8 Steps: How to Delete WhatsApp Groups Permanently

8 Steps: How to Delete WhatsApp Groups Permanently

Howto delete WhatsApp groups that we created without removing members or leaving? If you are still confused about how to do it, let’s read this article to the end to see how.

WhatsApp is a very hit and popular chat application that has a very large number of users.
The appearance is simple, simple, clean without ads, and does not burden the cellphone when opened, making WhatsApp loved by many people.

Just like other chat applications, on WhatsApp you can also chat like a chat application, make video calls, voice calls, create statuses and of course, can discuss in groups.

Now talking about WhatsApp groups, what do you think about whatsapp groups or WhatsApp groups?
Yes, of course, you can create your own group or join a group that has been created by someone else.

In WhatsApp groups, there are times when you want to delete the group for some reason. But what can I do, deleting a WhatsApp group is not as easy as creating a WhatsApp group.

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There are several steps that you must do first in order to delete a WhatsApp group, both the WhatsApp group that you created yourself and the WhatsApp group created by others.

But before discussing how to delete a WhatsApp group, there is one condition that must be met in order to be able to delete the group, namely that you must be an admin of the group first.

Immediately, if you are the admin of the group you want to delete, without waiting a long time, here’s how to delete our WhatsApp group as an admin easily and quickly:

How to Delete WhatsApp Groups Permanently

1. The first step you have to do is to open the WhatsApp application on your Android phone or iPhone that you are using. Open the WhatsApp group that you want to delete. Then click on the name of the top group as shown in the image below.

open the whatsapp group

2. The second step is to remove all members in the group including the other admins. Scroll down, then click on the group member’s contact.

whatsapp Remove the people like admin and all

3. Select ”Remove ….“.

4. Click ”OK“.

Please remove all the members in the group as above until only you are left.

Remove the people
whatsapp group

5. Now the only member of the group left is you. The next step is to leave the group. Please click on ”Exit group” at the bottom.

Exit group

6. Click ”EXIT“.

7. When the last member leaves the group, WhatsApp will ask you to delete the group. Please click ”Delete group“.

delete Group

8. Click ”DELETE” and congrats you have successfully deleted the WhatsApp group permanently.

So that’s how to permanently delete a WhatsApp group, either created by yourself or by someone else. How is it so easy right?

Can’t delete a whatsapp group without removing a member

Without removing all members, you will not be able to delete a WhatsApp group. When all admins leave, WhatsApp will automatically choose other group members at random to be admins.

How to delete a whatsapp group without group members knowing

Removing group members as above and then deleting the group will not be known by group members. They will not know because there is no notification. The group will also automatically disappear permanently on their whatsapp.

How to delete a whatsapp group created by someone else

To delete a WhatsApp group created by someone else, make sure you are already an admin of the group. If not, ask the group admin to be an admin as well. What if you are not appointed as group admin? Of course, you can’t delete the group.

So you can only leave the group.
You also can’t delete a WhatsApp group without leaving the group. So after all members are expelled, only the last one is your own. The group will then be permanently deleted.

How to Delete WhatsApp Group Permanently (Easily)


Deleting a WhatsApp group is the right step that you should do if the group is no longer useful, in fact,
most of it is trash or unimportant chat.

That’s a short article that discusses how to delete this WhatsApp group, either created by yourself or by someone else. Thank you and I hope it will be useful.

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