How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate : 7 Easy Tips

How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate : 7 Easy Tips

How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate : 7 Easy Tips – Now, many internet marketers and website users for business, know what a bounce rate is . But unfortunately, lowering the bounce rate may still be a pretty confusing PR. 

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with this term, what is meant by the bounce rate or bounce rate is an analytical term or number that shows the number of bounces

When a visitor coming from Google enters one of your web pages, but the visitor does not make any interaction. even. 

7 Tips to Lower the Bounce Rate You Can Do

In a previous article that was published on techjustify , entitled Understanding the Bounce Rate on a Website.

It was explained what the bounce rate is and a simple way to lower the bounce rate .  you can also find out the factors that cause the bounce rate . 

Well, in this article, you can read in more detail how to lower the bounce rate , so that the performance of your website 

Especially if the website is used as a business website , gets better and can get a position on Google ‘s page rank .

Indeed, the bounce rate is not directly used by Google as a ranking signal. Even so, it is clear that Google still takes it into account as one of the factors related to SEO techniques . 

That is, there is still an influence between the quality of the website with the selection and use of keywords , the affordability of the website to the audience, increasing engagement, measuring user satisfaction, and so on. 

But at least, if you follow the method of lowering the bounce rate , you can increase more visits, allow increased website traffic , and even increase your website ‘s ranking in search engines.  

Below, there are 7 tips for lowering the bounce rate that you can apply.

Page Speed ​​Is Still The Main Key

If you want to make your site visitors happier, how do you do that? The first and most basic tips in implementing SEO techniques, is to increase page speed on your website . 

Google has recently made the latest update regarding the importance of fast web pages in core web vitals, including fast loading for mobile users, in this case, smartphone and tablet users.

How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate : 7 Easy Tips

Website speed can be affected by the size and page image in each page. So, you need to check each image one by one and try to keep the size under 100Kb. 

In addition, also check whether there are plugins or tools installed on your website and not being used. Instead, the plugins and scripts that are not used are deleted.

Increase Audience Satisfaction by Providing Quality Content 

Content remains the king in determining the quality of a website and whether visitors are happy to visit your website

That’s why, it is always recommended in Redcomm Knowledge to create quality content, powerful content, and multiply evergreen content to increase web traffic. If you’re not perfect at writing content, you can go for SEO content writing services online for better and SEO-friendly content.

The next way, you also need to know what kind of information is needed by the audience who visits your website

You can look at Google Analytics to find out what keywords your audience is actually using. For example aloe vera gel

So take another look at the flow of this audience’s behavior, how many pages did he or she visit, and is there content related to those keywords available on your site? 

It would be nice, you provide a variety of content related to the business web niche and keywords that are sought after by the audience,

So that you can provide informative recommendations to the audience. This method will be very effective in lowering the bounce rate , as well as inviting visitors to come again.

CTA Must Not Only Be Clear But Also Smart

In order for the audience to click on the CTA or call to action button that you provide, make sure you enter certain keywords in the CTA. 

To be able to do this, you need to first analyze all the data in Google Analytics and Google Search Console , then use the tools for keyword research . 

How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate : 7 Easy Tips

The goal is to find keywords that have gotten to the top of the search engine page rankings. After that, enter these keywords in the CTA. 

If for example your page discusses online business , then you can enter keywords about how to start an online business , skills that must be owned by online business people , online business websites , the best digital marketing agency , which can help online businesses, who need professional SEO services , etc.

Apply the Inverted Pyramid Writing Style in Content Writing

What is meant by the inverted pyramid writing style is that it starts with general instructions, or the main question that is the reason the audience comes to your website, quick answer reviews, more detailed discussions, then enters the full discussion content. Show readers what you promise, then draw them into the details you prepared.

The next way to lower your bounce rate , you need to make the browsing process on your site easier for your audience or more user friendly . 

How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate : 7 Easy Tips

That is, you have set the layout and navigation in such a way that it can make it easier for your audience to surf your website .

Add Interactive Supporting Media

In order to make the audience who visit your website more comfortable, you can add various supporting media that are interactive and can make the audience also get involved.

For example, providing videos that invite the audience to watch, or providing images and infographics that allow the audience to download. 

Usually, they will be happy to pass it on to their circle of friends for important information that many people may need. 

Have you ever visited a download site , then pressed one of the download buttons. 

Unfortunately, the button turned out to be a dead link that couldn’t be clicked. That would piss you off, wouldn’t it? 

Because, you’ve been expecting a download, but apparently the button is not working. 

Therefore, make sure that there are no buttons or links that don’t work and could be the cause of a high bounce rate.

Those are 7 ways to lower the most basic bounce rate . Apply all these tips on your website and the bounce rate will decrease significantly.

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