of you who like image or Online photo editing activities, of course, the first application you want to use is Photoshop. The problem is, this one application is not memory friendly and not free.

This will certainly be a problem for low-spec PCs or laptops. But don’t worry, has a solution, namely by editing photos online.

Especially now that there are enough online photo editing sites that have Photoshop-like features and can be used without having to install them.

The main advantage, of course, is that photo editing is easier and doesn’t make your PC or laptop work too hard, besides that it’s free of course.

Well, want to know what sites can be used to edit photos online that we can use? Here techjustify will provide a list.

Best Online Photo Editing Sites

Of the many online photo editing sites available, techjustify will try an option that has full features and is easy to use. 

1. Pixlr

Best Online Photo Editing Sites 1. Pixlr

This is the recommendation of the first online photo editing site. Pixlr is arguably a photo editor that features very close to Photoshop. Pixlr itself is based on Flash and can be used by anyone for free.

Even so, there are still some main tools that are not provided. However, overall, all the tools provided are very often used if we have a Photoshop application.

This online photo editing method is also easy and offers templates for photos on IG. So photo edits can be much more interesting.

2. Sumo Paint

 2. Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint may be considered as another version of Pixlr. Why? Because the tools provided are very similar to Pixlr, although we think Pixlr is more complete. In appearance, the developers of Sumo Paint made this site look similar to iOS.

Even so, this online photo editing site can also be opened on various platforms. In addition to the online version, Sumo Paint is also available in a Pro version which has a much larger list of Tools, even closer to Photoshop.

3. Fotor

Best Online Photo Editing Sites 3. Fotor

On the next list is Fotor, this online photo editor site has a list of tools that are more widely used in basic editing such as crop, rotate, resize, and others. In Fotor we can also use it to create various design templates.

4. Pizza

Best Online Photo Editing Sites 4. Pizza

Pizap is a photo editing site that is quite popular in use. In terms of tools, Pizap offers functions similar to Fotor because it is more widely used in basic editing such as crop, rotate, resize, and others.

But, the advantage of Pizapp is that it has a unique feature to create unique meme images through the special features it provides. There we can add text, or provide a sketch of a meme that is widely used by joke sites.

5. BeFunky

5. BeFunky

Befunky is the next photo editor site that is quite popular because it is widely used by netizens in doing photo editing online. The interesting side of this site is that it provides quite a lot of photo effects features up to 20 effects. Befunky also provides good-quality image templates that we can use.

6. Editor.Pho.To

 6. Editor.Pho.To

This Editor.Pho.To site has quite a lot of options for creating unique or silly photos as Pizap provides. For online photo editing, this site has provided a sticker feature to be inserted into the photo that we are going to edit.

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There are also fun effects, face retouch, editor, instant fix features, to cartoons. With a variety of editing menus, it will certainly make it easier for users to try out the features provided one by one and give us many editing options.

Well, that’s a list of online photo editing sites that can be used to make photos more interesting. In addition to complete features, the online photo editing service above is also free. So, good luck!

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