How to Improve the SEO of Website with Videos?

How to Improve the SEO of Website with Videos?

How to improve the SEO of my website with videos? – Interesting tips that will help you significantly improve your SEO using videos

SEO is a very important factor when it comes to reaching new users, getting more sales, differentiating yourself from the competition, and positioning yourself in the market. 

Although there are several factors that determine whether a certain page appears among the first results of search engines, the reality is that videos play a fundamental role.

Any positioned website is characterized by being attractive and with well-structured information, and the videos help to achieve these characteristics. 

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how you can improve the SEO of your website using videos.

How to improve the SEO of my website with videos?

Google SEO factors

First of all, it is necessary that you know briefly what are some factors that Google, the main search engine today, uses to position a certain page. Here are some of these factors.

1. Organization of the web. 

Pages whose content, information and links are correctly structured are more relevant, as they provide a pleasant user experience.

2. Content of the page.

For a page to be positioned in Google, it is necessary that its content is useful, relevant and correctly structured.

3. Website speed. 

Pages that have broken links or that take a long time to load are penalized by Google, which significantly affects web positioning.

4. Links.

The number of external links that allow users to be redirected to a certain page also influences search engine rankings.

5. Platform design. 

Google gives greater relevance to those online platforms that have an attractive and pleasant design for users.

6. Length of stay. 

This factor encompasses several of those previously exposed, and that is that users stay longer on a website that is well structured, fast, has quality content, and is correctly designed.

The length of stay is a relevant factor that Google considers when positioning any online platform, since it is an indication that the user enjoys browsing said website.

The importance of video in SEO

Although there are many other factors taken into account for SEO positioning, these are the most relevant, which also give us an idea about how we can improve positioning using videos.

How to Improve the SEO of Website with Videos?  The importance of video in SEO

It has been proven that users stay longer on a website that has videos, especially if they are animated

In addition to this, videos are useful to promote a website and generate external links, while transmitting information in a pleasant and entertaining way.

Product presentation videos, tutorials, or demos are preferred by users, and Google knows it. So much so that Google often gives more relevance to videos when users do this type of search.

Increase time spent on the web with videos

It has been proven that users prefer to receive information through videos, rather than through long texts full of repetitive content. 

In addition to this, thanks to the videos, users stay on a certain website longer than if they were reading written content.

Improve the SEO of Website with Increase time spent on the web with videos

Videos are more entertaining and more effectively grab the attention of consumers, prompting you to stay on the online platform. 

As mentioned previously, this is a factor taken into account by Google to position a website.

Animated videos to capture attention and generate leads

Various studies have shown that animated videos are highly effective in capturing users’ attention since they correctly empathize with their emotions and are designed to convey useful information in the shortest possible time. 

In this sense, the use of animated videos will not only help you increase the time that users stay on your platform, but will also allow you to get a greater number of subscribers or leads. 

This will increase the popularity of your website and, ultimately, will help you in your online positioning.

Animated video production

Currently, there are various programs and tools that allow you to design animated videos effectively and in the shortest possible time. 

However, if you want to get quality results, the best thing you can do is hire companies that specialize in the production of these types of videos.

There are several agencies dedicated to creating animated videos capable of meeting consumer needs, and one of these agencies is Animaker

With it, you can count on a high-quality professional service, which will help you create attractive and useful content that will surely improve your SEO.

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