Yify Alternatives: 8 Best YTS Alternatives to Use In 2024

Yify Alternatives Best Sites like YTS and YIFY to Use

Yify Alternatives – Since time immemorial, it has been seen that many torrent sites have been subjected to evaluation by some tight law enforcement authorities. It is not a surprising fact that many heavyweight torrent sites including Kickass Torrent, Pirate Bay, and Extra Torrent have been blocked in several nations. Law enforcement agencies have targeted another popular Torrent site called Yify Movies or YTS. It is also one of the greatest and most reputable torrent sites in the peer-to-peer sharing community.

If you’re a movie enthusiast and have been wondering how to download torrent files from a nation where Yify and YTS aren’t available, then this article is for you. We have researched some of these Yify alternatives that you can use to download an extensive collection of torrent files.

YIFY: An Overview

YIFY torrents is a peer-to-peer online release group that started operating in 2011 and utilized the BitTorrent client to distribute a large number of movies for free download.The appealing factor of YIFY was that it offered HD videos in smaller format which attracted a large community of users.Among movie enthusiasts, YTS started becoming an overnight sensation because it was attracting millions of visitors each day. But, it was discovered after an investigation that the website had been taken down subsequently after a million-dollar lawsuit. The website has been unavailable since then.

What are some of the mirror sites of YTS?

Following the sudden outage of the YTS torrent site because of the lawsuit, many movie enthusiasts desperately started looking for some of its mirror sites. We’ve evaluated and outlined a list of sites that you can use as a mirror alternative to YTS.

  • yts. mx
  • yts.am
  • yts.vc
  • yts.unblockit.llc
  • yts.unblockit.buzz

Are YIFY torrents not available at the moment?

The official YTS torrent site is down because of the lawsuit it faced in 2015. Also, there have been no fresh releases of YIFY since then. It went down because it had been accused of facilitating copyright infringement by a multi-million-dollar lawsuit.

YIFY Torrents: What has happened to it?

Copyright laws prohibit sharing recent movies and TV series via the BitTorrent network. Because different nations have different opinions about Torrent copyright concerns, some are willing to enforce intellectual property laws strictly while others have a lenient approach towards it.

The YIFY website fell offline in October 2015. It was officially announced that YIFY/YTS was closing down for good. They accused the operator of the website of encouraging and facilitating massive copyright infringement and filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against him.

8 Popular Sites like YIFY / YIFY Alternatives

We have come up with some of the YIFY substitutes that are actively working to supply some amazing content.

1) KickassTorrents

It is a website that uses the BitTorrent protocol to offer a directory of torrent files and magnet links to enable peer-to-peer file sharing. Also, in 2008, kickass Torrents passed the Pirate Bay to become the most popular BitTorrent directory globally by November 2014 as per the website Alexa ranking.

2) NyaaTorrents

For anime TV series, movies, games, and music, NyaaTorrents is a treasure trove. Although the quality of the seeders is often mediocre, it offers a wide selection of different anime titles. Despite this the download speed for such a less popular service. It has been divided into two sections: Fun and Fap. “Fap” includes adult content but “Fun” is a typical anime site that operates under the same domain.

3) 1337x

1337x has experienced a surge in popularity following KickassTorrents’ collapse in 2016. It unveiled a redesigned website with additional features in October 2016. Large Torrent data sets from websites like torrents and TorrentDB have been indexed by it.

4) Torrentz2

An alternative to the original Torrentz.EU website is Torrentz2. The meta-search engine that looks up to more than 60 different Torrent websites, now markets as a new and improved version of torrents and transparent or not being connected to the “original” version.

5) LimeTorrents

Lime Torrent is a torrent site that has a great deal of potential to emerge as the industry’s next big thing. It has already become popular with the general public quickly because of its ever-growing collection of games, anime, movies, and music.


RARBG, which is particularly popular for storing “high-res” content, has gained popularity by making things simple. It has an extensive content library which includes TV series, games, movies, and even software. So, it has the potential to significantly enhance your torrenting experience and may be the ideal substitute for YIFY.

7) Zooqle

In the world of torrents, Zooqle seems to be a newcomer. However, it became a lot more popular because of its vast collection of content and verified torrents. The website has an intuitive interface which makes it easy for the consumers to locate the content they’re looking for from a wide range of categories. Apart from other content, it has an extensive collection of movies and television series that can fulfil the demands of movie enthusiasts.

8) ExtraTorrent

It is an amazing torrent alternative to Yify but it had been shut down deliberately in 2017. It was regarded as the best BitTorrent protocol using which users can search, download and submit magnet links and torrent files.

Is YIFY/YTS Torrents Safe?

It is one of the most common questions that many torrent users have regarding their preferred sites. However, it is not very simple to answer the question correctly. The answer to the question is “Yes” YIFY or YTS is a safe site to use.

However, the safety depends on the circumstances. You can only stay safe if you’re downloading a torrent from popular groups such as RARBG, EZTV, or MKVCage. If you intend to download a fresh torrent that has only been uploaded a few hours ago by a new unknown user, you’re more likely to get into trouble. This site is “safe” to use but the torrent might not always be “safe”.

It is always a sensible choice to protect yourself from potentially dangerous torrents. Still, that is not going to protect you completely from your ISPs, government, or hackers and spammers. You should be careful with the fact that there are nefarious people who are willing to use your data for their selfish gain.

The only way to shield your sensitive information from nefarious third parties is by using a VPN while you’re online. Most of your incoming and outgoing traffic is always encrypted by the VPN so you need not be too concerned about your data falling into the wrong hands. Also, you can browse anonymously using a VPN which is another great advantage.

Best VPNs To access YIFY


It is a competitive option for those who want a VPN that is safe, reliable, and quick. NordVPN is compatible with many operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and iOS.

Also, it can support six devices at once. To safeguard your online activity, NordVPN employs a variety of security measures such as “double VPN” that can divide your connection between two servers for added security.

Best Features

1) Threat protection: It is a feature that prevents advertisements, trackers, and viruses from appearing while you’re browsing the web online. With that, it provides an additional layer of protection for the users.

2) Dark web monitor: It is a feature that can alert users when their data has been exposed to the dark web.

3) Meshnet: It is a great tool for gaming and file sharing that enables direct connections to other devices over encrypted private tunnels.

SurfShark VPN

Surfshark VPN can conceal your IP address with all incoming and outgoing data. From scammers to marketers and data brokers will not be able to get access to the personal information of the users or they cannot follow your online activities. Additionally, it safeguards your online transactions when using public Wi-Fi. You’ll have access to geo-specific material. It allows an infinite number of devices to connect at once and for Indian consumers it offers a fixed IP address.

Best Features

a) Multi-Hop: It is a feature that can enhance security by splitting your traffic between two servers as opposed to only one. On the other hand, longer-distance traffic will cause you to experience lags.

b) Split Tunneling: With Surfshark’s Bypasser, you may have to distinguish between the websites that you can access through a VPN server and the ones that can be accessed locally. 6

c) Browsing anonymity: Surfshark VPN conceals your original IP address and enters into “camouflage” mode so it becomes pretty challenging for the ISP to tell whether the user is connected to the Internet or not. With that, activity logs and other surfing history are also not retained.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

It is easy to browse any content on torrent sites by using PIA or Private Internet Access. Because PIA can help you to get around certain limitations put by streaming services and governments. OpenVPN and WireGuard are two of the robust protocols in addition to strong encryption ciphers like 128-bit and 256-bit AES. Additionally, the VPN’s fast NextGen server network with limitless bandwidth.

Best Features

1) VPN security: It gives a special encryption key to your device and the linked PIA server that is provided to your connection when you establish a Private Internet Access VPN. Without the key, your data becomes illegible to government censors, network managers, and ISPs.

2) Website Unblock: You can browse the internet without any limitations using PIA. You can connect to your favourite websites or applications by defying geographical restrictions. With so many VPN servers worldwide, you can easily select one and establish a connection from a region where access is not blocked.

3) Split tunneling: By using PIA, you can implement secure servers and distinguish between those apps or websites that should circumvent the VPN tunnel using the PIA split tunneling options, as not all apps or websites are compatible with the VPNs.

When using the selected apps or websites, your smartphone will connect to the internet using your original IP without disconnecting the VPN connection from other apps, websites, or IP addresses. For this, the traffic will be redirected both through and outside of the VPN.


YTS once emerged to be one of the popular torrent websites. However, these websites have been scrutinized by the law enforcement agencies. Also, it was taken down due to a million-dollar lawsuit it faced for copyright infringement.

Now, we’ve come up with some of the best alternatives you can use instead of YIFY. We strongly do not recommend anyone to use illegal torrent sites for downloading content. Also, it is good to use a reliable VPN to stay protected on the site.


Is YIYF/YTS been shut down?

Yes. After the proprietor was accused of a million-dollar lawsuit for the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, the YTS website was forced to shut down. Since then, several mirror sites have appeared fulfilling the same purpose for the users.

Is downloading movies from YTS illegal?

Yes. It is not illegal to visit the site of YTS or YIFY but it is illegal to download copyrighted content without proper permission. Also, many torrent files can be infected with malware that can compromise your device’s security.

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