5 Free Best AZW to ePub Converter Online

4 Free Best AZW to ePub Converter Online

5 Free Best AZW to ePub Converter Online – Have you ever heard of a format known as AZW? Do you know what kind of format it is?

A file in AZW format is essentially an ebook that can be opened and read only and exclusively with Amazon Kindle devices, so if we have decided to replace our ebook reader with another, we can always reuse our ebooks, as there are completely online resources. free that allow us to convert this type of file into the most popular ePub format .

If your interest is to be able to shape these files, then we advise you to complete the reading of the post in which we will suggest 4 sites to convert AZW to ePub online and completely free.

Now let’s try to cut the bull’s head and catapult us directly into the description of these useful resources for converting AZW files.

Best AZW to ePub Converter Online


Cloud Convert is a free web platform that has often been the protagonist in our articles as it is a fairly complete resource that, in addition to allowing the conversion of AZW files, allows you to perform many other activities.

It has quite interesting alternatives, in fact if you want to convert multiple files at the same time, you can use the conversion in Batch, otherwise you can proceed with the classic conversion of the single file.

It is also possible to rely on cloud services such as google drive, one drive, and dropbox to upload ebooks and to save any conversions.

The free plan of this site provides conversions for a maximum time of 25 minutes per day and a maximum of 5 simultaneous conversions can be performed.


Zamzar is the last resort to convert AZW files to ePub directly online and completely free.

It is one of the most used online converters ever and it handles AZW format files very well. You have the possibility to upload 5 files to convert at the same time which is basically also the primary limitation: you can convert 5 files in 24 hours.

The download of the converted file does not happen as for the previous resources, in fact to obtain a download link you must provide your own email address on which you will receive all the specifics of the case.


Another very useful service for converting AZW files to ePub is Online Converter .

It is nothing particularly exceptional, but we can say that it does its job in the best way, so if we are going to make a simple conversion, this site will be really useful.

Being a completely free platform it is very easy to find limitations, in fact you can upload files of up to 200 MB and the final result can be downloaded for a maximum of 10 times or it will remain on the platform for only one day.

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If any of the above options are met, the site will automatically delete the file.


An equally popular converter is onlineconvertfree.com. This is a fully online tool which can be used to convert azw to epub files. It also supports many other book formats like PDF, PDB, RTF, HTML, MOBI, FB2, EPUB, TXT, plain text, Doc, and many other ebook formats. This online converter you do not need to install on your devices, it is available on your cell phone and computers, on any operating system which has access to the Internet. Onlineconvertfree has an intuitive user interface and is easy to use for file conversion tasks. Just upload a AZW file and get the result you need in no time 


FreeFileConvert is another free web service that allows us to do any type of conversion we want. It handles AZW format files very well and can be converted quickly and easily into ePub format files for use on non-Amazon kindle devices.

The platform allows the simultaneous loading of 5 files that can be converted and inserted in a single and single final file.

The maximum file size must not exceed 300 MB and all files generated in output will be kept for only 24 hours, after this period, the site will automatically delete all conversions made.

Hopefully, you are like these 4 Free Best AZW to ePub Converter Online

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