10 Best Book Reading Apps For Android and iPhone

10 Best Book Reading Apps For Android and iPhone

10 Best Book reading apps For Android and iPhone – There are still those who find the habit of reading books on their cell phones strange.

Some applications, on the other hand, already offer features that make the device such a comfortable and practical platform for reading books, that the activity becomes as or more pleasant than the consumption of any other content that we have access to through our smartphone.

Want to meet some? So keep an eye on these 10 apps we have to tell you!

10 Best Book Reading Apps For Android and iPhone

1. Amazon Kindle

Best Book Reading Apps: Kindle 
Best Book Reading Apps: Kindle

Kindle : understand how the Amazon e-reader works in this complete guide

Kindle, one of the most famous e-Readers on the market, has an app that allows you to read e-books on your cell phone. The application allows you to buy digital books on the Amazon store and seeks to offer the most pleasant experience possible.

The user can control the font size and type, mark a part of the text and access instant translations without leaving the page they are reading. You can also change the page color and brightness intensity.

The application works seamlessly with the Kindle device, if the user has it. It is possible to start reading in one where you left off in the other, as well as access the highlights made. As long as they are associated with the same account and have internet access.

  • Amazon Kindle(free, with in-app purchases)Android|iOS

2. Kobo Books

Kobo Books is the smartphone version of the physical Kobo e-reader. There are more than 5 million titles, which can be read on mobile with the same features as the original Kobo device.

The user has access to titles available in multiple languages. If you have the physical reader, you can continue reading where you left off. You can also customize the experience by adjusting font size and style, adding notes and creating highlights.

  • Kobo Books(free, with in-app purchases):Android|iOS

3. Wattpad

Wattpad brings a slightly different proposal for those who enjoy discovering new books and reading on their smartphone. The app brings together a global community of readers who, through the app, can share author stories and read publications by authors around the world.

The app allows the user to connect with other writers, discuss the plots of the books and share their favorite excerpts. By creating reading lists, your friends can always stay on top of what you’re reading. The social experience goes further with the joint reading feature.

Cross-platform, the service allows you to sync your Wattpad account and view content on your computer, tablet, Kindle or other smartphone.

4. PocketBook Reader

Best Book Reading Apps: PocketBook Reader
Best Book Reading Apps: PocketBook Reader

PocketBook Reader is a reading application for the most varied types of virtual content. It is compatible with e-books, digital magazines, comics and even audiobooks. The app supports 26 different formats, including EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, DJVU, DOCX, PDF, CBR and CBZ.

The app can be used for reading previously obtained books or for purchases in your own Library. Regardless of the case, the platform promises an intuitive experience that provides a personalized experience.

User can define text size, colors, page layout (single or double) and whether to use effect when flipping pages. There are even screen brightness adjustment and text highlighting features.

  • PocketBook Reader(free, with in-app purchases)Android|iOS

5. Periodic Book Reader

One of the most popular apps for reading books, Aldiko supports EPUB, PDF files with or without Adobe DRM protection. But it also offers a catalog of digital books in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.

For a fully customizable reading experience, the tool allows the reader to set font size, type and colors. Background colors, border, alignment, line spacing and brightness are also adjustable.

With an advanced library management system, it allows the reader to import their files and organize their e-books by tags and collections. It even offers features like global book search and dictionary.

  • Aldiko Book Reader(free, with in-app purchases):Android|iOS.

6. FBReader

FBReader is a very complete open source e-book reader, compatible with several formats. The app is compatible with ePub, Kindle azw3 (mobipocket), fb2(.zip) digital book files. RTF, .doc and HTML.

In terms of customization, it allows you to use custom backgrounds, control the brightness and use external fonts. User can also sync their library (with reading positions and bookmarked pages) in FBReader cloud-based service .

The application has an integrated browser to access external libraries. The paid version of the application also offers features such as including more than ten books and accessing online content translation.

7. Apple Books

Discover the best apps to read HQ on Android and iPhone

As the name implies, Apple Books is the official digital book reading app from the iPhone and iPad maker. According to the company, the application provides millions of e-books and audiobooks, of the most different genres.

The personalization of the experience is on account of features such as choosing text fonts, page markup and highlighting excerpts. There’s also quick word search, Night Mode and screen brightness adjustment.

The platform provides free samples with excerpts from the books, which help users to decide on the purchase of the work. A differential in relation to other apps of the genre is the possibility of borrowing titles for up to 5 family members through iCloud.

  • Apple Books(free, with in-app purchases):iOS

8. Google Play Books

Official digital book reading app for Android, Google Play Books also provides millions of e-books and audiobooks. There are textbooks, comics, novels, thrillers and much more.

The service has synchronization with other devices, allowing you to continue reading from another Android device, iPhone or any browser. In addition, you have the option to read offline, to take notes synchronized with your Google Drive and to share them with other groups.

Like many Google apps, Google Play Books also counts as night reading mode.

  • Google Play Books(free, as in-app purchases):Android|iOS

9. Scribd

Scribd is a kind of reading streaming service. Instead of buying the title you want, the user pays a monthly fee to access audiobooks, books, magazine articles, sheet music and much more.

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If among the book options are some of the most sold and awarded, in News, the reader can access articles from reputable vehicles. Bloomberg Businessweek, Time Magazine, People Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal are some of them.

The app also provides the option to download and read books offline.

  • Scribd(free download, subscription required):Android|iOS.

10. Goodreads

More than a platform for reading digital books, Goodreads is known for the space it provides for reviews and recommendations for different readings. In addition to the usual purchase of titles, the platform allows borrowing works.

Among the features offered are the ability to view reviews of millions of books and add them with a tap to the list of those you want to read. From this list, the service generates personalized book recommendations. You can also connect with your friends and find out what they are reading.

  • Goodreads(free, with in-app purchases):Android|iOS

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