15 Best App Lockers for Android in 2024

10 Best Android Apps To Lock Apps (Safety)

Best App Lockers for Android – Best Android Apps To App Lockers (Safety) Apps? What do you mean? Maybe some of you are confused by the title of this article. That is, now we will discuss a list of applications that can be used to lock other applications on our Android phones.

For example, you need privacy for certain applications so that other people who are borrowing or using your cellphone cannot open the application.

Whatever brand of the cellphone you can use, starting from Samsung, Tab, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, Lg, Htc, Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Google, Honor, Oppo, Realme, Oneplus, Vivo, Meizu, Asus, Alcatel, Zte, Vodafone, Sharp, Infinix, Acer, Panasonic, Evercross, and Mito. Using an App Lockers can add another layer of security to your smartphone.

Here is a list of the best other apps to App Lockers on Android:

AppLock – DoMobileLab

AppLock can be a recommendation to keep the application from being opened by just anyone. This application made by DoMobile Lab will provide security for the applications on your Android phone.

Its superior feature is the choice of style or style of the application locker. You can choose whether you want a pattern lock, password, or fingerprint style.

10 Best Android Apps To Lock Apps (Safety)

In addition, there is also a lock schedule feature that will work automatically. So, if you open an application and forget to close it, the application will automatically be locked again according to the schedule that has been set.

Download the AppLock – DoMobileLab application here

Additional information

  • Size: 8.6 MB
  • Developer: DoMobile Lab
  • Last Update: 13 Februari 2020
  • Current version: 3.0.9
  • Min. Android version: 4.0 or higher
  • Downloads: 50,000,000+ users


AppLock is an application developed by IVYMOBILE to App Lockers for Android. With this app you can lock all applications on your Android smartphone, from photo galleries to social media.

You no longer have to worry about your phone’s privacy. There are two types of locks that you can choose from, namely passwords and patterns. 

In addition, a variety of beautiful and attractive themes can also be applied to the application and Curious to try the AppLock apps

Download here:

Additional information

  • Size: 9.0 MB
  • Developer: IVYMOBILE
  • Last update: 13 November 2019
  • Current version: v3.2.7
  • Min. Android Version: 4.1 or higher
  • Downloaded by: 10,000,000+ users

Super Locker- AppLock & Smart lock screen

3. Super Locker- AppLock & Smart lock screen ​​is the next app on our list which is useful for keeping smartphone apps from being opened by just anyone.

Anyone who wants to open an application on your Smartphone, must first open the access code given by this application made by Augeapps.

There are four types of locks that you can choose from, namely password, pattern, PIN, and fingerprint. 

10 Best Android Apps To Lock Apps (Safety)

In addition to the application lock feature, you can also use AppLock – Super Speed ​​to hide applications (hidden apps) so that people who use your smartphone don’t realize that there are hidden applications.

Cache cleaner and battery saver are also other interesting features in this application. Interested to try it? 

Download the AppLock – Super Speed ​​app here:

Additional information

  • Size: 10MB
  • Developer: Augeapps
  • Last update: January 10, 2020
  • Current version: 1.0.7
  • Min. Android Version: 4.4 or above
  • Downloaded by: 50,000+ users


If you need security and privacy for your smartphone apps, LOCKit might be the one for you. Its use is very simple, with this application you can lock other applications with three types of access, namely PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint.

In addition to locking applications, LOCKit can also be used to lock folders, files, photos, and videos in your cellphone gallery.

Uniquely, when someone forces you to open an application on your cellphone and they enter the wrong access code several times, this application will take a picture of that person through the selfie camera on your cellphone.

Curious about the LOCKit application? Just try to download it here:

Additional information

  • Size: 5.4 MB
  • Developer: SuperTools Corporation
  • Last update: 11 July 2019
  • Current version: 2.2.68_ww
  • Min. Android Version: 2.2 or higher
  • Downloaded by: 10,000,000+ users

Norton App Lock

The next application is Norton App Lock. The well-known developer who usually makes this antivirus application launches a App Lockers for apps on your smartphone.

This application is quite simple because it only provides a type of lock in the form of a PIN. With Norton App Lock you can lock various types of applications including social media, photo galleries or video galleries.

10 Best Android Apps To Lock Apps (Safety)

Similar to LOCKit, this application will also take a picture of anyone who tries to open a locked application after entering the wrong PIN code several times.

Interested in using it? Download the Norton App Lock app here:

Additional information

  • Size: 28 MB
  • Developer: NortonMobile
  • Last Update: January 17, 2020
  • Current version:
  • Min. Android Version: 4.1 or higher
  • Downloaded by: 10,000,000+ users

Smart AppLock (App Protector)

Smart AppLock is an application that can be used to lock other applications on your Android phone. There are three choices of lock types, namely PIN, pattern, and also gesture.

In addition to locking applications, Smart AppLock can also be used to lock folders in your HP memory. Another interesting feature is the presence of anti-theft which will take pictures automatically if someone enters the wrong code more than 3x.

Want to try this all-in-one locker app? Download Smart AppLock here:

Additional information

  • Size: 3.8 MB
  • Developer: SpSoft
  • Last update: February 3, 2020
  • Current version: 7.5.2
  • Min. Android Version: 2.3 or higher
  • Total downloads: 50,000,000+

App Lock – Real Fingerprint & Password

If you want to App Lockers on Android safely, then this one application can be an option. App Lock: Fingerprint & Password provides three lock styles namely password, pattern, and fingerprint.

10 Best Android Apps To Lock Apps (Safety)

This application will help to protect your privacy by locking applications on your smartphone starting from social media, photo or video galleries. In fact, you can also lock important emails so that the confidentiality of work data is maintained.

Interested to try it? Download the App Lock – Real Fingerprint & Password app here:

Additional information

  • Size: 2.6 MB
  • Developer: Kohinoor Apps
  • Last update: January 4, 2018
  • Current version: 35.0
  • Min. Android Version: 4.1 or higher
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+ users

Vault-Hide Apps, SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault-Hide can also be your recommendation to lock apps, and hide SMS, photos, videos, and other files.

Not only that, another interesting feature of this application is the presence of a browser privacy protector which is almost the same as Chrome in incognito mode.

Interested in trying the Vault-Hide app? Please download here:

Additional information

  • Size: 14 MB
  • Developer: cxzh.ltd
  • Last update: January 22, 2020
  • Current version:
  • Min. Android Version: 4.3 or higher
  • Downloaded: 50,000,000+ users

AppLocker – Lock Apps

AppLocker – Lock Apps is an application that will protect your privacy by locking other applications. You can choose to use a password, pattern, or fingerprint.

Not only that, this application can also be used to lock social media applications, SMS, gallery, phone contacts, to settings on your cellphone.

Download the AppLocker – Lock Apps app here:

Additional information

  • Size: 14 MB
  • Developer: BGNmobi
  • Last update: January 28, 2020
  • Current version: 5076r
  • Min. Android Version: 4.1 or higher
  • Downloaded by: 10,000,000+ users

AppLock & Security Center

So, we come to the last list. The App Lock & Security Center application not only offers an application lock feature but also a protector for your personal files on your smartphone.

This application also provides several types of locks, namely pattern, password, and fingerprint. In addition there are also features a battery saver, phone cleaner, and antivirus. 

This application can also take photos of the faces of people who open our cellphones.

Interested to try it? Download the AppLock & Security Center app here:

Additional information

  • Size: 16MB
  • Developer: Phone Clean Apps
  • Last update: February 19, 2020
  • Current version: 1.2.2
  • Min. Android Version: 4.1 or higher
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+ users

App Lock Keepsafe

As for users, however, Keepsafe ‘s App Lock is unrivaled. With over five million active users, Keepsafe ‘s software is one of the most widely used in this industry.

The interface behind App Lock makes it one of the simplest and most appealing apps for app locking on Android devices, which explains its considerable popularity. Again, PIN and fingerprint lock methods are used.

If you’re worried about your kids, Keepsafe’s parental controls help block or remove certain potentially harmful apps. It also prevents any unauthorized transactions linked to your Google account. App Lock features banners and various ads, although it is possible to remove all kinds of advertisements by simply paying $ 0.99.


BGNMobi App Locker

Apparently, those who develop this type of app don’t have much imagination in the names. App Locker , software created by BGNMobi , however, offers some absolutely non-trivial features.

Just like other apps in the industry, App Locker offers PIN use and fingerprint lock to protect apps. You can also protect your system’s basic settings, which means vital settings (such as Wi-Fi ) cannot be changed without your permission.

Like Keepsafe’s App Lock, it also protects your device from unauthorized purchases. It will prevent apps from being uninstalled without your clear permission. App Locker will also allow you to customize the app theme to better suit your phone’s design. The basic app is free, but some features are only accessible via in-app purchases.

Privacy Knight

An alternative, in some ways very similar to DoMobile’s AppLock is Privacy Knight. The app in question is made directly by Alibaba , the Asian multinational leader in the e-commerce sector.

This software, while being free, does not feature any kind of advertising. The methods used to block other apps vary from PIN, fingerprints to facial recognition.

Privacy Knight, among the many features offered, can prevent the app from being uninstalled, hide the preview of notifications. In addition, the application takes pictures of anyone who tries to access the phone by mistaking the password.



Despite being less known than many other software in this sector,  FingerSecurity is absolutely one of the best lockers for apps on Android. The application presents itself to the user as feature-rich and therefore particularly attractive.

FingerSecurity, in addition to allowing you to lock apps with fingerprints, offers a number of functions to hide and protect your activities on your smartphone. There is also an advanced security option to prevent apps from being uninstalled. The app also allows you to set a timeout, which is the delay in re-locking apps.

The app is available in a free but rather limited version. The Premium version, with all available functions, is available for purchase for $ 1.99.


MaxLock is an app software only for rooted Android devices. If your device has been properly rooted, this program is worth a look at the very least.

MaxLock is a totally free (as well as open-source) and ad-free app that, unlike many application lockers, is not costly in terms of resources. The locking methods used include fingerprint, PIN, pattern and knock code.

Also included are loads of unique customization options, such as a feature that produces a false crash error, the ability to remove the app thumbnail in the recent window, and more.

The app is free but, to unlock the Premium version, you need to make a donation.


Well, those are a number of applications that you can use to lock other applications on your smartphone. With the applications above, you no longer need to worry about your privacy and secrets being known by others

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